Capturing My Mate *Rated R* (Book #1)

Capturing My Mate *Rated R* (Book #1)

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Category: Werewolf
At the age of 6, Cara Halen's life took a traumatic turn when she was abducted from her family and held captive by the notorious underground rogue group known as the Blood Lust. For a decade, she endured relentless abuse and suffering in their clutches, feeling utterly alone and trapped. However, a glimmer of hope appears when she crosses paths with Reid.

Reid Melovitch is on the verge of assuming leadership as the Alpha of California's most prosperous werewolf pack. Frustrated by his oppressive Alpha father, he embarks on a road trip with his cousins, inadvertently stumbling upon the hidden rogue base. Inside the confines of this hidden base, he makes a startling discovery: Cara, the very person he is destined to be with, is among the captives. Driven by a desire to rescue her from her tormentors, he endeavors to lead her and the rest of the women to safety.

Yet, the world beyond the confines of captivity proves to be far from perfect for Cara. The image she held of Reid as a heroic figure starts to crumble the more she gets to know him. Her mate, while undeniably linked to her by fate, is far from the Prince Charming she had initially believed. He carries an air of coldness, wields a brutal exterior, and has a reputation of being a playboy. Beneath his exterior lie a multitude of pain and deeply buried secrets, including the truth behind her abduction years ago.

As their lives intertwine, the pressing question emerges: Can they ever forge a bond of trust amidst the weight of their shared secrets? To complicate matters further, the rogues who held Cara captive are relentless in their pursuit to recapture her. Their determination knows no bounds, threatening to shatter any semblance of normalcy Cara and Reid manage to salvage. Will Cara break free from the clutches of the rogue group once and for all, or is the harrowing possibility of another abduction lurking on the horizon?

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Что парень ?[мисоны]

Минсоны история не моя

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