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Category: Action
When retired secret agent Loretta Mills receives an invitation to a masquerade ball, she doesn't have much choice but to accept. This isn't any ordinary ball though. It's the start of something bigger. A threat that must be reined in if the world is to be kept safe.

"An excellent in-progress novel. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more!"-@OrinthianKing

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Finding Braincell

For Rachel lolSave the enviroment y'allI don't wanna die yet. Totally unrelated but whatever.
My Obsession with Chloe Claire: BOOK ONE

TO BE PUBLISHED LATE 2020 OR EARLY 2021Award Winning Novel of The Creativity Awards in 1st Place of ChickLitWhen Luke Armstrong got accepted into the University of Alabama, he didn't think much about what was in store in him. He only had two things on his mind. One) be the best damn wide receiver Coach Braxton had ever seen, and two) win back the heart of his childhood best friend, Chloe Claire. The only things that are keeping them apart? Their friends and one dirty little lie.My Obsession with Chloe Claire is a cheesy new adult novel that is sure to leave you cringing, laughing, and relating to its two main characters: Luke Armstrong and Chloe Claire. It is a classic curvy girl meets popular guy with an unexpected twist. It contains a sweet romance, unrequited love, true friendship, and a lesson not to judge a book by its cover.WARNING: You fill fall completely in love with good guy Luke Armstrong, who most of us wish was actually real (I know I sure do). UPDATES: Will update every Friday! Keep in mind this is a first draft of the story, and is only the first book in the Obsession series!BOOK ONE of the Obsession Series!
The Power of a Princess (A KH3 Fanfiction)

(Book 7) Hikari goes with Sora, Donald and Goofy to embark on a new journey to unlock her true power of the Princess of Kingdom Hearts and help Sora recover the power of waking. Elsewhere... Riku and King Mickey goes on their mission to rescue Aqua in the realm of darkness.On a new mission, Sora, Hikari, Riku, Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, Haya, Kairi and Lea must gather the Seven Guardians of Light to defeat Master Xehanort. They journey throughout worlds and cross paths with members of the real Organization XIII. Hikari learns about her parents' survival from Young Xehanort in Toy Box and faces the return of Vanitas in Monstropolis. Riku and King Mickey learns about the New Seven Hearts from Marluxia in Kingdom of Corona and Larxene in Arendelle. Lea recognizes Luxord in The Caribbean and Kairi thinks that Riku Replica in San Fransokyo is Riku from the past.Soon... after returning to the realm of light and no longer a vessel due to the real Organization XIII having another ally in their ranks, Aqua and Terra, with the help of Sora, Hikari, Riku, King Mickey, Donald and Goofy, must save Ventus from Vanitas. Soon after Ventus was awake, thanks to Sora's power of waking, the Seven Guardians of Light are completed and ready to face Master Xehanort and the real Organization XIII at the Keyblade Graveyard.Next stories continue as Hikari travels back in time to rescue her mother in ReMind and Sora, Hiromi and Riku's clues to search for Hikari in Melody of Memory.The scenes contains spoilers from KH3, ReMind and Melody of Memory. Most scenes will contain romantic/kissing scenes and sad/tragic scenes. And also rewritten version of KH3, ReMind and Melody of Memory.Shipping: Sora x Kairi, Riku x Naminé, Ventus x OC, Terra x Aqua, Roxas x XionData Greeting pics and artworks made by meKingdom Hearts (c) Disney/Square Enix
Secrets Of Labyrinth

A different dimension unknown to the outer world exists for the purpose of conquering the world by creating a large population of robotichumans who have enhanced reflexes and super natural senses. Now, Casey is one of the thousands of humans who were abducted from the real world just to get injected by a serum that produces iron in the body, and when you turn 20 your body would be half made up of nothing but metal. A robotic human. In the midst of all the chaos, Casey and Ryder struggle against the world to protect their love. Will Casey be able to save all the innocent lives and the love of her life, or will she end up losing everything she has. This is one of the best science fiction thriller stories that would take you on an emotional journey.

Psycho [PJM]✔

Y/n is a normal teenager. Well, everyone thinks so. She has a lovely mother that cares alot about her. Her mother works as a psychologist in a hospital for people with mental problems. One day, her mother asks her to accompany her to the hospital. When she does, she meets a mysterious boy that never talks. He has a dark past. Day by day, Y/n tries to talk to him. After some time, they become friends, but Y/n notices something strange.
Back To You (teen wolf x tvd, Peter Hale)

In which the Mikaelson's, the scooby gang, the pack and past and future Hale's are brought to watch the life of Charlotte Stilinski Or in which truths and secrets will be revealed and Charlotte will learn more about who she is and the power she holds.Female OC x Peter Hale Season 1-6 (some mentions of pre teen wolf) Teen Wolf x The Vampire diaries (I do no own any of the teen wolf and the vampire diaries cast only Charlotte Stilinski, her story and her future kids)
🎀ប្លន់បេះដូង អ្នកប្រុសផ្តាច់ការ🎀

ត្រឹមជាក្មេងបម្រើម្នាក់ មានសិទ្ធិអីទៅស្រលាញ់អ្នកប្រុសបានទៅ? វាសនារបស់ខ្ញុំ ប្រៀបជាមួយនិងអ្នកប្រុសមិនបាននោះទេ។

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Park Beauty, she had been named something odd for a Korean girl. Beautys name came from her mother Zxuna, who is an American woman, Park Beauty is half Korean half American, but it doesn't show. She was named Park, after her father Park Hee Soo, and beauty by her mother because she had been born so flawlessly, and seemed like an angel since birth.Park Beauty, is the new girl in school and also the girl that caught Kim Taehyungs attention.Kim Taehyung, He's the school most handsome boy, (accordingly) (other than worldwide handsome Jin) The girl's just about fall on their knees for him, but Kim Taehyung had never had the idea of love or a sexual relation. He had only ever shown brotherly love to his Hyungs and his family who he held dearly. But, some things change when he falls for a girl and the other members also find interest in her.He begins to see the love, Like Beauty.4/19/18[6/4/23] !!Hello!! This is the author of 'Like, Beauty',I've recently logged back into this account and wish to re improve my writing and take it seriously from now on! Changes will be made to the original sections of this book!! Thank you <3

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ce qui me passe par la tête

court et efficace contrairement à mes pensées

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Hang-Time: A Mystic Messenger story: Part 1

A Mystic Messenger fan story. What would happen if Main Character was able to push the boundaries of the game and break it's system? Save Everyone. Read the story by its different parts (coming soon) and find out! (chapters published seperately)

93 1 5
Top 7 Adventure Focused Books For Adults

A thrilling or unexpected experience is referred to as an adventure. It may be dangerous, thrilling, brave, and exuberant. It can involve things like skydiving, travel, and extreme sports. But that was only a sampling of outdoor activities. On the other hand, adventure can be as simple as watching a thrilling movie, writing an exciting novel, or simply reading an adventure book.

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The butler is a Lady?!

Meet Jonathin Londmark. He is 17 and he is works as a butler in the mansion of the Ash family. His family got bankrupt and his father died. One day on the street he was found by Christo Ash, he proposed him to work as a butler for him when he was 12. The family Ash is well known to be a cursed family. They had everything they wanted but never had 'Soul Mates' of their own, they married people they didn't like. They are well known to have 'gorgeous' children and they are very talented. They are rich, feared, adored by strangers and lonely.Jonathin workedfor 5 years when Raser Ash came back 'home'. He found Jonathin's biggest secrets. What will happen to him? And why is he so special? And is there any bond between Verena* and Raser?Will Verena keep her promise to Raser when she finds her mate?* you will know who is Verena after reading.Good lecture(if you read it) :)

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_-~^* My boundaries *^~-_

_-~^* welcome to the description! *^~-_This is just a book to let people know what my boundaries are so I don't get uncomfortable talking to others and being in social situations! <3_-~^* contents *^~-_my preferences (names, pronouns etc.)my phobiasmy problems (mental disabilities)anything else I forget on this :]_-~^* author's note *^~-_If you are reading this book, thank you for taking time out of your day to find out stuff about me so you don't make me uncomfortable. I appreciate each and every one of you all <3

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The Winter I Met Daniel Howell

"I know- this is so much to take in- I understand. I'll give you time to think about this-us." Maddie walks away slowly with her hands in her pockets. She waited to feel a tap on her shoulder or to hear Dan call out to her, but he just watched her go.

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My head ain't here anymore, save me.

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𝒯ℯ𝒶𝓂𝓂𝒶𝓉ℯ𝓈  𝒮𝒾𝓈𝓉ℯ𝓇- mason mount

*this is in 21/22 season bc I want mase at chelsea*chloe chillwell x mason mountread to find out lovelies x

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Among Us

In the end who will win crewmates or imposters, will there be trust or will there be not, will it be possible for the crewmates to figure who is the imposter before time runs out or will the crewmates be killed or thrown out of the station?stay tune to find out :3

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