Chasing Dylan

Chasing Dylan

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Category: Teen Fiction
Dylan Gold was only six years old when her mother died. Soon after, her father remarried a woman that despised her. At school, her step-siblings pretend not to know her.

Her life is completely turned around when gorgeous, Welsh transfer student and alleged "bad boy" Callum Gage starts at Glendale High. Taken by her captivating beauty and timid nature, Callum is determined to know her.

Together, Dylan and Callum face obstacles from all sides of their lives.

Will their relationship be strong enough to weather the storms that come their way?

Highest Rankings:

#1 in Teens (6/21/20)
#1 in Blackwoman (4/22/20)
#1 in Newboy (4/11/20)
#1 in Chicklit (12/20/20)
#2 in Interracial (12/8/21) & (7/14/23)
#7 in Teenfiction (6/15/21)
#7 in Relationship (4/9/20)
#2 in Bwwm (10/16/22)

Started ~ January 2020
Completed ~ October 2021

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- Last updated at 21:42 14-07-2023

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