Defying The Alpha (COMPLETED)

Defying The Alpha (COMPLETED)

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Category: Werewolf

"Your defiance isn't appreciated, Angel." Adrian murmured into my ears, causing shivers to snake their way down my spine.

"You're dominance isn't appreciated, alpha." I sneered while leaning away from him and his masculine scent.

"Dominance is something that you will get used to, I will always dominant you, I am above you, you may be my mate but I will always be your superior. Don't forget it. Adrian explained in a harsh voice.

"Well defiance is something that you'll get to because I will constantly defy you, you may be my mate but I'll always defy you, alpha."

"I'll break you-you defying little she-wolf." Adrian replied with a wicked smirk.

"You won't, you can chain me up, lock me up, anything, I will never surrender to you."


Angel has always been defiant, more defiant than most wolves. When her family grows sick of her defiance they send her off to the most deadliest alpha of all; Adrian Nixon. Learning Adrian is her mate she is thrown into a world of chaos where she faces abuse, kidnapping, devious alpha's and a darkness she never knew was possible. Angel is the light to Adrian's darkness, so will she guide the ruthless male? Will she submit to his dominating ways? Or will she defy him and eventually lead herself to freedom?

Beautiful cover by LegitSingle

edited summary by: natystars


Started Nov 23 2016

Completed Feb 24 2017

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