born to be happy.

born to be happy.

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Category: Fantasy
Hurts. Hurts. It hurts.

Help me! I can't breathe!

Let it end. Let me die already.


Getting kidnapped was certainly not on her to do list. Getting her throat slit and bleeding out while tied to a chair was definitely not a follow up task.

Yet, it still happened, and now she's dead.

But she's not?

Reborn anew as a baby girl in a different world, she thinks that she may be able to live her life to the fullest.

Until her second birthday, when a mysterious book appears under her pillow that's written in language from her home world.

That's when she learns that she's living in the novel as cannon fodder that eventually gets killed off.

What's worse is that the plot line of the novel is absolutely horrible, and that the empire in the novel(or her home, as she should now say) is obviously doomed to fall due to the foolishness of the female lead and her equally brain dead love interests.

"This is my only chance to live happily, I can't let a senseless girl ruin it!"

A reincarnated cannon fodder resolves to take the reins and steer away from her inevitable doom.

A/N: I don't own the cover art, which should be obvious

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"What do you mean I'm stuck with the seven deadly sins? I'm a saint!""You've been about seven minutes in hell and have managed to insult eight people already, Jasmina.""Fuck off, wannabe Satan."

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