Ghost Days

Ghost Days

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Category: Paranormal
Sam and Colby, paranormal, and mystery fans. Ready for a story?

DISCLAIMER! I am the original author of Ghost Days written by HF20034. My original account was messed up and it would not allow me to post anything at all. So I decided it would be best to restart and delete my old account. Hence the new account.

This story is about a young girl named Harley Dair who works at an old haunted building called the House of Blues, a jazz and music club in the twentieth century. Or the 1920's. A few curious YouTubers decide to make the trek up through California and visit the esteemed House of Blues. But what will happen will affect her and her friends for years to come

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*NOTE: This is the second book of "Rules and Roses". Be sure to read the first book first! *sorry for any mistakes

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"Hey." He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Sorry I'm late, I stopped by the store to get you some flowers." ~~~This was published in 2017 when I was young and still learning how to write so cringe alert!

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Completed![MULTIMEDIA INCLUDED!]They never thought an interview would brought them together once again.ORIGINALLY POSTED ON FACEBOOK! LINK ON MY BIO!©csbinkai🍋🍒 2020ALL RIGHTS RESERVE

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