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تَنشأُ ظِلَالُ الحُبِّ المُحَرم فِي أَزمُنِ الظُلُماتٌ

وَ اَعُودُ مِنْ حَرْبِ الدُمُوعِ مُبَلَّاً ، لِأرى يا أَعْذَبَ الكائِناتْ إِنتِصارَاتِي بِلا وُجُودِك خَاسِرةًَ.

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The Thin Line Between Us( Love and Drama) Completed

"Are you sure you're there to make peace?" I questioned him.He gave me a confusion look."Excuse me?" he asked with annoyance in his voice."If you're there to make PEACE then why thousand of innocent people die.... Women, Children" I said this time I raised my voice, I was really angry."Everyone knows that Palestine is safe now" he said.By the look on his face he was angry. "Thats what the media wants us to believe, I have one question, if thats ok" I questioned him, he nodded his head and said "Sure go ahead"."Have you ever been in Palestine?" I questioned, he shook his head as no. Silence filled the room, it was death silence, until I decided to break it."Then dont tell me that Palestine is safe or its in peace, We may own the name Palestine but we do not own the land because of your country." I shout out last part,with that I grabbed my bag and my notes and headed towards the exit until I heard him speak again."I will not discuss that with you in here" he said.I shook my head in disbelief and walk out the conference room.Rana Kaya 20 years old, half Turkish and half Palestinian girl who witnessed her mother's death, she was only eight years old when she saw her mother hanged herself before her eyes. Now 12 years past, almost every night she has night mares about her mother suicide,cant forget or forgive her past. One day she meets David Stasi 25 year old lawyer and Israeli representatives nephew. They instantly hate each other, but little do they know they are falling for each other.
Rendom Story [Ytmci] S2 [Slow Update]

Welkom Bek Tu may Story Soo Ini Season 2 nya Awokawok Dah Silahkan dinikmati Maap kalo kadang ada candaan yang mengandung Gas elpiji 🥰🥰 (Karena Author satu ini Gabut) Dari pada kalian jijik Mending Gak usah Baca ya 🥰🥰😁✨✨ takut malah mengganggu kalian yakan~ awokawok tenang Elpijinya sama sekali gak ada yang smut dan romance kayak literally hanya Joke doang anjay gak Ampe gey beneran.-Author Donat Anjay
Ms Ruth's Little Doe (a MDlg story)

It's the 2400s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Zadie becoming vampire Ms Ruth's Little Doe. Zadie is naturally a little who was born into a human family but that family doesn't have any littles so her parents have arranged for her to intern with a vampire caregiver.This story is basically at the same time as Daddy's Pumpkin Princess and is set in the same vampire ran world. This story could be a standalone story though. This is a MDlg / little / age play story, Zadie sometimes behaves like a little girl but they are both adults. Most of my littles are dating their caregivers.There will be minor swearing and talk of smut. I do not write smut scenes. And 100% of the flirting and talking about smut stuff happens while in big headspace. Smut and feeding your vampire caregiver your blood are 100% big headspace activities.#1 in lg September 2023#1 in doe September 2023#1 in pull-ups September 2023#1 in lesbian September 2023#2 in princess September 2023#1 in Mommydom September 2023#1 in MommyDomme September 2023#2 in Domme September 2023#1 in md September 2023#2 in sapphic September 2023#1 in bigirl September 2023
The Queen Below

A retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, a story of fate, the struggle for power, and love found in the most unexpected places. ***** Persephone has been raised in Olympus all her life - her mother absent, her father a cruel king, with her siblings teaching her all they know. She has seen all of what the gods and goddesses do and she is sick of it. When she learns her safety is threatened by staying in Olympus, she flees to the Underworld. There she stays until she learns that her leaving has caused the world to wilt. But leaving behind her newfound friends and Lady of the Underworld is something she will not do willingly, no matter the consequences.[[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]Cover designed by Regina DionelaContent Warning: Mentions of rape and incest
Taken And Diapered

Emily is your classic good girl. Shes 18 years old. Her life seems all planned out but what happens when she is taken and forced into diapers? Will she accept this new life or will she fight for her old life back?DisclaimerDon't read if you don't like diapers, as simple as that!Mentions of: wetting/messing/forced orgasms/bandage/forced into diapers and much more
Grandma's Order

This is a story of naive family who follows the culture and traditions of one person which is the leader and sticks grandma hauwa...And the round fall on her 40 years grandson who live in us/uk with no family. He is an Asthmatic patientHe is quite and talk only one.Everyone respect him. The last time she saw him was not in her memory to remember because of her ageShe doesn't know him in person but heard his nameShe's chubby and simple with too much childish behavior.......✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ Complete 💯
A Maxley fic (I can't title books)😭✊

⚠️Cover art is not mine⚠️It's a Maxley fic because I can't find any😭 It's probably gonna be really cringe. Have fun I guess✊🥲
The Broken Werewolves: The Alpha's Runaway Werewolf (BxB)

For entire life, Leon Adler has already known who his mate is and he goes by the name Ethan Kennedy. For some unknown reason, Leon doesn't understand why he was paired with a guy instead of a girl - as it would be easier to build and start a family. He keeps blaming the Goddess for his unhappiness - and on his 18th birthday, he's bound to make a decision that will change his life forever: reject, or accept his mate.Ethan Kennedy has always known he's special, but he doesn't know why or what made him special. His parents have been killed by rogues when he was still a child, and the gruesome event still replays in his head each time he closes his eyes. On his 18th birthday, he has to make a decision: stay where he feels safe, or runaway to keep his pack safe.Note: This story is updated once or twice a week.

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Did You Ever Think of Me

Grindelwald is losing his touch.Aurelius is dying. Newt knows that there is someone who can help Aurelius, except Grindelwald wants her power too. All original characters and storyline belong to J.K. Rowling. I only own my OC and new plot :)

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INFERNO: Destruction [Completed]

Дэлхий ертөнц урьдын тайван байхаа больжээ. Гэнэтхэн энд тэндгүй хүчтэй газар хөдөлж, олон хот тосгод сүйрч, хүмүүс сая саяаараа үхэж үрэгдэв. Гэвч дан ганц энэ аюул дэлхийд нүүрлээгүй байв. Тун удалгүй дэлхий даяар хүн рүү дайрч, тэднийг тасчиж, өөртэйгөө ижил болон хувиргадаг үхдлүүд тархсан юм. Гэвч эдгээр аймшигт сүйрэл болоод үхдлүүдийн цаана маш том нууц, далд зорилго агуулагдаж байв.Ким Жисү их сургуулийн ангийнхантайгаа зугаалж байхуй эхний сүйрэл нүүрлэж, тэр зугтаж явсаар, нэгэн айлын зооринд орж амь гарах ч, дээрээс нь нуранги дарж, дээш гарч үл чадан олон хоног өнгөрөөнө. Ертөнцөд тэр эргэж ирвэл шууд үхдлүүд таарч, түүнийг болоод хамт байсан гэр бүлийг нь тасчин идэж, хөнөөж орхисноор үйл явдал эхлэх билээ.

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The Iceberg Collision

A painful process put into a painless paper.

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Fathima's Diary

Fathima secretly wrote a diary of her life as a newly married woman with her hopeless romantic husband Amir. Though she wasn't an avid reader or a consistent writer, most of the unsaid love and moments she wanted to remember were all listed in her journal that she swore she would give to Amir when she finishes it. From the novel 'Maybe They Won't'. Only the ones who know the whole story will know the ending - thus I urge you to read it first, so this would make much more sense to you. (Will upload the Amazon Link soon!)

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The Plan to Kill Yashiro?( TBHK) (old)

Tsukasa and some other No. Start a plan to kill yashiro, but some of the No. didn't join their plan, such as Akane, and his fellow 4 O'Clock people, and Shijima, but then... Soon Aoi goes against Yashiro! Read for more descripton! Find more your self!Starting date: 3/2/2020Special Thanks to people on Discord for helping! Originaly was a roleplay! Go see my friends POV! https://www.wattpad.com/845004617-~%E2%99%A5~-the-plan-to-kill-yashiro-~%E2%99%A5~-the-day-beforeDo not Copy this series unless if its your own version : ^ and please give us credit, if you have any questions feel free to ask! ^^UH THIS IS OLD FEEL FREE TO JUDGE IT

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DORM 21 | ENHYPEN OT7 | 엔하이픈

Seven boys thought they'll live peacefully in DORM 21. It was all fun not until they started hearing creepy noises when the time hits 3:00 am. They didn't mind it at first and focused on each other and started to fall in love with their roommates. Just to remind you that this is a boy×boy fan fiction. This story is inspired by @BilliSVT 's story, The Dorm.The ships:Sunoo × Ni-kiJungwon × JayJake × Sunghoon ??? × HeeseungI'm not so sure about the ships yet. It might be Sunghoon × Heeseung and ??? × Jake. I'm a SungSeung shipper and a JakeHoon shipper at the same time so I'm not so sure what to do about that.This story contains some weird chapters. It has scary scenes and romantic scenes. If you feel uncomfortable with the kissing and cuddling parts, just leave. And don't expect that I'll be writing more than a kiss, like they're doing something more coz I will not. I can't do that. Just kisses and cuddles. Just a little warning, there's a lot of kissing scenes.Started writing: August 03 2021Published: August 21 2021Finished writing: October 10 2021Completely published: October 15 2021English is not my first language and I'm not that good at speaking/writing English. You might encounter some grammatical errors ahead. And I just want to remind y'all that this is just a fanfiction. If you're homophobic, please leave immediately. Thank you!

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el perrito de hiroking :3

el perrito de hiroking es el que esta en la fotico :3

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When The Moon Hangs Low [ATEEZ]

A duel lost with an unfamiliar knight brings the third Prince of Aurora's life into shambles.[slow update!]

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MI NOBMBRE ES JASMEAN BROWN , TENGO 17 AÑOS NO SOY LA TIPICA NIÑA FRESA QUE QUIERE UN IPHOME ,PREFIRO UNA PELOTA DE BALONCESTO otras chicas van al centro comercial y yo prefiero quedarme en una cancha a seguir practicando pero sola en esta escuela no tienen equipo de chicas y tampoco me dejan practicar con los chicos pero todo eso va a cambiar va a entrar una nueva entrenadora y le explicare lo injusto que esta pasando .. Ademas soy una chica fria no me eh vuelto a enamorar desde esa vez ......Que pasara se volvera a enamorar jasmean con la llegada de un chico nuevo? Lograra entrar al equipo de baloncesto ? Todo eso descrubrelo mas adelante ESTE LIBRO ES COMPLETAMENTE DE MI IMAGINACION

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