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Fallen Petal

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Eren Green 29 y/o became the second wife of Jackson Mckane 32 y/o, a multi millionaire of city A.

After his wife passed away at the age of 28, because of child birth to their 3rd son, Jackson became cold, and indifferent person towards other people, excepts for his three sons.

His first son Lyrus is 8 y/o, his second son Jake is 5 y/o, his 3rd son Aiden who is 2 y/o.

After 2 years of being a widower he never engage in any romantic relationship, but as time passed by he noticed that his kids needed some mother figure in their lives and knowing that, he look for a decent woman to be marry with.

A woman who can become a model to his kids, give them time and care for his kids, teach his kids and show love for his kids disregarding his own feelings.

And so Eren became the second wife of Jackson through the arrangements of his family.

Coming from a humble family, Eren grew up in a positive atmosphere, so Jackson's parents chose her for their son.

But upon knowing her background Jackson began to despise the idea of marrying such a lowly woman and who knows might be a social climber, as he thought, but despite his discontentment and disapproval they still got married and now living under the same roof.


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