His Submissive Omega (boyxboy) Old Version

His Submissive Omega (boyxboy) Old Version

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Category: Werewolf
(This is the old version of this book. The new version will be up soon!)

October Levitation is a submissive Omega of the Cruel Black Pack. Meaning he bows down to everyone. He is the slave. The punching bag. The toy. Everyone knows he's gay as well. But that doesn't bother him. He doesn't trust or love people easily. He's scared to find his mate. He's terrified of rejection.

Ke'Yon Zayden is the Alpha of the Fighter Jet Pack. The largest pack in the world. He's said to be heartless and cruel. He's gay as well. And is open about it. He's thrilled to meet his mate, hoping it's a male. He meets the Cruel Black Pack's Alpha and then he sees him.

His mate. October.

What happens when October realizes who Ke'Yon is? Will Ke'Yon show October how to love him and trust him? Will he be the savior October needs? Will October stay or run away?

Read more to find out!!


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