Bai Fumei in the '70s

Bai Fumei in the '70s

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Category: Romance
A villager who was so poor that he couldn't afford a bride price, who was not educated and was lazy, actually got a beautiful and rich wife from the city!


The beautiful and rich Bai (white) Fu (rich) Mei (beautiful), Zhao Lanxiang was reborn, and the first thing she did after she woke up was to find her husband in a hurry.

In their last life, they met each other in their later years. He had suffered throughout the ups and downs of life and she was scarred for life. They warmed and healed each other in their remaining years.

In this life, she decided to give this man a good beginning, help him avoid the hidden arrows, and walk onto the bright road!

However ...... Who can tell her why her steady and refined husband was a cold, fierce and thorny bully as a young man?

The rough man impatiently pressed the Bai Fumei into a cornfield, patted her tender face and said fiercely, "You know, you can't run away if you mess with me again."

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