It's Nothing But Love

It's Nothing But Love

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"Shaan whatever you said last night, was that true?" She asked with a lot of hesitation. She waited for his answer.

" Do y.. you really me? " Finally she said but couldn't meet his eyes and waited. Kept waiting for his reply which didn't come. She finally opened her eyes to find him sleeping already.

She had dreamt a lot after listening those three words from his mouth. But will it be just a dream?
Does he really love her?

Or, does she love him?

If it's not love then what?


" But I don't deserve you Nain. I suspected my own love. I couldn't even believe in my love. It was nothing Nain... Now I understand it was nothing... "

" It's nothing but love Shaan. "

She cupped his face and said. " It's surely our love. We have confessed that love. Our hearts beat for this love and it even can break for the love. But in that heart, we are still holding that love. You can't just be unknown to that. " She released all her words looking at him.

Shaan smiled. It was a genuine smile. He felt himself being the luckiest for having someone like Nain. He held her hands which were placed on his cheeks. He removed her hands and placed them around his neck and by pulling her waist, he brought his face closer to her.

" What are you? " He whispered looking at him.

" Your Nain. "


Give a chance to this book! I have tried my best with it and I hope you'll not get bore :) forgive me for my mistakes 😭
So what are you waiting for?
Open the book ❤

Starting date: 11/11/21
Finishing date : 09/10/22

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