I Have Decided to Protect My Fiancé from the Heroine

I Have Decided to Protect My Fiancé from the Heroine

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Category: Fantasy
Kaede Sakamoto, just your average Japanese high school girl.

She was hit by 'Truck-san' and died.

Surprise surprise, she has reincarnated into an 'Otome game', "Doki-Doki My Love Magical Academy"; which she coincidentally played due to a recommendation from [Friend A].

Now, she vows to be a good ruler, and to protect her fiancé (AKA Capture Target) from the all charming heroine.

A/N: Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions.

This is my first story, so prepare for some (probable) cringe, some OP-ness and probably some plot holes. I will try to make sure my grammar is decent, and update when I can. (No promises though)
My goal is to finish and complete the whole story without going on hiatus, so wish me luck!
This is also going to be a fluffy intended type of story, so there won't be swearing, but there might be some mild swearing, like...crap? I don't really know. I haven't written a lot.
Feedback and criticism is always welcome.
I also do NOT own any of the pictures I've used.

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