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Category: Romance
[Hiro Hamada x Reader] Robert's not the only Callaghan that Hiro's enemies with. And the feelings are all quite mutual.

{Cover by LPSSPL}

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[Cảm hứng lịch sử] QUAN QUẢ CÔ ĐỘC

▪️ Thể loại: Kỳ ảo, Cảm hứng lịch sử Việt Nam, Ẩm thực▪️ Bối cảnh: Trần - Hồ - thuộc Minh - Lê Sơ▪️ Giới thiệu:Mấy mươi năm đất nước loạn ly, chia cắt?Ai làm lã chã châu sa, cho vợ mất chồng, cho tùng quân bật khóc?Ai làm cho trẻ bơ vơ, cho già tức tưởi?Ai làm phù sa đỏ máu, cho áo vải ướt hận căm?Giọt tương rơi xuống, Đại Việt đứng lên.*Truyện về con hồ ly béo bị nuôi nhầm trong đàn chó săn của Nguyễn Xí.▪️ Đặc biệt cảm ơn:- Người truyền cảm hứng và hỗ trợ Mật trong chặng đường viết về ẩm thực:Anh Nguyễn Thường Quân - Chủ tịch Hiệp hội Dạy nghề và Việc làm Đầu bếp Việt Nam.Anh Nguyễn Văn Thái - Tổng bếp trưởng, MICHELIN Guide 2023- Bạn Lê Quý Hiển tư vấn các chi tiết chính trị, lịch sử.- Em Lê Thành Chung hỗ trợ các chi tiết logic.▪️ Lưu ý: Truyện lấy cảm hứng từ lịch sử và các nhân vật, sự kiện có thật tuy nhiên các tình tiết trong truyện đều là hư cấu, vui lòng không đánh đồng với chính sử, truyện KHÔNG có giá trị tham khảo về mặt lịch sử.(*Giọt tương: Giọt nước mắt)
Destined for Revenge

What will you do when your own prince charming becomes the villain?Your only love becomes your tormentor?As for Aveliene it was a nightmare come true.Aveliene Lawrence:"I never imagined that my fantasy will turn out to be my worst nightmare."I always got attracted to fairy tales, since childhood when my mom told me about the stories where a princess always got saved and loved by their prince charming. I also waited for the time to meet my own . BUT, little did I know that he will become my worst fear, 'Because In Reality there is no fantasy.'Vaughn Rodriguez:He was marked as the most successful young and handsome eligible bachelor according to Forbes. He was also an arrogant multi-billionaire playboy and a ruthless mafia leader. Girls easily throw themselves at his feet as if he is a charmer who likes to play with emotions.But--- he is also harbouring a 'Dark Ancestral Past'."My sole aim in life is to take revenge and get back the prestige of my family. Which was lost decades ago.""How far will you run away princess as I will always found you 'Cause I am your only Protector and Destroyer."Get ready for a journey full of suspense, deceit, drama and romance.What will happen when destiny will tie these two different sides of a thread together? READ to find out.....Note- This is not a cliché.(C) 2021 Unrevealed Author. All rights reserved.Cover designed by @navyblueee
WHO? | The Alpha (Book One)

[Complete] [Editing] Georgina, an inquisitive incoming college student, must seek answers to understand why her peaceful life has been turned upside down after meeting the creatures of the night.Book 1 of Who? | Trilogy._______________🥉3rd place in Eternity Awards- Vampire/Werewolf categoryThis story is only written on Wattpad. If found in other apps, please report it immediately.
Just Friends

• She was broken piece of glass while he had the glue that could mend it together. •Kiara is a girl that wanted to fall in love. Meet her soulmate but unfortunately started having feelings for her friend, Dhruv. The person whom she can't reach. She knew she won't ever be offered a happy ending in her journey of unrequited love.Dhruv was a guy that was full of life. Encountered a situation where he was asked by his parents whether he would like to marry his friend Aditi? He didn't think anything wrong with it. How could it be? When your life partner ends up being your friend for years. Until he discovered each step taken towards Aditi was pulling him away from Kiara.Aditi has a dream of her wedding. A dream that she had seen in childhood. She is all set to make it a reality, but things aren't that easy. She has constantly fought with not only others but with herself as well. Her workaholic nature as well as fear of her past keep knocking on her door at frequent intervals. Harshad is an attractive guy, a charmer. His personality had always attracted ladies, but a girl that has the least interest in him pulled his attention. A guy that believed in dating and flirting suddenly wants to win Kiara's heart. So many feelings are involved! So many hearts are on the verge of breaking. Who will gain and who will lose?Text Copywriter © Sanjh™ 2022
my childhood diary

I recently stumbled upon my old childhood diary, and as I read some parts to my sister, she thought it would be great to share the ridiculousness. So, I'm putting myself out there and sharing my preteen thoughts with you, just as I wrote them back then. I can't wait to dive into this nostalgic journey together with all of you.
නිවාලන්න මා අවුරුදු Special 👉👈

මේකටයි ඔරිජිනල් කතාවෙ අලුත් අවුරුදු දවසටයි කිසිම අයුරක සම්බන්ධයක් නොමැති බව මතක තබාගන්න❤️මේක ඔයාලට විනෝද වෙන්න වගේම අවුරුදු දවසට කැමීලියා ඔයාලට දෙන හුදෙක් නිකම්ම නිකම් ගිෆ්ට් එකක් කියලා හිතාගන්න🥹❤️
The Great Indian Wedding Romance

Siddharth Kashyap is roped into attending a destination wedding by his mother and he expects nothing but annoying relatives and boredom.That is until he meets the spunky Chetna Haldar, sister of the bride and an outcast much like himself. He is enamoured by her spirit and amused by her antics. Chetna Haldar can't wait for her sister's wedding to be done with. It is basically a tailor-made torture session from hell. For the brief moments she can get away from her family, she finds respite with Siddharth who actually listens to her for a change. What will happen to this strange bond when it is time to part ways? Is it a happy ending for our Black Sheep or are they saying goodbyes forever?(This is a spin-off of The Great Indian College Romance. You do not need to read that before diving into this one. Works just as well as a standalone. Minor spoilers only.)
My Paranormal Life

This is a book filled with my paranormal experiences.Ever since I was a kid, I've been able to see ghosts and other things, not as a normal day-to-day basis, but more than the average person.I've always known the paranormal existed, specifically ghosts.These are all true events.

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What if Hagrid never told Harry he was a wizard? What if Harry went to Stonewall High as intended? What if Hogwarts never existed? Harry has lived with is Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin his whole life, being mistreated and neglected after his parents died in a car crash. Finally, Harry is old enough to leave his family behind as Dudley heads to Smeltings and Harry attends Stonewall. Something is different about Harry, but how long will it take him to embrace it?Harry has quite a different personality in this, basing him off of Tom Riddle and getting him to become his true Slytherin side.(Most of the characters and the ideas and names and such belong to J.K Rowling as does the world the story is set in.)

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Unlocking the Healing Power of Ayurvedic Medicine

In a world where modern medicine dominates the healthcare landscape, there's a quiet resurgence happening - a return to ancient wisdom and holistic healing practices. At the forefront of this movement is Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian system of healthcare that has been practiced for thousands of years. In recent times, Ayurveda has gained popularity worldwide for its natural approach to healing and its focus on balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Let's delve deeper into the essence of Ayurvedic medicine and explore its principles, practices, and benefits.

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When Tides Collide

Sophia Scott is the younger twin sister of Nathan Scott and half-sister to Lucas Scott. Even though it seems like it is driving her family apart, Soph secretly dreams of playing basketball and she's good, really good. Since girls basketball doesn't really exist in Tree Hill, she resorts to cheering from the stands and writing her feelings in her journal. Her father, Dan Scott, puts all of his attention on Nathan and barely notices her. When he does, he only points out her flaws. Since Dan is so negative to her and her mom is always away, she hangs out at the River Court with Lucas, without Dan knowing. What happens when Lucas joins the team and everything changes?

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Sidewinder #2: Jerry

Jerry knew the company training exercise wasn't a game the moment it began. What she couldn't figure out, the part that haunted her as she sat in the interrogation room, chewing on her thumbnail, was why? Why hadn't she run away? Why had she agreed to answer questions? It wasn't her fault. None of it was her fault. Now she had two choices: sign the gag order...or run...or was it already too late?Sidewinder #2 is part of an ongoing collection of shorts. Each short gives a clearer picture of the events of "Sandy vs. Zombie".

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life of a suicidal teen

its just a everyday blog kinda thing . have you wonder what we suicidal teens think or what we do well read this .

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Hidden Voices- an Artemis Fowl fanfic

FINISHED!!This is written as an after story to The Last Guardian, (there will be spoilers.) Artemis is now 15 (In my story timeline) and he has gotten Atlantis Complex again. This time, though, there might not be a way out. *Spoilers*Please note that this story is supposed to be dramatic and emotional, so don't give me flack for the sappy stuff. As much as I love ships, this will not be an Artemis+Holly shipping story. Sorry! There will be bffing, though.Please check this out, I worked really hard. I read every chapter multiple times to catch misspellings. This is my first fanfic, and is rated K+, but I wouldn't recommend reading if you are under the age of like 8. -StormOfLightning

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Saving Her |The Unbroken Series: Book Two|

Chay has been drug into a state of dreadful darkness , and she wasn't sure how she was supposed to get out of this one. She knew things could never be the same , or let alone tried to be fixed.

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Questions for you ✓

I will ask you questions and you will answer

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Since You've Been Gone [Peterick]

What really triggered the hiatus. The full truth of what happened and why it happened.Inspired by and based on the song Since You've Been Gone by Theory Of A Deadman

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