Dressed as the male protagonist's early dead ex-girlfriend

Dressed as the male protagonist's early dead ex-girlfriend

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Category: Romance

Brief introduction of the works:

After six years, Pei Xi realized that he was actually wearing a book.
She slipped into a skeptical novel she had chased, and the most unfortunate thing was that she wore the ex-girlfriend of the male protagonist who appeared only in the memory part of the book.
If it is only the ex-girlfriend, it will be punished, but this ex-girlfriend is the unlucky egg who was killed by the murderer on the wedding day with the male protagonist.
The novel is still in the series, and Pei Xi has no idea who killed him.
Looking at the getting closer and closer marriage, Pei Xi only thought about how to break up with the male protagonist possessed by Conan smoothly.
[No heart no lungs natural slag, very much love their own heroine VS early gentle and calm, empathetic, late high cold and indifferent, hidden restraint of affectionate male protagonist]
1. Male matching many, are over-the-eye smoke, this article 1V1, female scum, abuse of male protagonist, male protagonist affectionate, love female protagonist.
2. Unorthodox doubts love text, the Lord loves, doubts are adversity.
3. Set to re-modify, do not trust the author's previous reply.
4. If there is any logical loophole, welcome to correct it, the author will actively modify it.

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At this point the book is just full of smut stuff for you to read and fluff ig-have fun enjoy

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