Laws of the Pack | Book #1

Laws of the Pack | Book #1

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Category: Adventure
"Book one of the LOTP series | WIP "


That wolf from earlier, although she had seen it before, Lunis never actually saw it from this close... Usually, it would be hiding somewhere behind a tree or a boulder, peering slightly from the side as if spying on her. And yet today, it was in plain sight as if mocking her, teasing her to come look for it. What made today different? Why did it suddenly decide to show itself to her in broad daylight?

She had to know.


Despite being one of the pack's greatest Hunters, Lunis never felt truly accepted by her peers. With a young Hunter as her only close friend, the she wolf always struggled to find comfort in others, especially when dealing with her unusual gift: since she was a pup, visions and spirits have haunted the young female's dreams and mingled with her reality.

Yet as time goes on, her visions become increasingly alarming, to the point she begins to question her own sanity. Has she truly lost her mind? Or could it be she's somehow foreseeing a great danger?

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Hysterical Women โ‹† Female Faceclaims

It's not their fault that you made them hysterical women. Female Faceclaims ยฉ susanpxvensie

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For Hope Burns Bright: A Blue Lantern Story

Hope. The one thing Nick Holmes has had all his life. Despite everything bad that happened around him, Nick never lost hope. One day, Nick comes across a strange blue ring, and his whole world changes completely. On that day, Nick becomes Earth's newest hero, the Blue Lantern! I do not own DC comics.

2.7K 11 83
Slytherin Boys

The Rose family is part of the sacred 28. The sick and depraved Slytherin elite enjoy toying with others as a form of pleasure. Draco Lucious Malfoy was what some would call Lethal. He was an act first, think later kind. Theo was a very pretty boy himself, he held this permanent smirk on his face and his curly black hair and face dotted in moles. Pansy had been my best friend for what felt like a lifetime, having grown up around these people, the sacred twenty-eight meant they knew more about my life and what I went through then anyone else. Then there was sweet, sweet Mattheo, honestly he was like an adorable dog. But like, a very angry and vicious one. Unlike Theo and his calm attitude, and Draco's storm of seriousness and precise killing ability, Mattheo was always on the verge of yelling and knocking someone out.How does one navigate life and teach ones self to inhale and exhale whilst the anger inside you is formed by the visual brutality all around you?

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Wang Jina is the stepsister of Lu Xia but has homely and good relations with him and his father, After the untimely death of her father, her mother sends her to China to stay with Lu Xia and his father. She is a prodigy in Tennis in USA Junior females league. She is here for a fresh start leaving behind her old life and giving herself a second chance.

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A new Majin life (Dragon Ball Super)

After the final battle between the saiyan Goku and kid Buu, life created a new form of Majin.A story about a pink little blob of life, found by a time patroler named Maeto,taken care of by the Elder Kai and grown into a fully fledged Majin warrior.

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Daughter of the Shapeshifter (A Lord of The Rings Fanfiction)

Era is the daughter of Skyrena of the Woods and Thorin Oakenshield. She never knew her father (see The Shapeshifter), and she worries about her mother more than all the dwarves in Erabor...Raised among the elves, Era wonders what's beyond the woods of Lothloria. Her mother takes a year long journey every 5 years, journeying around Middle Earth to ensure that the peace is kept among the races. When Skyrena isn't travelling, she is training Era to understand her abilities and her limits. Besides the nightmares that involve her father and her mother being a nervous wreck whenever someone mentions Thorin, Era's life seems pretty good. However, the one ring is found, and Sauron is rising. Era and her mother travel to the Shire to seek out Bilbo, Skyrena's old friend, and Frodo, the one who is destined to become the bearer of the one ring.When her mother is threatened, Era joins the Fellowship of the Ring and goes on the incredible journey to regain the peace her mother worked so hard to keep. However, things won't be easy. Being a mix between a dwarf and a shapeshifter, she is a target. The race is on, but, this time, it's not just Middle Earth in trouble: Era and Skyrena's fates are on the line.

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Record of Ragnarok || RoR x Hades: The childhood I've never had

This fanfic is based on the manga ็ต‚ๆœซใฎใƒฏใƒซใ‚ญใƒฅใƒผใƒฌ (Record of Ragnarok). I do not own the manga or the characters in it. I only own the story and the self-created characters and their personalities, that are based on greek mythology.It is a side story based on my previous fanfic โ€šThe destiny that led me to you'|| Record of Ragnarok x Reader. It reflects Atropos childhood, so I recommend to read the main story first.

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