Miraculously Reincarnated

Miraculously Reincarnated

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I was on a flight to Paris when the engines of the plane malfunctioned. After a pathetic death, I woke up reincarnated in the world of Miraculous Ladybug, a show that I had scrolled through after It blew up on the internet. Watch me suffer in this show where everyone is blind.

A Chat NoirxReader story

*Is always under editing bc I don't proof read and my helpful readers have to point out everything to me. Thanks guys lol

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I am not really that good at writing a synopsis but here goes nothing,* * *Synopsis :Its about a guy who transmigates into Bruce Wayne's body after the original gets killed along with his parents. Now, the only way he can survive is to be what the original would have been one day and more. He would have to be the best Bruce Wayne there is if he even wants a chance to survive in this dark world full of danger. And the only 'cheat' he has to make all this possible is Intuitive Intelligence, an ability of his favourite marvel mutant character, Forge. But is it truly all there is to his power?Will he be able to survive with it? Will he be an overpowered character or will he get killed way before he even realizes his own potential. Will he become the strongest being in DC or will he die trying? Read on to know.* * *Note :Alternate Universe(s)* * *You can also read advance chapters by visiting my Pa treon page,pat reon.com/God_Doom* * *You can also join my discord channel through this link: https://discord.gg/WYVfYe2KNS * * *Author's note :I do not own DC or any of its characters other than my own OC.The cover art is not mine, if you want me to take it down, please notify me.
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A Maxley fic (I can't title books)😭✊

⚠️Cover art is not mine⚠️It's a Maxley fic because I can't find any😭 It's probably gonna be really cringe. Have fun I guess✊🥲
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On and off the track {Lando Norris}

Scarlett Chilwell was a formula 2 racer for Carlin in 2018 where she met her boyfriend, Lando Norris. And she's also the sister of footballer Ben Chilwell. Now they have both been promoted to F1 as McLaren drivers, watch their relationship grow and see as one of the other drivers has the hots for Scarlett...

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Yeontan (Y/n x Taehyung) [Discontinued]

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Best Gourmet Pizza in Winnipeg

At Gitz, we believe that pizza is more than just a meal - it's an experience. That's why we're dedicated to crafting pizzas that are as delicious as they are memorable, using only the freshest ingredients and innovative flavor combinations to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.Experience the Difference with Gitz Gourmet Pizza:* Handcrafted Perfection:* Innovative Flavors:* Fresh, Quality Ingredients:* Customization Options:* Unparalleled Quality and Value:Treat yourself to the Best Gourmet Pizza in Winnipeg at Gitz Pizza & Beverages. Whether you're dining in with friends and family or enjoying a cozy night at home, we're here to satisfy your Pizza cravings and exceed your expectations.Come taste the difference for yourself - you won't be disappointed!For more details visit our official Website or Contact us directly:Website : https://www.gitzpizza.ca/Contact Number : +1 204 416 7992.#gitzpizzabeverages #bestpizza #pizza #dineinpizza #bestpizzainwinnipeg #winnipeg #manitoba #bestpizzaplace #pizzaplace #winnipegpizza #winnipegbestpizza #pizzawinnipeg #Gourmetpizza #famouspizza #dinein #dine-inpizza

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A story in which Olga is considerably less evil than she canonically seems to be, also featuring one of the most neglected characters from the show.I also tried to be funny but I have as much sense of humor as a potato.P.s.: Everyone is probably out of character but, ✨whatever✨

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The BadBoy New Friend

Kaya and her family had just moved into a new town, everything new. Kaya already had to leave her friends back home and now she has to make some new ones and it's a little hard when some white bitchy girls are attempting to make your life hell and make sure you don't make no friends for some reason that no one knows why.This where Ty comes in, he's a typical bad boy and doesn't follow rules and it's more destructive when he have 3 other friends right by his side. The core four. When Ty see that kaya isn't adjusting the new school well he befriends her. Will the world end when this happen? Keep on reading UNLESS you're already dead_______________\___"Being friends with you going to cause some trouble isn't it?" I asked Ty"You haven't even met trouble" he replied.

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Accident (Dabi X Reader)  lemon

You joined the league of villains. What happens if you and Dabi had a drink and gets too tipsy?

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Compassion - A Teen Wolf Story

All KJ wants is to be normal. She can feel others' emotions as strongly as if they were her own. And she doesn't know why. She's heard that she's just someone who's empathetic in her life. Unbeknownst to her, it's a supernatural gift.DISCONTINUED

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Reincarnated | Akito Shinonome x Toya Aoyagi

"If the day comes that we are reborn once again. It'd be nice to be with you again. So I'll wait for you till then my prince.."Many years ago, there was a kingdom ruled by Aoyagi Touya. He went to war with one of their Rival kingdoms which was ruled by Tono Arata. Aoyagi and his fellow knight who was also his secret lover Shinonome Aki, fought alongside each other against Tono. It was a very chaotic war, in the end. All three of them had died, Tono being defeated first. While Touya and Aki had died due to their wounds. Just before their lives had ended, they both made promise. A promise that if They're both reborn into the world, that they'll meet again. Coming back together as friends... or as Lovers...In present time, a First year student at Kamiyama high. Who was born in the Aoyagi family and coincidentally looked quite like their ancestor Aoyagi Touya. He was named after their ancestor due to the similar appearance, his name being Aoyagi Toya. They had believed maybe Touya had been reborn.While exploring Vivid Street after putting on quite a performance at one of the events. Middle school Toya was approached by a familiar looking face. An orange haired boy who went by the name Shinonome Akito...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HI HELLO! This is my first time writing smth like this so idk if i went a bit overboard with writing the description AHSJAHSH but yaayyayay-!fyi, when the chapter is a dream or smth it'll be in first person!! The main perspective of this or whatever is in 3rd person :)I wrote this bcz of some little silly idea i had I'm sorry if this turns out bad 😭 but i hope you'll enjoyyy!!Also this kinda follows the vbs main story, just with a few twists of my ownandadnsndnad the story starts in the middle school era!!(Characters r not mine!!)[⚠️TW!⚠️]•Mentions of death/killing•Toyas stinky father 😾 (I have no idea what to put a tw for this so yes.)•Homophobia•blood

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