Captive in Plain Sight

Captive in Plain Sight

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Category: Mystery
Mila is the obsession of a dangerous man with a grudge. After a traumatic incident, she's started over in Seattle with a new job and her first serious relationship. But everything is poised to crumble when she meets Alec Laurent, a controlling psychopath set to push her limits. As she tries to keep her loved ones from danger and stay a step ahead of her captor, she realizes there's more to their relationship than he's letting on. The key to her freedom is finding out exactly what it is.

#1 Mystery/Thriller
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Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it. High-definition surveillance footage played on the television.

Her mother talking on the phone in the grocery checkout.

Her brother playing video games with friends.

Her best friend driving her car.

Her boyfriend commuting on the bus to work.

Her dad playing basketball at the gym.

She dropped the vase, shattering what was left, putting her hand to her mouth in horror.

"Sit down, Ms. Black." he said. "We have a lot to cover."

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In His Time

{Previously From Birth To Death}Akshita, a young 13 year old Kaliyuga girl, falls in love with the most romantic god of all time. Loving Shri Krishn like her Arya, she grew up to the age of 18, with her friends virtually, Prapti and Trisha.But she failed to realise that she was supposed to be in his time, and not Kaliyuga. ~~~~~"You are lying right?" the words left her mouth almost inaudible. "Na Sakhi. Tumhe lagta hai ki main tumse asatya kehne ki shamta rakhta hu?" his voice as if a music, had the 3 girls melting. "Apitu Bhrata Krishn, hum aur Dwaparyug ki Rajkumari? Yeh kaise sambhav hai?" asked Trisha, who wasn't zoned out like the other two. "Vaise hi behena, jaise hum teeno hai. Ham bhi toh Dwapar ke Rajkumar Rajakumari hai," Krishn smiled, while Akshita and Prapti were looking at him, not blinking for once."Rajkumar kaha jagat rachayeta ho tum. Hame bada bhola hi samjh rakha hai," Prapti whispered in a low voice, and Krishn heard it, but yet didn't react other than glancing a amused look at her."Jiji, itna sankoch na kare. Aap teeno Dwaparyug se hi ho. Apitu shrap ke karan aapko yaha aana pada," Subhadra tried to make them understand their reality. "Ab chale? Bada vilambh ho raha hai. Kala pradarshan nahi dekhna aap sabko?" Dusshala pouted, causing the other five to laugh. "Avashya sakhi," Krishn spoke, feeling two pair of eyes still on himself. "Chale sakhi?" he asked, breaking the trance of his two sakhis, who had sworn their life to him.
Moran - Dare to Love

A story tells about Monami Mahajan, a soon-to-be graduate, freelanced by Karan Shergill, a young psychologist.But who would have known a short time would turn into 'life-long agreement'...But is every love story is simple... especially, when the person with whom you fall in love with is - a person that often helps Police and investigation teams to solve cases.Their love had to thread a twisted path, as their works brought them to meet murderers and psychopaths.So, even between these.. will they dare to Love?Let's find out..*******What if you have a smart, playful and faithful boyfriend?When dating, he said: "I have no interest in these sort of things. But if you kiss me every ten minutes, I am willing to do any sort of silly things with you.When jealous, he said: "Compared to me, this man had s*upid written all over him. The only good point he has is that he knows you are a good woman too.When making love, he said: "Although I have no experience, my intelligence and ability to learn far surpass normal people. Just to add, I am very observant as well.When proposing, he said: "I have no words to express myself. But if I have to sum everything up - I love you with all of my wisdom and life.I took him from a lonely world, back to the warmth of the bustling city.While he drags me from a quiet and ordinary life to a exciting and unpredictable life.*Adapted from a CDrama*
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Wren Martin is socially awkward. She blocks off herself to the world, hiding behind her favorite hoodie. All she wants to do is keep a low profile, and graduate well enough to qualify for a college scholarship. But then a babysitting job leads her to cross paths with Asher Reed, Eastview Highสผs notorious athlete. When a field injury kickstarts his senior year, heสผs turning his free time and attention to Wren.And maybe she might not want to be invisible after all. ***** [Watty's Collector's Edition Winner][TFA Runaway Prize Winner][[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]Cover designed by Ashley Santoro
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EXPLICIT STORY!! READ!!CONTAINS-BDSM-NON-CON-LGBT-OBSESSIVE/POSESSIVE SEME-VIOLENCE-GORE-USE OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES~Read at your own risk.~Summary: 90 days of submission is a love-sick story with many triggering issues. A story about the mindbreak of a boy.A boy who couldn't understand the feeling of love. When his soul felt intertwined with the one he truly wanted, he did everything in his power to take it. Everything in his power. Everything. 90 days of submission is a story about an obsessive young male who tortures his loved one into submission. Growing jealously and superiority leads him into doing a lot of horrible stuff, stuff a normal sane human could never have done.The writing will progressively get more and more explicit. *This story isnt for the weak-hearted.*
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Title: ๆธฃๆ”ป๏ผŒไฝ ็ˆนๆฅๅ’ฏ๏ผAuthor๏ผšไธๅƒๅงœ็ณ–Status: CompletedDescription:Qi Qingyun encountered his wife's dystocia in his previous life and was killed by a car on the way to the hospital in desperation.After he woke up from a very long like dream, Qi Qingyun was surprised to find that he had traveled sixteen years later. He later met a scumbag whose eyebrows and eyes were exactly like him.This slag Gong is extremely poor in study and has a bad personality, but these are not the point. The point is that in this life, the person who was crazily targeted by the slag Gong as a deadly enemy and even bullied, has the same name and surname as Zhong Xuejin, the wife Qi Qingyun married in his previous life. Even the red mole between the eyebrows is exactly the same.Qi Qingyun: "...."He rolled up his sleeves instantly with a smile and was about to beat up this scumbag until he couldn't take care of himself, but the scumbag's eyes widened when he saw him for the first time and blurted out:"Dad!"Qi Qingyun: "...?".....READING GUIDE:1. Same-sex can marry and men can have children.2. Zha Gong is the son of Gong, and after 16 years of time travel, Gong educates his son to grow into a good young man who is beneficial to social development and national construction.3. Gong and Shou double wear, Shou is Zhong Xuejin;4. Family affection + love, emotional flow campus texts, both Gongshou and Shou were adults when they recognized each other and fell in love._________JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:โœ“ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)โœ“ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)โœ“ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Readโœ“ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.โœ“ All Rights and Credits to the original author, google translator, and link(s).
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Author: Ting Bing/ๅœๅ†ฐCategory: Danmei FictionStatus: 348 Chapter (Complete) Introducing:Qiushui is bound to the system of showing off wealth. Other people's system: Ask the host to buy, buy, buy within the specified time. Qiushui's system: the host is asked to complete the learning tasks within the specified time, and get rewards to show off their wealth. If the task fails, the host will be obliterated. This book is also called "The System Tricks Me into Learning" and "Learning Makes Me Rich". A brief introduction to the modern overhead cool text of the face-slapping system: Learning made me rich...Note: Starting from chapter 31, this chapter is going to be a mess. I don't know what Wattpad does. I'm lazy to copy and paste to a new story, so I just have to update as usual... there are more than 100 chapters that need to be copied so it's a waste of time..Machine translation. Cover picture is not mine!Source from Pinterest

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"I love you; I always had and always will. Please don't leave me again. Not this time...Please not this time..."Tears were rolling on her cheeks and his eyes were wet too. He looked at her lovingly, hopefully and she...She was just crying silently not able to say anything. He was unable to read her eyes also. They are holding too many emotions to understand but one is so strong in them and that is SADNESS."Please say something...please." He was begging to her.Choked with her own words, head down and tear strained face she said, "SORRY"Sorry... that one word was all he got from her.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sometimes it's too late to notice that we like...No...Love someone from long time but we ignore it and notice that person's absence in our life just when he/she is gone from our life...Forever...Its short story of girl and boy who loved each other but took too much time to notice it....All Rights Reserved.

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Dedicated to my best friend and my brother;Forever will we be with each other, no matter the distance. We are bound by an everlasting friendship and together by miles.This is a story about me going to college and my best friend and her boyfriend following their own paths and starting a life together. It is a short story, but it was suppose to be short and simple.

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Shion propped himself up and started drawing images on Nezumi's chest 'Do you still want to do it?' Nezumi laughed at Shion's question 'You're going to regret asking me that'What happened after No. 6's Nezumi and Shion parted?I do not own either Nezumi or Shion as characters, nor No. 6 as setting. Credits go to the original writer.

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