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My school of indifference opened and never closed; I remained its only student.

BORN IN BABYLON is a collection of short essays, fragments, prose, creative nonfiction, and other miscellany regarding Blackness, womanhood, memory, identity, and America.

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Sarpanch's Biwi • 18+

1950s. ***Story contains mature scenes and Hindi phrases in initial chapters which are not translated in english***Abhigyan Singh, a Sarpanch of the village named 'Tarapur'. The position was passed to him by his father at the age of 20, when his father was on his death bed.His mother, Surekha Pradeep Singh, is a cancer patient. And his brother, Abhisar Singh, 12 years-old, was still studying in school whereas his sister, Sunaina, was married off at the age of 21, as per his father's last wish, infront of his eyes.Such a huge responsibility at such a young age had made Abhigyan arrogant, rude, a very secretive person.When he turned 28, the only wish of his mother was to marry off his son with a straight like cow and good-looking like princess type of girl.Although, Abhigyan wasn't ready, he knew that he would destroy girl's life by marrying her, still he agreed when his mother and elder sister forced him. Let's see how his life goes like with an unknown girl.
(MTL)Lucky wife became rich in the 1980s by relying on space

STORY NOT MINEDO NOT VOTE!FOR OFFLINE READING ONLYTitle: 福运娇妻靠空间在八零年代暴富了Lucky wife became rich in the 1980s by relying on spaceAuthor: Le XiaoyouCategory: Rebirth through time travelRelease time: 2022-06-21Latest: Chapter 460 FinaleAlso known as "The Medicine Stove Explodes, She Takes the Top Dimension Back to 80s" 】 As a top pharmacist, Chu Qingci is addicted to refining medicine to make money every day and cannot extricate herself. Finally, the medicine furnace was overwhelmed and exploded, blowing her directly into the 1980s. The family is destitute, there is not enough to eat, the parents are cowardly, and the grandmothers, aunts, uncles and aunts are all bullying! Chu Qingci was furious, and immediately separated the family, turning over and making decisions on her own. Parents are shy in their pockets, so they didn't finish their last meal? Don't be afraid! Collecting herbs, treating diseases, and selling medicines, money comes. The blood jade pendant given by the master turned into a planting space, where herbs, vegetables, and fruits were planted. Then, she became rich in the 1980s by relying on space.
Being called a money-loser, I was reborn in the 1980s and became beautiful and r

notmystory !!! for offline reading purpose only... mtl!!!The first half of Yang He'an's life was a joke in the eyes of the whole village. He was dominated by his wife and had no family, but he treated his three daughters as treasures and sent them all to school. He lived a miserable life.Everyone in the village said that he was crazy and treated a money-losing item as a treasure. Even his parents and brothers looked down on him.However, Yang and An's second half of life was envied by everyone in the village: their eldest daughter became a wealthy woman, their second daughter became the most beautiful diplomat, and their youngest daughter became a household name.The most important thing is that all the daughters and sons-in-law are filial. Not only do they buy good things for the old couple without spending any money, they also compete to invite them back to their homes to take care of them.Looking at Yang Hean who raised three golden phoenixes, everyone in Yangjia Village regretted not holding on to this golden thigh.Novel keywords: I was scolded as a money-loser, I was reborn in the 1980s and I am beautiful and rich without pop-ups, I was scolded as a money-loser, I was reborn in the 1980s and I am beautiful and rich txt full download, I was scolded as a money-loser, I was reborn in the 1980s and I am beautiful and rich latest chapter reading
Farmers' group favorite: Dressed as a lucky girl with koi fish

notmystory..!!! for offline reading purpose only.. mtl!!!Old Mrs. Su, who had given birth to seven sons, finally gave birth to a fair and tender daughter on the Chinese Valentine's Day.As a result, the poor family became rich and lived a prosperous life.Little Jiabao: "Mom, I found two eggs at the door, give them to you."Little Jiabao: "Dad, I found some money at the door. Here it is."Brother Su: "Little sister, I'm going to the market today. Can I get a good price for these things?"Brother Su: "Little sister, is the weather good today? Can I go fishing?"Brother Su: "Little sister, tell me, when will your sister-in-law give you a daughter?"The sisters-in-law said: "Sister-in-law, when can we get some floral fabrics to make new clothes?"--One day, someone came to propose marriage with gifts, but was stopped outside the door by several brothers.Brothers: "If you want to marry our sister, you have to ask us first!"Someone: "..."Novel keywords: The Farmer's Group Pet: Transformed into a Little Lucky Girl with Koi Carp without pop-up window, The Farmer's Group Pet: Transformed into a Little Lucky Girl with Koi Carp txt full download, The Farmer's Group Pet: Transformed into a Little Lucky Girl with Koi Carp latest chapter reading
After his daughter's tragic death, the honest father of the time woke up

notmystory !!! for offline reading purpose only.. mtl!!!As an unfavored son, Xu Qingmu had been honest and obedient for half his life. Because he had seven daughters in succession, he had always been inferior to others.His parents despised him, but he tried hard to be a filial son; his brothers bullied him, but he never bore a grudge;Even when the villagers laughed at him for being a family with no money, he just smiled innocently.One day, Xu Qingmu suddenly "saw" the future of his family:The youngest daughter Qiya was accidentally pushed onto a rock by her mother and died of a high fever;The eldest daughter was pregnant and was beaten by her son-in-law until she bled to death;The second daughter was unwilling to be sold to the old widower and jumped into the river...The whole family will not have a good ending!Xu Qingmu went crazy and left the house with his wife and daughter.Everyone in the team was watching his show, wanting to see him regret it.However, as the years passed, instead of seeing Xu Qingmu regretting anything, they saw his family getting better and better.--Qiya Xu Shuxin died and was reborn.In this life, she not only has to help her family avoid the tragic ending of her previous life, but also has to lead her family to live a good life.With the blessing system in hand, she first found a good job for her father, let her eldest sister divorce the domestic violence man and marry a cadre husband, and let her second sister work in the state-owned restaurant of the commune... Most importantly, all the sisters had to go to college...Many years later, people in the Peace Brigade sighed: Who said that having a girl is inferior to having a boy?Novel keywords: After the tragic death of my daughter, the old man's father awakened without pop-up window, After the tragic death of my daughter, the old man's father awakened txt full download, After the tragic death of my daughter, the old man's father awakened the latest chapter reading
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notmystory !!! for offline reading purpose only .. mtl!!!Qiu Ye lived for more than 30 years in her previous life and summed up an experience, that is: money is better than anyone else's. In her previous life, because she had no money and was young and noble, she looked down on money, so she could only live with her mother-in-law after marriage and endured the humiliation. This caused family discord and marital discord. Finally, God opened his eyes and gave her a chance to be reborn. She swore that she would start making money and saving money from a young age, and when she grew up, she would buy her own house and live the life she wanted.Novel keywords: Reborn Cannon Fodder Turns Over without pop-up window, Reborn Cannon Fodder Turns Over txt full download, Reborn Cannon Fodder Turns Over latest chapter reading
Married to the Northerner

Avani, a princess from the lands of the south; beloved and cherished by her people, hated and abused by her family. Despite having the finest dresses, sharpest knowledge, and incomparable beauty, all she yearns for is love.Nathaniel, the king of the northern land. His people love him more than anything, praising his leadership, bravery, and generosity. Everything he does is for the betterment of his people and kingdom. Other king's fear him, being his enemy is practically self destruction.When a proposal reaches to him from the southern King, his enemy, he already knew his answer. The strengths of both Kingdoms increase and have each other's back instead of being foes, in exchange for the marriage of Princess Avani and King Nathaniel.Thrown into a forced marriage, where cultures are intertwined, sacrifices are made, friendships are formed, and love blossoms. Will the Princess of the South and King of the North finally have their happy ending?*Edited Chapter updates every Friday#1 in Historical Romance 05/25/21#3 in Historical#2 in Proposal 11/29/20#1 in Mature Themes 01/07/21#2in Hatred#2 in Kingdom#2 in Forced Marriage 01/03/21#1 in Royalty 02/14/2021#18 in husband and wife#2 in arranged marriage 02/21/21#5 in drama 05/17/21
I was a fortune teller in 90

not my story!!! for offline reading purpose onlyIn her previous life, she was willing to sacrifice and give in all the way in order to seize that so-called warmth.As a result, the job was taken away, the house was occupied, and the price for swallowing the anger was to be kicked out, and in the end, the children were not even protected.After being reborn, she no longer believed in love, she just wanted to take revenge and pay back all the humiliation she suffered in her previous life.She wants to use the fortune telling skills taught by her grandfather to start a new life, read fortunes, kill lives, avoid disasters, and become a popular fortune teller.Every time I look back, I can see that tall and strong figure. While I felt reassured, I was also at a loss.What should I do if she doesn't want to be bound to CP in this life?Novel keywords: I am a fortune teller at 90 no pop-up window, I am a fortune teller at 90 txt full set download, I am a fortune teller at 90 latest chapter to read

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Long ago, there was once a group of powerful Wizards who have special abilities that no one could ever imagine, they called themselves Tamers because they used spells that can calm and tame a magical creature or an animal and they could also communicate with them as well. However, not all of the magical creatures trusted these people because they thought that the Tamers used them as tools. One day, the king of the dragons, Apocolypse, came one night and he almost destroyed the Tamers. Luckily, some of them managed to escape that fateful night. Until this day, no one knew where or when another Tamer Wizard was going to come back.In a small Village that's known as Skystead, a young girl named Keira Mitsui discovered her Taming powers at a young age. Keira was excited about being a Tamer but her Father was evil and strict and he did everything to make sure she was a strong just like him. A few years passed, Keira was sent to Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy but, she was only there for 13 days because she was a provisional student and after the trial was over she failed it. After two months passed and going through her Father's strict training, Keira was now being sent back to the Academy and this is where her adventure begins...Read this story to follow Keira's Adventure as a student at the Academy and see how much she went through to stop her father's evil plan and discover what it means to be a leader and a taming wizard...(A/N I'm putting in the Unicorn Mysteries and Fairy King mysteries, all copyright of the characters from the shall we date app belong to the creators and the other characters that I created belong to me.)

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This is an assignment I had to do for my Creative Writing class (2015-2016). It consists of six different types of poems:1) Narrative Poem2) Simile of Myself3) Imagery4) Free Verse5) Haiku6) Bio PoemSome of these styles I haven't attempted to do since the seventh grade and some of these styles are completely new to me. I hope you enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Aiden Miller był jedną z tych osób, o których nie było głośno. Zamiast upijania się do nieprzytomności i szukania kolejnych dziewczyn, które zgodzą się na przygodę na jedną noc, on spędzał wieczory nad książkami i grami strategicznymi, sam ze sobą. I nie widział w tym nic złego, jednak - do czasu.Do czasu, kiedy jedyna osoba, która jeszcze nie wrzuciła go na swoją czarną listę - Lucy Sherman, zobowiązała się do zmienienia całkowicie jego stylu i podejścia do życia. Pozostaje teraz tylko pytanie - czy wyjdzie to Aidenowi na dobre? Czy znajdzie on dzięki temu przyjaciół i uznanie, piękną dziewczynę i miejsce w hierarchii, czy może... coś jeszcze?

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My weird, strange dreams that i can remember (2013- present)

Just a collection of some of my weird dreams, or my nightmares... or just some of my terrible sleep paralysis episodes lol that i can remember from 2013 onwards (yeah I'm one of those people who get sleep because it's not nice and it's such a horrible experience..well for me it is)

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Pink Socks (BoyxBoy)

"who took my hair spray?" pink yelled. Yes, pink; strange name right? Pink is a normal 17 year old kid who goes to a public high school A nice amount of friends, good family, he is slightly popular; due to his name that is. And he seems to have lost his hair spray. How unfortunate 😖Luckily something happens and he ends up popular. But he also ends up falling for a dude named sock, how weird?

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