History Doesn't Remember Blood, It Remembers Names | A Multifandom Roleplay

History Doesn't Remember Blood, It Remembers Names | A Multifandom Roleplay

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Category: Fantasy
"Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters."

Have you ever wanted to roleplay not only one show, or two but three? Maybe four? To enjoy roleplaying at such a vast level, all you have to do is sign up, choose a character from any American TV Show from any genre, any scenario that is listed or you can make one up and that is it!

Happy RolePlaying!

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Annabelle Monroe, A Crescent Werewolf. Trying to find her family. But falling for the big bad hybrid instead.SEASON4 OF TVD- SEASON 1&2&3&4 I MIGHT WRITE SEASON 5Credits too: @Astrid-luvs for the cover of my book! It's beautiful and amazing!
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Annabelle Monroe, A Crescent Werewolf. Trying to find her family. But falling for the big bad hybrid instead.SEASON4 OF TVD- SEASON 1&2&3&4 I MIGHT WRITE SEASON 5Credits too: @Astrid-luvs for the cover of my book! It's beautiful and amazing!

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