Dating The Ghost Of Eric Carr

Dating The Ghost Of Eric Carr

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ခေတ်သစ် ငရဲသစ်//MM Translation//

Associated name-新时代新冥界(New Times, New Hell)AUTHOR-林知落(Lin Zhi Luo)Total Chapters- 134+10extras
Sweet Deadly Lies (A Dark Academia Mystery) Watty Winner ✔️

This is a FREE STORY with one paid bonus chapter!An exclusive boarding school on the coast of Maine. The unexplained death of a female student. A sister determined to find the truth...even if it kills her. * * * * * When Mia Greenley's older sister, Ava, dies under mysterious circumstances, she's determined to uncover the truth no matter how many rules she has to break. But when she enrolls at her elite New England boarding school, possible suspects reveal themselves at every turn, messing with her head and agitating her deep-rooted trust issues. With the help of Xander, an attractive yet aloof art student, Mia exposes secrets that may have played a role in Ava's death. Someone knows more than they're letting on, and if Mia can't put the pieces together, she could end up like her sister...dead. Sweet Deadly Lies is a FREE story with one paid bonus chapter. Learn how to earn free coins here:✨2022 WATTY AWARD WINNER FOR MYSTERY/THRILLER✨TRIGGER WARNING:Sweet Deadly Lies is a young adult mystery/thriller that may contain triggers for sensitive readers. There will be mentions of mental health issues, murder, suicide, mild drug use, and underage drinking. Reader discretion is advised.Sweet Deadly Lies (available only on Wattpad)Copyright © 2022, Darly JamisonAll Rights ReservedThis story is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this story are either the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Cover photo by Jasmin Chew on, and edited on Canva Pro.Notice: This document is not authorized for upload or use with artificial intelligence systems or platforms. Any attempt to upload, analyze, or process this content using AI technology is strictly prohibited.
Kidnapped By My Mate (Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson)

Belle has not had the best life. Most of it she spent taking care of her sick father while her mother ran off to sleep with other men. So you can imagine her frustration when, only a few months after the death of her father, her mother forces her to come spend the holidays with her and her new family. But what happens when she meets a certain alpha on the plane who claims that she belongs to him?----"Mine. Mate," he said, his deep, husky voice ringing in my ears. His hands tightened around me as his forehead came down to meet mine and he breathed in deeply. I let my eyes close as I basked in the feeling of his arms around me and the delicious sparks that were running through my body. I didn't even know that it was possible to feel this good. I felt his head move from mine as he nuzzled his nose into my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access and he let out an approving grunt.And then I felt him place a gentle kiss right where my neck and shoulder met. My knees went weak, my entire body going numb as a breathy sound came from my mouth. He smiled against my neck, chuckling and taking all of my weight into his arms as I leaned completely into him to stop myself from falling."Hello, mate," he whispered in my ear.------This book is also known as Kidnapped By My Mate.
The Stowaway

Eliza Banes, her ambition for adventure and her penchant for trouble, have often been trying on her poor mama's nerves. All her mother desires is for Eliza to be married and settled, but Eliza has other plans. Seizing an opportunity to stow away on a merchant ship to live out her dreams of seeing the world, Eliza has no idea what she is getting herself into. What she thought would be a harmless adventure sees her experience new challenges, rowdy sailors, evil pirates, and it brings her face to face with the surliest sea captain with a heart of pure gold.Eliza is about to discover the true meaning of, "be careful what you wish for."

Twenty young women awaken in an unfamiliar environment with a new life objective: raising the six newborn vampire babies that are placed with them. [Y/n] is one of those twenty. She is put in charge of six young boys - Laion, Kori, Draka, Aytsa, Seishin and Mitzu. The young vampires age the equivalent of a year a day. On the 21st day, they stop maturing entirely and are to remain that way for eternity. Unlike the other girls, [Y/n] is determined to make it - determined to live. As it so happens, the boys grow determined for her survival also, but for their own more selfish reasons. With the help of her overseer Nyais, [Y/n] knows she has it in her to survive. The odds are stacked against her but what could go wrong when royalty is in your favour?[ achievements:no.1 - yandereno. 1 - infatuation no.4 - yandere x reader ][ cover and cover art by me ][ Vampire Yandere Boys x Reader ]
Debut Or Die

A 4th year student who was preparing for the Civil Service examination, suddenly he found himself in an unfamiliar body 3 years ago.As well as a status window displaying a threat in front of his eyes![Outbreak!] [Status Abnormality: 'Debut or Death' Occurs!] A diary about the transformation of the main character, who was suddenly challenged to be an idol even though he has never been in the industry before due to sudden threat of death. ※Speciality: He used to take and sell idol's data.All rights to original author.Used for offline read only.Translations and picture from rolypoly on readhive.orgNot translated by me.
𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘.| 𝘊𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘭 𝘊𝘦𝘦

Oakley known as Central Cee gets a random girl pregnant and interrupts her life along with his
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865)

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" tells of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as children.

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The story talk about a girl who wanted to meet her idol (Gulki Joshi)Let's see if she can meet her.....This is my first time writing a story so ignore my mistakes........The story may be short.... depends on what comes to mind.....😁

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Я не поэт


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Runaway//Shinsou x Monoma/Monoshin/Shinmono

5 months before UA: Monoma and Shinsou are childhood best friends and they talked about everything. Same goes for their abusive parents and miserable lives. Monoma decides to go on a little vacation with Shinsou, so they go to a different city. Who would have thought that...(Yes, cliffhanger.)WARNING: This story includes swearing !!!(Btw: my english can be bad sometimes and I'm not a good writer, so I might disappoint you)All the characters were taken from Kohei Horikoshi !!! The story itself is an original idea. The art has also been taken but I honestly have no idea who it's from -_-

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LACY VANE: Private Eye (Book 1: How It Started...)

This is the first book of Lacy Vane Series.It revolves around a young junior-highschool girl who can astoundly solve cases from crimes she watches on the news by using quick analyzation and logical reasoning.She began to take interest in cases such as those she watches because of the tragic past of her parents dying from a suspicious fire. Though it was claimed as an accident, her six-year old eyes saw a few men in their house before the fire broke. Sadly, they had masks on and was dressed in all-black, so she couldn't quite recognize who they were.After being saved by her brothers before the suspicious group saw and had their filthy hands on her, the flames erupted and they were left watching as their beloved parents and home burn through the ground.Due to the loss of their parents, they were gladly taken by their only remaining family, their uncle: A young police officer at that time and now a certified and respected chief of the NYPD.Now this is the beginning of how she became the young detective known as... LACY VANE, Private Eye...

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Affordable eSIM Internet Plans for Seamless Connectivity

Looking for a seamless and hassle-free way to stay connected wherever you go? Why not consider eSIM Internet Plans? These innovative plans are changing the game when it comes to mobile connectivity, offering flexibility and convenience like never before.

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The Phoenix Pharaoh: Rise from the Ashes

**Wattpad Featured Story**Zahra Kasmut has lived before our time.In an ancient life, she fought against Set, an Egyptian deity, who had amassed a commanding army to overthrow her country. He butchered anyone who opposed him--man or woman, child or elder--and set countless towns and villages ablaze. With her city starving from a seemingly endless siege, Zahra and her companions had only two choices: kill an Egyptian god or die trying.Somehow, Zahra survived Set's onslaught on her city, but not without an unwilling sacrifice that forced her away from her brother, uncle, and nation she had defended.Thousands of years later, she now walks among us. Unaware of her true past, she goes about her mundane days craving more to life; all while trying to understand who the distant yet familiar voices in her head belong to.One man, however, is aware of who she truly is: Akar Usi, a beloved ally of Set. Since the siege, he's been trapped under the ruins of his collapsed city, waiting to emerge and spark the civil war of Ancient Egypt once more. First, though, he'll start with Zahra--he'll start by making her suffer.---Cover by the brilliant @MayFreighter !

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ခေတ်သစ် ငရဲသစ်//MM Translation//

Associated name-新时代新冥界(New Times, New Hell)AUTHOR-林知落(Lin Zhi Luo)Total Chapters- 134+10extras

259.6K 98 46.6K
Saturday Sun (GirlxGirl)

Audrey has never been popular. She's never had friends. She's never been more than the "Weird Girl" to society. But one day that all changes. She meets Sodapop Curtis at her job, he introduces her to the rest of the gang, and for once in her life, she feels wanted. Accepted. Like a part of something.However, one day all of that changes. When she accidentally finds out about Dallas's "friends with benefits" deal with Cherry Valence and witnessed their breakup, she watches her world turn upside down. Secret friendships arise. She starts to question why she's always been nervous around other girls. Things start to make sense, but not in the way that she wants them to. She's surrounded by people, but she's never felt so alone.

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How far would you go to find your father missing and presumed dead five years ago, but who had just communicated with you in a totally unpredictable way?Frank Payne, a 17-year-old boy, has just received an enigmatic stone from the sea that turns his life upside down, after discovering some inscriptions in an unknown language indicating the whereabouts of his father.With his friend Barbara and his grandfather Walter, they leave for the Mariana Islands, in the extreme Pacific, where they find a submarine that takes them to the depths of the ocean, precisely in the Mariana Trench. In addition to being an inhospitable place inhabited by strange creatures, the region still hides a secret passage to a somewhat mysterious cave.It is like this, between enigmas and sinister adventures that know the true power of the legendary water stone and the intentions of a fearsome villain, who will do everything to find the other piece of this relic that is with Frank and join it to the other three (fire, air and earth) to put his evil plan into action, to destroy the planet.Grab your backpack, your passport and embark on this electrifying and fantastic adventure and discover the humanity's greatest secrets.

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Bungo Stray Dogs: Gaiden

I did not translate this story. Translation is by ranposama.tumblr.comIt tells the story of the "Homicide Detective" Yukito Ayatsuji and Special Division for Unusual Powers agent Mizuki Tsujimura as they try and solve a mysterious murder case at the request of the government. Their search eventually leads them to Ayatsuji's old nemesis and public enemy, Natsuhiko Kyōgoku.

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