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Midnight Luna (#Wattys2015)

Outcast. Bullied. Hated. Rejected.This was Hailey Johnson's life and she hated it. She takes a stand and decides to run away. As a rogue she comes upon a new pack who fortunately accept her into their pack. She was finally happy and felt loved and wanted.But this was short lived. When an unexpected visitor enters her life things go down hill. She was placed with a great burden by the fates. Will she be able to carry this burden? Or will she give up?And what happens when her ex-mate enters her life again? Her happy contended life.Read on toEnjoy the heart break, jealousy, family and mate drama..!!!
Short Ghost Stories

The stories in this book are based on true events that happened mainly in Asia. We do get stories from the US and Australia as well. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the victims.
නෙත්සර||(non-fic bl) [ONHOLD]

"වෙල් ඩන් නෙතුෂ.." අකීල් කිව්වේ ශේක් හෑන්ඩ් කරන ගමන්.. අනේ ඒත් මට වචන එන්නේ නෑ.. මම ඇස්වල සතුටු කඳුළු පුරවන් එයා දිහා බලාන හිටියා.."හේයි.. මං දන්නවා ඔයාට හැපී කියලා.. ඒත් අඩන්න එපා.. කදුලු ඔය ලස්සන ඇස් වලට ගැලපෙන්නෑ සුදු මැණික.."අකීල් මගේ කදුළු දැකලා අල්ලන් හිටපු මගේ අත එයාගේ මහපට ඇගිල්ලෙන් යාන්තමට අතගාන ගමන් එහෙම කිව්වා..ඒ අන්තිමට කිව්ව දේ මැච් එක වින් කරාට වඩා මාව ෂොක් කරා.. ඒ උනාට මට එයාට ඒක පෙන්නන්න ඕන උනේ නෑ.."තැන්කිව්.." ●සාරන්‍ය අකීල් සූරියසිංහ ○නෙතුෂ රෙයාන් සමරදිවාකර ~ඔයත් එනවද, මාත් එක්ක.. ඔවුන්ගේ මගහැරුණු සොදුරුතමයන් නැවත එක්වෙන හැටි බලන්න...~#නෙත්සර#
The Queen's king |✔️

Chitra, has always been the forgotten princess, neither the king nor the kingdom remembers her, probably as her mother was never a royal. Her life was never peaceful with all the royal drama in it and all she ever dreams is an escape from this palace and the love and respect she never got.Arjuna, king of a strong and powerful kingdom Abhiras. All he ever requires is power and prosperity of his kingdom and love? Such words doesn't exist in his life. But the kingdom requires a Queen and he requires a queen as powerful as him. With a greater love comes the strongest weakness. A story of true love of a forgotten princess and a valorous king, can their love withstand the palace politics? Can the princess prove herself to be righteous and a brave queen? ~•~#2 in Historical Fiction ( 5-9-2020 )#1 in India (15-8-2020)#1 in WattpadIndia (9-8-2020)#2 in husband ( 4-5-2020 )#2 in Wife ( 13-6-2020 )#3 in Indian ( 5-6-2020 )
Older Brothers | ✓

When the fierce and bitchy Lila Alfonso is suddenly thrown into the custody of her five elder brothers, will she be able to forget the past differences and live like a perfect family or will her exceptionally big ego ruin it like always?
Paper Dolls

When the most popular Kpop idol on the planet falls to her death, an aspiring singer is thrown into the spotlight, attracting the attention of an obsessive fan who claims to know the truth.***Kpop girl group Sweet Poison is undeniably the biggest girl group in the world, and lead singer Dalia the most popular idol on the planet. But at the peak of her career, no one expects the idol to throw herself off a thirty story building on what will become a historic day in entertainment history. Ruled as a suicide, her death shocks the industry and millions mourn the unexpected demise of their favourite celebrity. Just as suddenly, trainee Kang Jina is thrown into the spotlight when her childhood association with Dalia is leaked to the media.Stifled by the newfound attention and stress of her debut, Jina feels as though she'll drown under all the pressure. That is until she receives a most shocking letter from Dalia's sassaeng (obsessive fan) claiming that she was murdered instead.
stray kids Little space

boy x boy Little space - self harm (few)- fluff- angst - cursing
Three Dots (A Continuation of AGGGTM)

A continuation of A Good Girls Guide to Murder (cuz Mrs. Holly Jackson three dots is in fact of a cliffhanger) Pippa Fitz-Amobi has spend the past two years in isolation. Alone in her dorm room, she waits for the moment the bomb ticks off, exposing her truth. When the news of Max Hastings verdict breaks through, she can finally breath again, the taint secrets of her past disappear, revealing new fabricated truths. A text from Ravi is all she needs to find herself back in her hometown. But how safe can the town that once left Pip's life in pieces be? !T.W.! Mentions of murder, death, blood, drugs and guns Swear words (Pls note that I do not own these characters or the original plot lines. They are all works of the wonderful Holly Jackson) *Spoilers from all three books* Enjoy!

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Missed Chances || Dreamnotfound

George has dreamed of love before. Never would he have thought it would be like this. Love was always seen as foreign to him, untouchable. He never knew it would fall apart no matter how badly he wanted it.----------FRIENDS TO ENEMIES TO LOVERS - best trope idgafTWs:SwearingViolenceBloodAngstDeathMurderI do NOT take credit for the cover art!Artist: 900sbde on Instagram8/04/22 - #1 in shipping! :)

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Invitation To Mystery

Inspired by Telltale Games, Splatoon and Splatoon Youtubers.~~~~The three agents of the New Squidbeak Splatoon are invited to a strange party at the edge of Inkopolis, supposedly for a night of 'fun and festivities'. But as soon as one of the party's guests go missing in the dark, it isn't long before the whole gang realise the inevitable truth; someone was hunting them all down one by one.The only question was: who?~~~~Similar to Telltale Games such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, this story is impacted by the choices of the audience. However, this book will merely be publications of the texts I upload on my Twitter, where the real voting and choice-making progress is made. This book is merely to keep track of how the story plays out on Twitter, but you are more than welcomed to read it as well!This book contains certain Splatoon Youtubers that will be listed down below. Please go and support them, they're all very nice people. ^_^Splatubers present:- Viantastic- GG Gabriel Gaming- SkulShurtugal TCG- Failboat- Etcesona-JayMoji- FyruS- CallieMacN- VicVillon- Queen4Infinity TV- Sagaci

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Stand By Me Imagines and Preferences

Imagine and preferences for four adventurous boys and a couple other jerks.Requests closed.

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Makeup, nail art, Hair Styling and Saree Draping classes in Hyderabad | Immi

IMMI makeup studio and academy Best makeup Academy in Hyderabad believes that Hairstyling and Makeup are realistic art forms and hence give emphasis particularly on product knowledge, technique and practice as aspects of learning. We set off scales in a course having 20% speculative learning sessions with 80% practical sessions as we consider that wide-ranging practice sessions are most imperative to help students carry out of classroom. Class sizes are constrained up to fewer students in a batch; this ensures that all learning opportunities are maximized by offering each student with as much personal attention possible. Further it also allows students to move ahead with open communication and speedy grievance redressal.Discover the Art of Makeup with Industry Experts:At Immi Makeup Studio and Academy, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced makeup artists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists like you. Our professional makeup services are renowned for their precision, creativity, and attention to detail.Elevate Your Skills with Comprehensive Courses:Whether you're a beginner looking to start your journey or an experienced artist seeking to expand your skillset, our academy offers a wide range of courses tailored to meet your specific needs.Get Certified and Build Your Career:We understand the importance of recognition in the industry. That's why we provide government recognised certification upon completion of our courses. This certificate not only validates your skills but also opens doors to exciting opportunities in the world of makeup artistry.Unleash Your Creativity with Hands-On Training:We believe in learning by doing. Our practical approach gives you ample hands-on training opportunities so that you can master various techniques, experiment with different looks, and unleash your creativity under the guidance of our expert instructors

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chance to love | nctpink ff. btsrv

"Will there be a chance to love you if we clearly know that we will never have the chance to do so?"◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️When human with abilities or human deities existed in a world who want nothing but to erase their existence, the princess of the human deities, Kim Jennie and the heir of the family leading the deity hunting, Lee Taeyong who is also expected to end all the human deities found their selves being in love with each other clearly knowing that they will never have the chance to do so. ◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️nctpink featuring btsrv

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Mishaan Ki Pari ✔ (Silsila Spinoff)

'Dekh, ye pyaar attachment sab bakwas hota hai.''Toh main kaha zindagi bhar ke liye puch raha hu, bas ek raat ke liye aaja.' _Pari Malhotra has given up on love, family and relationships. For her, isolation is her best friend and distance is her soul sister. Mishaan Mehra totally agrees with Pari and hence wants her only for a night stand to which she shows him her middle finger.And that was when the bet started.•••Mishti Khanna had married the love of her life after numerous problems and she gave her very best to both Ruhaan and her marriage. Yet, even after all the prepping, Mishti and Ruhaan found that something was missing from their marriage. And now her half sister Pari was back, after three whole years, bringing both happiness and pain._Now Pari has to deal with two Mishaans for three whole weeks, one who wants to sleep with her just for the thrill of it and the other Mishaan who are having a troubled married life.And badalte Rishton ka silsila phir se shuru hua._Silsila Badalte Rishton ka, spinoff on Pari Malhotra._Started: October 14, 2020Finished: December 7, 2020Word Count: 120,000 to 130,000 words_Cover shoutout: @star_of_the_n8

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Midnight Luna (#Wattys2015)

Outcast. Bullied. Hated. Rejected.This was Hailey Johnson's life and she hated it. She takes a stand and decides to run away. As a rogue she comes upon a new pack who fortunately accept her into their pack. She was finally happy and felt loved and wanted.But this was short lived. When an unexpected visitor enters her life things go down hill. She was placed with a great burden by the fates. Will she be able to carry this burden? Or will she give up?And what happens when her ex-mate enters her life again? Her happy contended life.Read on toEnjoy the heart break, jealousy, family and mate drama..!!!

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Hello...Mr DeMontford..Sir...

Bernadette Flynn-Davis. A complicated name for a complicated girl. Even though she lives in the woods in a shack she is pretty happy with her life at the moment. Even though her baby sister won’t get and education or live a life or luxury, and even though her best friend thinks of her as more than just a friend, she’s happy. That is until Prince Christian DeMontford, the prince from her dreams, literally, comes storming into her life and is harder to shake off than fleas from a dog. Teddy thinks he’s just as annoying too. But when disaster strikes the lands and Chris is forced to stay in hiding with Teddy and co will they discover feelings for each other or will the differences between them be too much?GIve it a chance cos its my first one! feedback would be appreciated and an editor would also be welcome XD muchlove to y'all <3

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Praises and Miracles [Christian One Direction Fan Fiction]

Esther Rodriguez was the average girl from Puerto Rico, the kind of girl who everyone could confide in. Her one hope in life was to be the best she could be for Christ. Being raised in a Christian home, she dedicated all her time to the Lord.But what happens when she is led to go bring the truth to the international boy band, One Direction? Not only does she tell them what they never knew they had wanted to hear, but she also shows them that they can be true to their purpose. Harry, however, doesn't fully accept what Esther is telling him.While in Ghana, Esther prays for a sick little girl right before she dies. Harry, not fully understanding, disappears and is rarely seen by the band. Later, when least expected, Harry returns and rebuilds the bridge with Esther, finding out that she is expecting a child. But when Esther has a miscarriage Harry is torn apart and starts to continuously ask God for a miracle. Will Harry witness the miracle?

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Gay ppl (genshin wlw chatfic)


25.1K 31 513 Full