His Meaning (Enmu x Douma)

His Meaning (Enmu x Douma)

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Enmu finally dared to look at Douma, who was still standing in the center of the rink. And only from down there, Enmu finally understood.

Out in this empty and bare place, it was illustrated perfectly. Douma, standing there so confidently and freely. Enmu, sitting on the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Douma was everything. And Enmu... a nobody.


Douma was like an angel, and Enmu felt blessed to be touched by him.

But a creep like him could never deserve to be touched by an angel.


After an encounter at the ice skating arena, Enmu finds himself hopelessly fallen for that one person that couldn't be more unlike him. And of course, that person could never reciprocate his feelings.

Or could he?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a sequel to His Mutuality! It's a completely independent story!

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