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Syanic Earth 2: Cubic Arc

With the Federation brainwashing America, Shien helps a shy commander lead the players to freedom as Isrina and the UICA search for a secret base to defeat the Federation.🥇1st Place in Sci-Fi of the Book Awards 2023🥈2nd Place in Action/Adventure of the Pizza Awards 2021🥉3rd Place in Action/Adventure of the Jewel Awards 2021🏅Adrenaline Junkie in the Banana Awards 2021
did I get fat?

I was changing earlier and caught my reflection in the mirror for the first time in a while... have I really let myself go? where did all this jiggle come from? I swear I fit these jeans just fine only last week ..
My Mute Husband (Taekook)

You can't even talk and want to marry me!!!'s not Tae's fault that he is mute. ....Is Tae going to have a beautiful life which he want or..end up being hurted..what if V showed up again!!!....
Teaching At An All Boys School

|| Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been hired at St Martin's, an all boys school. The only problem with this is that she has to attempt to teach four boys History - and trust me when I say they are not going to make it easy for her. One nerdy girl.Four perverted boys.One History lesson every Friday. What could possibly go wrong?*=*=*=*Warning: There's gonna be dramaaaaa [Completed]Copyright © by Laylaa Khan
Another chance? (Hunter x Hunter x Male reader)

Hated by his family he was killed but not without a fight but as he dies he wakes up in another world, what will he do will he go in the right path or the wrong path read and find out (not good at descriptions) also this is my first book I'm writing so pls point out stuff I can fix and make it better
ជម្រៅស្នេហ៍បុរសបេះដូងដែក (ចប់)

បែបម៉េចហៅថាស្នេហ៍? មនុស្សឈាមត្រជាក់ដូចយើងមិនយល់ពីវាទេហើយក៏មិនចង់ដឹងមិនចង់ឬ ឈប់និយាយ យើងមិនចង់ស្ដាប់ ហើយឆាប់ចេញពីមុខយើងប្រយ័ត្នយើងបាញ់បំបែកក្បាលឯង ចេញ !! " លោកនឹងដឹងថាអ្វីទៅការឈឺចាប់ "
Suryavanshi Yuvrani To Empress Of Aryavrat

Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Every characters (beside my OCs) belongs to Maharishi Ved Vyas. "RAGHUKUL REET SADA CHALI AAYI, PRAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE""Per tradition of the Raghu clan, even if you have to die you should keep your promise."Ranjeet, Suryavanshi King of Kosala was the descendant of King Ram Chandra himself, had given his words to Maharaj Pandu before he brought the Princess of Kuntibhoj back home, that due to Maharaj Pandu's kindness, and as his token of gratitude, he would give his firstborn daughter to wed Maharaj Pandu's firstborn son. now years later, before completed the Guru Dakshina, the firstborn son of Maharaj Pandu, must go to Ayodhya to bring his supposed to be wife back.and he must aware that she is after all, the Pride of Suryavanshi, the Lotus of Raghu clan and the darling of Ayodhya.***Read the story of Kathiravani, the one who they called Kaushalya, the pride of Kosala, the Aaradhya of Lord Krishna, the Dharma of DharmRaj, the one who unknowingly changed the fate of Kuruvansh, the savior of Kuru Dynasty.The way she challenged the society by being the Crown Princess, the Queen and later the Empress in her own right.
Bones of the Demon King

[COMPLETED]"The search for my queen continues." He's known as the Demon King. He's a serial killer that brutally murders women. Eva Lewis is the reporter that named him...but is she also his next victim? The FBI must race against time to catch the Demon King before he claims his queen. **THIS IS PART OF A TRILOGY**Book 1: Bones of the Demon KingBook 2: The Deadly Disciple Book 3: Blood of the Demoncover art by @devmarksOFFICIALLY PUBLISHED AS AN AUDIOBOOK THROUGH HACHETTE AUDIO & WATTPAD! RELEASE DATE IS 05/30/2017 AND CAN BE FOUND AT WHEREVER AUDIOBOOKS ARE SOLD.*Wattpad version is unedited.

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Never shall we sink

What if, we are meant for each other but we are just in the wrong place and time always?Would it still work?This is just a Fiction, and based on true people's names, but shall not reflect their personality.Not your typical BDL story.NUMBER 1 IN JHOANAMARAGUINOT!!!

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We were gloomy after the death of our parents.All we need is even a bit of slightly light, but things fall apart.When things became dreadful, there's some hint of conceal deeds.The revelation goes with the end of our disastrous life.But how, when and where can i arrive at the conclusion?.I need to know those that are behind the scenes at any cost...And the journey begins...........This story does not just touches the heart, but it'll definitely touches your soul💔!!!⚠️ You're forewarned!!!

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Como Serias En SlendyTubbies 3?

Como Seras Papitu 7w7 okno, disfrutalo

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Random Amazing Things

hope your ready to have your mind blown

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This story is about you and Malleus after you have been taken to Diasomnia unwillingly in Twisted wonderland. you end up going to school and making friends with the students. Also not my picture credits to artist :) and i dont own any of the characters they all belong to Yana Toboso

35.8K 23 821 Full
Inclination; D.M

a person's natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition or propensity.

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We'll meet again...?

Y/n and haruto used to date but haruto has to move to other country because of his dad.They meet again after few years and....

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When I saw her from across the bar with her pretty little face, her big brown eyes, her long black hair and her beautiful, fuck-me body, I just knew that I would never be able to shake her from my damn mind. She turned my life upside down from the day I fucking laid eyes on her.But then, the situation changed. She saw something she shouldn't have seen. Found out who I really was. The truth behind my rugged exterior.But you know the rules of the Corsican Mafia. No witnesses...So I had to take her in. I had to make her my hostage. And I had to make her my wife...Whether she liked it or not.

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comfort | Camilo x FEM.Reader

*°♡°*You always need comfort*°♡°*Y/N ~ (she/her) has been in the village seen she was 11. She's quiet and awkward at times. She needs the other person to start the realationship first. Y/N has an attitude. She loves animals and fashion is her thing.CAMILO ~ Has lived in the Encanto village all his life. He is outgoing and loves to make everyone laugh as much as he can. Has her gift of shapeshifting. Likes fun. Will they be good perfect match? Will they comfort each other enough? Find out and read this book.I am dyslexic so there could be parts in my stories that don't make sense to you or bad spelling and big grammar mistakes. I do go through when I can.•Hope You Enjoy!•

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The Legacy of New Atlantis - The Fountain of Youth

In the 21st century, Earth has been through two World Wars, a blood-soaked history of conflict which has landed us here - in a so-called golden age of peace. But it's a lie. In Europe, a French criminal family possess a knowledge beyond their world, and they plan to use it to exact the most devastating vengeance the world has ever seen. Across the barriers that divide one Universe from another, a planet called New Atlantis wears a facade of peace, but violence brews at it's heart. In the North, a genius geneticist and politician attempts to fulifill the destiny of the ten-year-old child that he once was. In the East, the leader of a mighty clan of assassins falls and a new, more ruthless killer, Morpheus, steps up to take his place. Rather than the prize of New Atlantis, Morpheus has his sights on something greater. Absolute power. Is Morpheus acting of his own accord? Or is he a puppet, dancing to the tune of the real mastermind?

3.1K 20 94