AZI: The History Shattering Burial of a Selfish Lunatic Vol 1 to Vol 4

AZI: The History Shattering Burial of a Selfish Lunatic Vol 1 to Vol 4

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Category: Fantasy
Full title, AZI: The History Shattering Burial of a Selfish Lunatic, Who Walked through Reincarnation for Two-Trillion Years

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Volumes 1-3 Synopsis:
"Who?" Holding a lone gourd in hand the young man raises it to the Heavens with a single question. "Who wishes to accompany me? To stay by my side for an eternity, and to walk through the mountains, and seas?"

Potential Spoilers

Volume 4 Synopsis:
Weapon spirits, such is the nature of every single Sinner within the Leng Bing Realm.
In other words, all of them are but tools, and a tool...
"A tool has no right to choose their owner, and what a tool does is decided by their owner."
"...Cruel, how very cruel the laws of this world are. Even upon death, a soul may not rest."

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