His Unhealthy Obsession

His Unhealthy Obsession

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Growing up Liane had a pretty simple life. She hung with friends and always listened to her parents. But after a great family vacation her life turns upsidedown when she begins to get unknown messages from an stranger. Join Liane on this suspenseful drama that crashed unexpectedly into her life.

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All Xiu Xiang wanted was to live a life of fortune so that she would never have to struggle again. Who would've thought the cheap family heirloom jade would grant her that wish?Xiu Xiang gets transported into her favorite web novel 'The Demoness' and becomes the main character, the Demoness! Unfortunately, while the Demoness lived a life of wealth and power, she dies early. Can she change her fate while knowing that death looms over her?
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(BxB) "I don't believe in ghosts," Koda whispered."Well," Alfie twisted the ring on his index finger. An excited shine returned to his eyes. His crush had never stared for so long, "would you believe me if I said that your mother is standing right behind you?"A week after Alfie's crush loses his parent, they are forced to talk when the ghost of Koda's mother reaches out to Alfie, demanding to speak with her son. Among the mist of grief, It wasn't any ordinary ghost wanting to say a final goodbye to the one she loved, it wasn't just an affectionate relationship developing between the ghost's son and the medium, it was the beginning of something much more dangerous.
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Every ruler has their harem, don't they? But yours are beyond toxic and would do anything to sit on the throne beside you as the king of Egypt.(Don't own picture, it belongs to my favourite artist: Bassel Elkadi, you can check his page on Facebook)
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-one woman can be enough to crush a corrupt politician's heart-"You look so scared of me," he chuckled in dark amusement, getting up from the couch and taking one step forward- a mischievous grin prominent in his tone. "Don't worry, little doe. I won't hurt you." He continued to patronize me, his tall height and the black gun in his hands terrifying my soul. "In fact, I find you quite adorable."Blanched and awkward, I simply nodded while grabbing my books from the table and rushed towards the stairs. My aunt was standing at the bottom of the stairs. Seeing her there made me feel so relieved. I slowed my speed and smiled at my aunt. "Naina, Sameer just came home. We are just having to the main house for the function. Come on. Your cousin's wedding celebrations are to begin." Aunt Nadia trailed off, her gaze abruptly moving from my face and shifting slightly above my head I blanched as I heard footsteps stopping a few steps behind me."Sher Khan...you home early?" "I had to meet someone." There was a smirk in the tone. ***Too cruel, mischievous and thoroughly amused by her fuming anger, Zaroon hated her tears yet loved terrorizing her timid ways. He was a dark and principled man who was the right-hand man of a feudal king. She was the feudal king's adopted granddaughter and a victim of extreme neglect.She hated his arrogance and bold rejection of her feelings. He was obsessed with her innocent and intriguing ways. Both of them chose to hurt each other when secretly they were just two lonely hearts looking for ways to heal.-This book belongs to me
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Kim Drake was a loner - someone most people didn't even knew existed, or cared to recognize her existence. This included her town's local bad boy, Carter, despite knowing that they were mates. Did she forget to mention she was a werewolf? Life was already had enough as a high schooler, not to mention being a teenage werewolf dealing with rejection from the one person who is supposed to accept and love her above everyone else.
Radiodust Comics and stuff

these are all comic. some of it are images, stuff, and....Stuff.. Go read it ;-;

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