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Avoiding the Alpha (bxb)

This is a werewolf bl story. Supernatural beings and some shit-Jamie Clancy has been avoiding their pack's future alpha for as long as he can remember. I mean, who wouldn't when the jerk's been bullying him since the first time he saw Jamie.But then Jamie discovered they are mates. Of course that wouldn't stop Jamie from still avoiding him. But for how long would Jamie be able to keep hiding from him. For how long can he resist this stupid mate bond?
Submissively Yours

It tells the story about a Jake who cannot say no to Maxeul Norman ....Jake Golding had the perfect life he was popular in his school had a girlfriend ,but his life came crashing down when he met Maxeul Being in front of Maxeul made Jake nervous and he stuttered a lot , he lost his confidence because their first meet was not a one to remember........
Atlas: Betrayed CEO Deku (MHA x Advanced Warfare x Resident Evil x Nikke)

Izuku Midorya was betrayed by his friends, teachers, and All Might. Some of them believed he was innocent until the unknown arrived as a rescuer of the private army. And they successfully rescued their CEO non-other than Izuku Midorya the son of Jonathan Irons. He spread the word to the entire UA Highschool and Japan:" I am a member of Atlas. I serve Atlas and its clients. I will always place Atlas' interests first. I will not be defeated. I will never be outworked, out-classed, or out-gunned. I stand ready to eliminate the enemies of Atlas. I am Atlas."CEO/President of the Atlas CorporationIzuku Midorya Irons
Regretting Rejection #HMS2

Hard Mate Series Book 2.(This series does not have to be read in order.)*****"I, Chace Winchester, reject you, Alyssa Jackson, as my mate and Luna of the Blue Moon pack" His words crushed my wolf, and her whimpers were loud inside of me. However my human self couldn't care less. He was a womaniser, a man whore, who slept with anything and everything in his way. I forced a smile on my face despite my wolf's protests and nodded slowly."Okay" and with that one simple word, I was out of there. *****They say rejection is a bitch.But then again, so is karma.
Dance Prodigy

If Abby Lee Miller ever heard the words 'Dance Prodigy', the name Eden-Rose came to the fore-front of her mind.This is a story of how Eden-Rose battles true fame and jealous moms.Season 1: CompleteSeason 2: Ongoing
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Stories that are actually good and not the same as every other books on this app.
Graves Beneath the Feet (Complete)

A suicide of a struggling actress in a film studio..A year later on the muhrat of a new film, the director is found dead in the same studio. This is followed by a series of murders of people related to the movie. A cop assigned the case set out to find the murderer comes across many hidden truths. Suspense, Thriller and Death..Look out for Sidharth as a cop and Sana as famous actress of the movie..(complete and continuing as The Silent Deaths)Published on 20th June 2020End date- 4th December 2020All rights reserved.#1 in them#1 in Horror-thriller
Traveling through space, the princess became rich in a frivolous way

Author: Tianlian Devouring Ghost Type: Time Travel Rebirth Status: CompletedWork introduction:[Ancient romance + time travel and face slapping + storage space + sudden wealth upgrade + protecting and pampering wife + love over time]Modern woman Wen Jinhe got a storage space due to a strange astronomical phenomenon. She knew in advance that she would travel through time and decided to sell her house and use her savings to fill the space.She traveled through time and became a princess in the cold palace and married Li Junche, the second prince of Beidi Kingdom.On the wedding day, Wen Jinhe raised her eyebrows and smiled softly: "Prince, should we ask Butler Li to consummate the marriage?"Li Junche raised his thin lips slightly and lifted Wen Jinhe's small chin, "It's beautiful, but it's not my favorite."Wen Jinhe looked at the assassin sent by Linyue Kingdom on the ground, "Prince, my damn father is here to trouble me again, I want to teach him a lesson."Li Junche hugged Wen Jinhe and comforted her: "How about destroying Linyue Kingdom to vent your anger?"Buy land, cultivate it, increase production; manufacture transportation vehicles, and develop gunpowder weapons.Steward Li hurriedly reported: "My Lord, the princess has become the richest person in the country."Wen Jinhe said contemptuously: "The prices of all the things sent to Linyue Kingdom have doubled. I will sanction them economically."Li Junche: "This king will use all his strength to seek justice for the princess."DISCLAIMER!!!• This is purely MTL novel { this is not edited, so there will be grammatical errors, incorrect pronouns or words so please read it with caution}• I do not own the story nor the cover.• For Offline Purpose Only so please do not report or vote, Just Read. Thank you

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Haikyuu!! One-Shots Because I'm Lovesick and Bored

Please suggest more on the comments of the first chapter, or dm me about it!! Let me know if you want credits for the idea/plot. Ships/situations should not be illegal or extremely unreasonable !!

54 4 6
The Group: DDLC x Male Reader

Y/N L/N, an average high schooler like everyone else. A small but good group of friends, good grades, loves anime and video games, the usual. However, he decided to try a game that he found interesting. Maybe something good could come out of it, right?

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awake {Klaus Mikaelson}

Esther is just another person in one of Klaus' coffins. The person in the locked coffin, well that's me.I'm not a weapon like everyone thinks I am, I'm the complete opposite.I've been locked away for a thousand years, cursed to sleep for all eternity because of Esther.You would think the worst thing about being in this state is not feeling anything? Not knowing if or when you're going to wake up? Not being at peace? Well they're just things I've learnt to 'live' with. The worst thing about this is that, I can't be with the person I love more then anything, more than life itself. Niklaus Mikaelson.~ ~ ~ {The Vampire Diaries - Season 3}

2.1M 31 42.1K Full

Aadya an independent, ambitious girl had innumerable dreams and expectations about her life partner.Her life turns upside down when she marries Omkar Mitra. What happens when she gets to know about Omkar? Will she choose to stay by his side and support him or will she walk away?_________________________________________UNEDITED Top rankings:-#1 in wattpadindia out of 2.67 stories#1 in telugu#1 in Indianauthor #1 in truthfulness#1 in expectations#1 in expecttheunexpected#3 in betrayal out of 92.6k stories #3 in marriage out of 54.7k stories.#4 in expectations out of 2.07k stories.#5 in southindian#2 in shattered out of 3.04k stories.#3 in wife out of 10.5k stories.#6 in success out of 5.66k stories.#7 in acceptance out of 10.3k stories.#28 in India out of 30.1k stories....This is my first story. Kindly bear with my grammatical errors.

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[3] Code: REBIRTH || KTH

[Book 3 of the "Code:" trilogy][Read Books 1 & 2, RED & RIOT respectively, first]They say rainbows come after the storm, but why don't they mention the muddied grounds, the broken homes and the fallen trees left for survivors to mend?Afterall, the fight is never really over.---Status: Completed Chapter Length: 700-1000 Words

108.7K 32 10.5K Full
Starstruck (GirlXGirl) lesbian

Dulce Gavin, a 17 years old girl who doesn't like to watch TV accidentally met and helped a drop dead gorgeous teenager named Glace. They hit it off instantly, but soon lost contact. A week later, Glace turned up at Dulce's school and ended up as her seatmate. The catch? Glace is a Hollywood celebrity who is about to turn Dulce's normal life inside out. Follow these two girls as they discover love, friendship, and the value of family amidst popularity and high school life.

10.3M 45 266.5K Full
Sugar and Spice (A Reylo AU)

Rey bakes when she's stressed, but unfortunately never has enough room to finish all of her baked goods. Thus leading her to give her neighbor- who she may or may not have the hots for- her leftovers. This is filled with tropes, cliches, and possible smut. Beware of the cheesiness!

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Little Moon (Wyatt and Willa's sister: a zombies 2 fanfic)

Y/n lykensen is Wyatt and Willa Lykensen's younger sister (much to y/n's annoyance) After their parents die the responsibilities of the pack is left to Willa. As more and more of the pack gets sick, the mission to find the moonstone continues. Will they find it? Will it be too late?____This is my first book, so I'm sorry if it's a bit crap.

11.3K 15 116 Full
the book of designs and info.

I just felt like doing this since my robot ideas couldn't really go anywhere else, and any bases I make are free for anyone to use.

101 8 7
Avondale: The Golden Door

Avondale is an island a world away from us. It's people were once bonded as brothers, but centuries of prejudice and war have torn them apart. The need a miracle, and Kendra McLane was not what they had in mind.

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