Oh. My. Fate?! (BL, Volume 8, Part 3)

Oh. My. Fate?! (BL, Volume 8, Part 3)

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Category: Romance
Jing He, crown prince of the Nine Heavens, has to descend to the mortal realm to weather a human life full of vicissitudes. Each event carefully crafted by the Fate's Scribe, nothing should go wrong. Just that Qiu Ling, king of the dragon race, follows him. Incapable of watching his lover's suffering he intervenes and plunges the carefully scripted plot into chaos, resulting in a fate that none of them ever intended.

A slightly humorous cultivation novel with a handsome yandere dragon, a god ready to quit his job by chapter 3 and a god-turned-mortal, who is still blissfully unaware of everything. Well, that's just how fate is.

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