Bittersweet Love Story~~Reggie X Reader -- JATP

Bittersweet Love Story~~Reggie X Reader -- JATP

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~~"Wait... You can see me too!?"~~

>>Completed season 1 with season 2 started<<

At first glance he seemed like a normal guy. Funny, caring, charming, cute. But what happens when you start falling for this guy and you just get a feeling that your meant to be together, well that's difficult when that person is a ghost...

Set: When Julie and the Phantoms starts.
Reggie X Reader cus' he's adorable ♥️

Hope you all enjoy!!

#1 Drummer - 15/3/2021
#2 reggie - 24/3/2021
#11 readerxcharacter - 10/5/2021

Start S1: 1/10/2020
End S1: 18/3/2021
Will be edited later on 😁

Start S2: 27/7/2021 (lol it's June 2023 now)
End S2:

This is the first season of this book - staged in season 1 - The second season of this book will be my own story plot with my own ideas.

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