Best Friends With The Bad Boy ✓

Best Friends With The Bad Boy ✓

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Category: Humor
After an unpleasant two years away from her hometown, Chloe Woods is excited to return. She's looking forward to rekindling her friendship with John Allen, her best friend who she didn't tell she was moving. Imagine her surprise when she returns discovers he's turned into a cliché bad boy.

And wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

John was heartbroken when his best friend left without notice. So he built a better version of himself, one that did the heart-breaking and had no regard for romance. He never expected to see Chloe again, or the feelings that arouse when he did...

Determined to return things to back to normal, Chloe ends up causing more trouble than she bargained for, including drama, betrayal and love. Who knew friendship could be so complicated?

"I literally downloaded Wattpad because of this story.." -Spirited_Queen

"This is one of my favourite books!" -Crazily_Unique128


(cover by @beautifullyyoung)

#1 in Heartbreak
#27 in Humor

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