Batman's daughter

Batman's daughter

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This is only to read now. This version is no longer being updated or edited at all. But a newer edition will be published soon with the different chapters with of course spelling corrections and new things added. And same sort or plot with main OC being The Bats kid. But there will be a crossover happening and more to the story and name changes. And well just go read lol

You can find this one and the second one which I'll also be revamping on my page here on Wattpad as well as under the same names.

Happy Reading!

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Ben finally beats Vilgax, but with a huge cost. All of the people Ben loves is dead, Gwen, Kevin, Julie, his parents, Grandpa Max, there all dead. With Ben all alone with Ship at his side, he becomes depressed until he is transported to another world where he gains another family, will he learn to trust and be happy again or will the past come to haunt him. I got this idea from another story, but I forgot their username thing but credits to them. It has the same themes as them but different plot and worded differently.
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Nico di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce, but seeing as he can't supply any proof of his parents, or even his own birth records, he has no legal choice. It's Bruce Wayne or the foster system so Nico decides to take his chances with the billionaire. Nico gets dragged into the Batfam and has to learn their secret while trying to trying to hide the mythological world from the greatest family of detectives in the world.No Nico ships. It would get in the way of the plot. I will try to keep at least some-what accurate with the rest of the books. Everything belongs to Rick Riordan or DCU.(After pjo and before hoo)Please comment, vote, and tell me what you think! This book is currently being edited but will still be updating. Updates are slow.

redemancy(n.) the act of loving in return.In which the wizarding worldwatches about Amara Potter Black's life and discover about another worldWhere they watch her grow intowhat she was always meant to be:a goddess in her own right.Apollo x Oc (fem! Harry, Amara Potter)x ??? Status: Slow UpdatesRe written: March 04, 2023Ended:
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what if both Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne had a daughter after a few years later after Damian was born Talia never wanted a daughter so she abandoned her in the forest what if the animals of the forest took her in as their own what if Bruce found out what would he do would he go find her or will he leave her I do not own any of the pictures
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(SLOW UPDATES)Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades and the King of Ghosts with many other titles. The person who's known to have more secrets than anybody else in both camps found out his friends and boyfriend's secret that had been kept for 3 months. As he left Camp Half-blood with the strong emotions of heartbreak and betrayal, he travelled through the shadows with one thought in mind: family. Arriving at the most crime-ridden city in the World, the broken King of Ghosts encountered with the infamous duo, Batman and Robin. With this encounter, Nico will experience challenges for the world and his life. Come and Find out, what our favourite King of Ghosts will face..._____________________________________________Disclaimer: The characters from the PJo, Hoo series, and DC universe aren't mine. PJo and Hoo belongs to Uncle Rick while DC belongs to DC. The only thing I own here is the plot and I hope you'll enjoy it.Graphics credited to @ghibli_book
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