Beat Of My Heart

Beat Of My Heart

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Holly Vickers didn't care about superstar Sebastian Jennings, she certainly never thought she'd ever meet him in person, either. She was a normal seventeen year old girl in high school just looking for a fun night out to escape her hectic life and decided to go to a concert with her best friend.

Little did she know her life would change the moment her eyes connected with worldwide superstar Sebastian Jennings-singer, actor and international heartthrob.

Did Holly have what it took to make sure that Sebastian didn't rewrite the tune of her life to the beat of his heart?


We stared back at each other in a heat filled moment, and as I looked into his piercing green eyes I felt myself being lost in his stare.

He licked his lips and leaned down towards my face, and I felt his breath fan across my cheeks as I saw him close his eyes, lips desperately close to my own.

I was about to lean in and close my eyes as well until I heard a piercing scream run through the hallways.



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