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Veins of Verse

Echoes of the night
Happily after Ever { SLOW EDITING }

He was deprived of his Father's love since childhood,and he had seen his parents going through worst relation in which his mother was under state of mental and physical abuse.After their divorce his mother had made a lot blood and sweat to make him who he was today,Azfar Rehaan.A super rated businessman of the country and also of the topmost influential persons in the entire Asia.He showed his utmost dedication to two things only in his life which was his lifelines, more like breath. His mother and His work.√And she was a broken reflection of her own soul,small baggy eyes replaced by the beautiful large ones, had lost it's charm after that phase of depression she had been severely under.Zahra Tabassum wanted to be a pious Muslimah,she had found her love in Allah whom she trusted more than anyone else in the entire world.Her world was confined in her little room of stuffs like fluffy toys,books,prayer mat and her art book.Closing her eyes slowly she drifted on to sleep every night thinking of all the wrongdoings which might lead her to Jahanum in the akhirah,or which may cast a deadly spell on her nearby future.She only wanted to rely upon Allah SWT to get lead to a way which will be fruitful and free from any black spots like the ones which spoiled one of her masterpiece canvases.***Will Azfar come out of his tough demeanor of which he has been acting since a long time?***Will Zahra, ever be healed and see the pleasures of life as a normal individual again?***A journey between two souls accompanied with love, trust and above all an intimacy that belongs in the heart which helps them become what they are !!" Life comes in multidimensional package filled with vibrant & some dull colors.It becomes Happily After Ever when you learn to embrace it "
Omegaverse Series I: His Omega (BL) โœ”

Si Adrian ay isang omegang nagmula sa isang mayamang pamilya.Simula ng pumasok siya sa Yunji University, marami siyang natuklasan na pwedeng mangyari sa isang tulad niyang Omega.Then he met an Alpha named Kaito Yuichiro Fujiwara, the Student Counsil's President and Son of the owner of the University.Kaito is a Cold-expressionless guys but despite of him being cold, Adrian fell inlove with him. And Kaito was the one who discovered first that Adrian is his other half, because of the name imprinted in his left chest.What will Kaito do now he knows who is his other half?Will he avoid Adrian or make the latter fall inlove to him even more?This is a BOYSLOVE STORYHope you like it. =)Date Started: April 5, 2020Date Finished: May 26, 2020
Blood War (Book 1, the Halfblood Chronicles)

Nika, a halfblood vampire, faces conspiracies and dark magic during a hunt for her best friend - whose kidnapping has sparked a war between supernaturals. *****Lurking in the shadows of the human world are Daemonstri - beings akin to vampires, witches, werewolves, and other foul myths. Nika, a seventeen-year-old Daemonstri, has been alienated since birth for having "tainted" blood, and her only real family is her best friend Lu. So when vengeful shapeshifters kidnap Lu, she scrambles to the rescue. With the help of Ren, a guardian on her father's payroll, Nika uncovers shocking conspiracies about the Daemonstri government and even darker truths about herself. Bloody confrontations leave both Nika and Ren vulnerable to their growing feelings, while Lu's abductors execute horrifying plans. And should they survive the chaos of war, only one thing is certain: their world will never be the same.Book 1 of the Halfblood Chronicles[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]
Is it ok for me to fight? (LOOKISM x MALE reader)

You the reader shall embark on a journey..Making new friends and enemies along the way THE REBOOT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED,GO CHECK IT OUT!LOOKISM does not belong to me or any of the pictures here!!!
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here are the links of the stories i posted before.... credits to the author. pls dont reportthose marked with ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm done reading
Poppy Playtime: The Forgotten Toy

In this story of Poppy Playtime, the Traitor who was a human and now a monster betrayed his group for his life. As we go further in the story Traitor gets other monsters and punishes the humans to make it past the Boss and the Prototype. Will he be able to be human again or will he be a slave under the human's control? Find out more in this original video game Poppy Playtime. Made with
The Troublemaker Daughter of the Grand Duke Wants To Live Alone

I possessed the cliché villainess.It was Mary Conler, a villainess who was eventually exiled out of the country for harassing the female lead.Being abducted at birth, once she returned from the orphanageShe was called the troublemaker of the Grand Duke Conler's Family.Being thrown away by her father and brothers who held no affection for her.I made a resolution.Let's live as quietly as a dead mouse, then run away to a foreign country with some living funds.But it's weird.My dad, who I thought didn't love Mary, suddenly became a fool for her daughterMy brothers clung to me,One of my goofy cousins was growling with my fiancé.My fiancé, the prince, was angry at the idea of breaking off the engagement,And the original heroine asked me to run away with her.I guess I became a nuisance in a slightly different way?Why the hell were they being so nice to me?My dream is to be single!STORY NOT MINEOFFLINE PURPOSE ONLYoriginal Author: ้ฝๆˆ็จ

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Teacher's pet [Boyfriendaudio K]

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Cute ~ Demon slayer oneshots

Cover: edited by me....I do not do lemons/smut/lime (?)Fluffy/Angst

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Kiribaku Comics~~โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

There are some comics of kiribaku~I don't made any one of the comics, I found them online{contains manร—man content. Don't like it? Don't read thank you}29/12/2020 2ยฐ #Kiribaku30/12/20201ยฐ #Kiribaku4/01/20211ยฐ #comics10/01/20211ยฐ #dynamite11/01/20211ยฐ #myheroacademia

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The Story Of  Alisha Voight

Alisha Voight went missing when she was three years old. it Was the day of her mom's funeral Hank felt like he had lost everything his wife and little girl. Hank still believes she is alive will Hank ever find out the truth?

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What is the importance of NGOs in India?

The prevalence of NGOs in India dates back to 1917. NGOs in India are voluntary organizations that perform various activities towards social justice and societal betterment. In this civil society of India, the NGOs have attained a significant space.

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The Fallen One

Azza Lix Tetrax is the Fallen Angel of the Wind. She fell and never expects to go back. She was sent to the ground as a punishment from the other Angels, at least that is why she thought she fell. But what she doesn't understand is that she fell with a purpose, a purpose to protect a certain group on a quest to reclaim a homeland.She is the Fallen One, she is an Exile.

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The ex-husband of an old man of the rich

LOOK FOR PART 2Alternative title : ็ฉฟๆˆ่ฑช้—จ่€็”ทไบบ็š„ๅ‰ๅคซAuthor : ๆณก้ข้ฆ™่‚ ๅ›Qin Yu wore into a book and became a dead man.In "City Night Emperor", the male partner saw that the rich husband was bankrupt, immediately abandoned his husband, stole the new product information to find the enemy family to sell money. As a result, the "green hat" husband is in a more difficult situation, and he can only sell the villa and take the "Night Emperor" son out to rent an apartment.When he woke up, Qin Yu found that he had signed the divorce agreement and was packing his luggage.How did the plot come about?The rich husband who turned over made him worse off than dead, and finally died of illness..."Where are you going?" A tall and handsome man stood in the doorway.Covered in shadows, Qin Yu immediately hid the agreement, and his pale face was filled with a well-behaved smile: "Don't go anywhere, these clothes are going to be thrown away."

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Cold Blooded

A single father and his son live in a small northern village. Together they lived a slow life until the start of the new year.

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What Puberty Made Me Do

I'm a teenager and I make a lot of teenager-ish mistakes. Will I blame my mistakes on myself and take responsibility for my actions? Should I google the nearest church to go and pay for my sins at, ASAP?Nah, I'm gonna blame it aaalllll on my good pal, puberty.(Props to the person who made the cartoon Thor in the cover he looks doooope)(Also I don't own any images or videos unless I directly say that I do. :))(100% true stories plus some parts of me being over dramatic about it lmaoo)

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