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◇◇ Dear wallpapers, post-its, diaries, edges of looseleaf - or wherever else you scribble down the quotes that refuse to leave your mind. This is a compilation of small bits and pieces from books that have stood out to me over the years. Perhaps they will stay with you and leave a mark on your life, too. Enjoy! ◇◇

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Dracula (1897)

Famous for introducing the character of the vampire Count Dracula, "Dracula" tells the story of Dracula's attempt to move from Transylvania to England, and the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and women led by Professor Abraham Van Helsing.
Anna Karenina

"Anna Karenina" is the tragedy of married aristocrat and socialite Anna Karenina and her affair with the affluent Count Vronsky. The story starts when she arrives in the midst of a family broken up by her brother's unbridled womanizing—something that prefigures her own later situation, though with less tolerance for her by others.
Alpha's Third Chance {Forever Mates Series}

An alpha so violent he lost both his first and second chance mate because they couldn't handle him. His first mate ran away out of fear while the second mate rejected him coldly. Now desperate for someone to love and change Theo for the better his father Christian comes up with a plan to find the perfect mate to be Theo's Luna. However, Christian is not the only with a plan to help Theo. Kendall, the beta and best friend to Alpha Theo will stop at nothing to help his best friend since the moon goddess has failed in giving Theo the wrong mates. But who's to say his mate has to be another she-wolf.
ආරු...  ( BL )  COMPLETED ✓

මන් අදටත් කියනවා ඒක මහ පුදුමාකාර ඇස් දෙකක්..උබේ ඇස්.. ඒවට පුලුවන් මාව සම්පූර්ණෙන්ම පාලනෙ කරන්න.ඒත් ගොඩක් කල් ගන්න එපා ආරු.. උබ මගේ අහසෙ හදක් වෙලා පායද්දි මන් අමාවකට ආස වෙලා තියෙන්න එපා කියලා මන් ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරනවා- යුග්ම අවින්ද්‍යකාලකන්නි වෙච්ච ජීවිතෙකට ආදරෙ කරන්න ලේසි නෑ මගෙ යුග්..- ආරෝන් අයාන්# 1 in sl# 1 in sinhala# 1 in sinhalabl Start - 12.02.2024 End - 19.04.2024* Cover credits goes to - Miku_Sasuke
3 am ' thoughts

Just a book filled with things I failed to say
Sugar-Daddy (mxm Cheating Cuckolding 21+)

WARNING! PERINGATAN!TOLONG DIPERHATIKAN BATASAN UMUR SEBELUM MEMBACA!BILA TOPIK TIDAK COCOK, JANGAN DITERUSKAN!1. Cerita mengandung unsur lgbt, mxm, bxb, mxb, gays love, boys love, shounenai, smut, nsfw 21+!2. Cerita banyak memuat adegan dewasa dengan kink CHEATING CUCKOLDING PERSELINGKUHAN yg mungkin tidak cocok utk sebagian orang.2. Bila tidak cocok, jangan diteruskan!3. Dilarang plagiat!Greg adalah suami yg baik.Selama 10thn kami bersama, semua tampak indah n baik2 saja.Hanya perasaan ini menyadari ada sesuatu yg terjadi di belakang layar.
Burning in Revenge

Story of a boy who wants to destroy enemy's family for revenge by trapping enemy's daughter. Actual story starts when he succeeded. Circumstances made her live with his family who love her. She couldn't tell about their son's deception. He yearns for her love. Can she forgive his betrayal and accept him?

Winter was born and breed to become the Queen of Rogues. She was never going back down. Winter didn't care if you were the best of the best she will show you what the future Queen can do. Since the age of ten, she has been training. Over the years she has become known as the Demon Princess. Not many see her face but when they do. They say her beauty is as dangerous as her. When she goes on a mission on enemy territory she finds out a few things. 1: Wayland is her mate. Her enemy, King of Wolves her mate.2: He has a fiancee. What does she do now? Easy. Pretend as nothing happened. They always said she was born without emotions. When there two kingdoms are forced to become one what happens them?Marry the two to form one big Alpha Kingdom. But will any of them allow that to happen?Read and find out. READ AND FIND OUT Started: March 12, 2018End: 12 June 2020

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Hemstitched Table Runners (14 x 120 Inch, Beige) - Provimo Home

If you are looking for a table runner that is both stylish and sophisticated while still being practical enough for everyday use, look no further than the Beige Table Runner. With stunning patterns woven directly into the fabric, this table runner gives your furniture the look you want.

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