I Am Guilty

I Am Guilty

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Mathur family is well respected and belongs to an elite class. They have everything a happy family could ask for.... Name, fame, and riches.
But this family hides a dark dark secret.

They have a son they don't want to acknowledge.
Arjun Mathur is nothing but a shame to the family. He has been almost disowned by his own people and is forced to live a reclusive life, away from them.
Guilty of unthinkable and unspeakable, he has been avoided by his own people and is left behind to feed himself. Thinking about him is a crime in Mathur Residence.

Veena Shukla is a strong headed yet a sweet woman, who is about to step in a new phase of her life. Being adored by both the Shukla and Mathur family, she looks forward to start her new life with the love of her life.
But her dreams are about to shatter when she goes missing on her engagement day.

No one knows that she was kidnapped by someone she hardly ever heard of. She was shocked to know that it was Arjun Mathur and he was about to do the unthinkable.... again..!

Will Mathur family be able to save her? Will Veena find her way back home?
What made a reclusive Arjun come back after so long?

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