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"Exhausted Perfection" is a poignant story about Maya, a young woman who has always been the "golden child" of her family. From excelling academically to maintaining perfect etiquette, Maya has upheld an image of flawless perfection that has long been praised by her parents and community.

However, the immense pressure of constantly having to be the best has finally taken a toll on Maya. Feeling exhausted by the weight of these unrealistic expectations, she makes the bold decision to not study as diligently for an upcoming exam. While she ensures her grades don't drop too significantly, maintaining a spot in the top 5 students, Maya finds a sense of relief in letting go of the need to be perfect.

Yet, Maya's choice to ease up on her studies also leaves her grappling with feelings of guilt and disappointment from her parents, even though they don't vocalize these emotions. As Maya navigates this new chapter where she is no longer the "golden girl," she must find the courage to redefine her own path, outside of the constraints of perfection that have long defined her identity.

"Exhausted Perfection" is a compelling exploration of the emotional toll of living up to high expectations, and one young woman's journey to reclaim her sense of self.

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Chasing Neverland: A Retelling | ✔️

*This story is an unedited first draft.Fifteen-year-old Wendy Darling is trying hard to stay positive. But when another tragic event causes her more turmoil, she begins to isolate herself from everything she once knew.Lonely and depressed, Wendy seeks solace in a dream world that offers her the excitement and freedom she craves. She meets a handsome boy who introduces her to adventures she is unable to experience during her waking hours. When morning returns, Wendy discovers it is difficult to shake how vivid the dream was and how alive it had made her feel. Soon, she finds herself dreaming about the mysterious boy every night. But when her fantasies become frighteningly real, Wendy begins to question her beliefs...and her sanity.Notice: This document is not authorized for upload or use with artificial intelligence systems or platforms. Any attempt to upload, analyze, or process this content using AI technology is strictly prohibited.
Oops!!!!! I slapped...........Mr. Billionaire???

Seeing the amused look on his face , I wanted to swipe the smirk from his face by pulling his lips out and rearranging his face. It was an emergency. Someone's life was at stake here. Why couldn't he understand that? He is no GOD. He had no right blocking our way like this. Slowly I tried to make him understand that,"Look I know its a special moment for you but we really have to pass. Someone's life is at stake here" Looking up, I saw he had started walking away without listening to me. That arrogant orangutan!!!!!!! Unable to control my anger and impatience, I swiftly walked towards him and stopped him by his arms. Turning him around, I did something which would change my life for everything. I slapped him. What happens when a 22 year old Siona Crystalline crosses path with Aiden Salvatore? What can happen when she slaps the person she meets? Nothing much right? Only that this Aiden Salvatore is none other than a multibillionaire, a cold, shrewd and calculating person with a new fling every day and who influences at least three fourths of the business world. This is the her story. Lets join her in her journey of life changing experiences.
Trishalini ~ The Jewel of Mahabaleshgarh

Everything changed the day the King ordered me to seduce his son and bring him back to the Kingdom. He was my best friend.As per the order of things, a Yuvraj cannot befriend a Commoner girl. But we were. He was anything but nice and helpful to me, and in return, I betrayed him. The betrayal ran deep, costing him the trust of the last of his friends.I saw him becoming cruel. The man who struggled to kill a deer in the Gurukul sliced throats and smiled right in front of me. His anger was scary, and the scariest part was the redemption of what I did to him."You shall marry me," his words were clear, emotionless."I am getting married. My fiancé is waiting outside for me, Abhinan," I tried to say, but he clenched his jaw."My father asked you to do something for me, and in return, I shall do something for him, too. He is on his deathbed, and his last wish is to see his grandchild. Since you are closer to him, you must do this," he almost ordered, and I took a step back, shaking my head."Are you out of your mind? I am an adopted daughter of your Guruji. Nobody knows my family, my bloodline, my caste or my community. The throne will never accept me; your father will be tormented," I said, and he stepped closer."Well, that's why you are perfect for it. I shall make sure that even after seeing his grandchild, he will never rest in peace," he exclaimed and took me from there.***The story is set in the 17th Century. When only the Princesses were meant to sit beside the King on the Throne, Trisha transformed herself to become Trishalini, the most loved Queen in history. There was no bed of roses in the early days, but she ensured the people in her kingdom slept on them. Amidst the guilt, anger and redemptions bloomed a forbidden, dark love story of King Abhinandan and Trishalini, aka Trisha.Magicallovely Histrom Universe (MHU) Book #7Copyright @ 2024Mature Content!

Damian is just a normal kid. His mother abandoned him at a orphanage when he was barely 1. Damian never stays in one place. He always moves from one foster parent to other . He doesn't have any friends not like he cares and is a loner.His life is what you will consider boring and simple . So imagine his surprise when after moving to Gotham he finds he is being stalked by a certain bat family.( the cover is not mine )
Spirit Realm [Completed]

This novel is not mine nor translated by me. For offline reading purposes only. All credit and acknowledgment goes to the author and the translator(s).OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS - Thirty thousand years ago, the Heaven Fighting Race who called themselves "Gods" invaded the Spirit Realm. Hundreds of races rose up in resistance, but ultimately suffered a crushing defeat. The Human Race was the first to concede, and the rest of the Hundred Races soon followed in succession.During the subsequent ten thousand years, all of the races were enslaved by the Heaven Fighting Race. They were cruelly treated, and lived beneath the shadow of terror.The Heaven Fighting Race's march of conquest did not stop there. With the Spirit Realm as the starting point, they invaded other secret dimensions, and spread war to all corners of existence. After greatly exhausting their combat strength, they were finally defeated by the Hundred Races who took advantage of this opportunity. With no other choice, they fled to the starry skies outside the realm.Thirty thousand years later, in an era where the Heaven Fighting Race has already faded to become ancient legend, an amnesiac youth possessing the Heaven Fighting Race's bloodline is being fostered in an insignificant household. Whilst struggling to live on, he silently awaits the day of the bloodline's awakening.
The Alpha Heist: Paranormal Shifter Romance

Stealing one gem? How hard could it be?From the moment Mel takes the assignment, she knows that it should be impossible. But for the supernatural world's foremost thief, impossible is an irresistible challenge. Especially when the payment for this job will get her one step closer to the one thing she desperately needs. When the jobs goes belly up, she finds herself in the lion's den and facing off with the sexiest man she's ever met.The alpha keeps what's his...No one steals from Luke Torres. His fortress is legend and his pack of lions are deadly, ready to face any threat. When Luke meets Mel, she knocks his socks off with a scorching kiss, but when they meet again, they are captor and captive in a deadly gave of cat vs. cat.One alpha, one thief, and an adventure of a lifetime.
Satan's Most wanted Person

Satan: The supreme evil spirit or deity who tempts humanity and rules hell Most wanted: Someone subject to detainment by authorities in sight.This is a novel of a young lady's journey to fulfill her God-given destiny in her life and her encounter with the devil disguised as human. She has become his MOST WANTED PERSON and she would be his most priced target why, because a Superior being has intricately woven His divinity around her... He now has a mission to accomplish. All odds have been laid on the table.....Excerpt"Well, don't think the devil is going to leave you alone just because you claim to be a child of God," he said with a smirk..."I am not claiming, I know that very well Claunt Luc and I also know my God will never leave me alone just because I am His child," I retorted with a smile and a tone of sincerity lace in my voice.

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Syamantaka: the gem that was an inexhaustible source of all good and gold, the gem that brings with it not just bounty but also a curse, the gem that had been lost in the sands of time - has just been unearthed from its hiding place. Or so has been said. What happens now when the mystery discoverer refuses to reveal himself but threatens humanity with the Syamantaka's curse?Follow Aimee, an engineer whose passion lies in the study of Indian culture, and Hridhaan, a clumsy, happy-go -lucky folk singer, as they tread dangerous paths in order to prevent a catastrophic disaster and maybe see the stars align themselves for each other on the way.DO NOT THINK OF PLAGIARISING THE CONTENT, THE STORYLINE, THE PLOT OR PARTS OF IT. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL STORY WITH AN AIM OF PUBLICATION. PLAGIARISM IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE AND STRICT LEGAL ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN FOR ANY PLAGIARISED CONTENT FOUND ON WATTPAD OR ANY OTHER PLATFORMS.

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Voltron Oneshots!!!

I got some writing prompt books for my birthday and of course I used voltron characters in all the prompts. I thought it'd be fun to share em with you guys!! Of course I'll take requests of almost...anything lol. Hope you enjoy!!

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The New Horse ~slow updates~

~Spirit Riding Free~When Misty one day decides to explore the peaceful town of Miradero that Spirit was so loyal to, she gets captured by some cowboys. Lucky, Abigail, and Pru decide to take her in as their new project horse. One other girl though, is also interested in Misty. You may know her as the snooty rich girl named Maricela.Read more to find out!

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2 sentences. 10 words. 1 story.

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