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Yandere Tifa x male reader

Tifa moves to a new town after dealing with some personal issues and on the opening night of her bar she runs into a man named Y/n L/n and soon begins to talk with him due to his frequent visits to her bar and soon begins to fall in love with him, and even though Y/n is already in a committed relationship she will be with him, he doesn't have a choice.

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Multifandom one shots

Imagines and one shots of tv show and movie characters Only gxgI don't own any of the characters in the tv shows and movies I write imagines/one shots

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A Summer's love( a Cloud X Tifa fanfic)

Cloud is spending the summer with his best friend Zack and his wife, Arieth(idk how u spell it) Cloud doesn't have a girlfriend. A girl named Tifa was stopping by to see her bestie until she met Cloud. Will Cloud tell Tifa how he feels about her sooner or later? ( I don't own the characters ppl they belong to their creator!!! So enjoy this FANFIC bc I ship them too much) part 2 will be out soon so enjoy the first part!!

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A changed fate. (Sephiroth X Tifa)

Author's note: NOBODY CAN STOP MEEEEEEEEEEEE HAHA! And it's based off a RP I had with my friend.Lightning, Bartz, Terra, Tifa, Barret and Marlene have been a happy bunch. Yes Cloud haven't been around lately but they still manage. But finally, Cloud Strife comes back. The Cloud Strife! Tifa is ecstatic that she finally gets to see her friend again. But she's not the only one who feels happy.

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Tifa's Heaven (Tifa Lockhart x Male Reader) (Final Fantasy VII Fanfic)

Y/N L/N is a former SOLDIER: 1st Class turned member of the eco-terrorist group, Avalanche; whose sole mission is to protect the Planet and its Mako energy source from the megacorporation, the Shinra Electric Power Company. Y/N and his best friend Cloud Strife broke off from the SOLDIER program after Cloud impaled and seemingly killed Sephiroth, Shinra's top elite soldier who went crazy after knowing his true origins and leveled the village of Nibelheim.With Sephiroth presumed dead, Y/N and Cloud took up the job as mercenaries under Avalanche leader, Barret Wallace. Unlike Cloud, Y/N wants to redeem himself after seeing Shinra's true colors by pledging himself to Avalanche while Cloud just wants his pay.As the battle against Shinra goes on, Y/N catches the eye of Cloud's childhood friend and owner of the Seventh Heaven bar and fellow Avalanche member, Tifa Lockhart.

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(Tifa Lockhart x Reader) The Light Of My life...(COMPLETED)

Tifa Lockhart, a normal girl who lost the man she loved, Cloud Strife, 5 years ago has started working for Avalanche to destroy and ruin Shinra. But when she meets a Turk, (Y/N) (L/N) she starts to questions herself on what makes a person evil and what doesn't...(I don't own ff7 remake characters)(Timeline ain't gonna be the same as the game)(I don't own any of the pictures posted)(My first xmale reader fanfic)

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Truth (Male Reader)

Y/n L/n, a mercenary whose discovered some of his roots and allowed him to use amazing abilities. There seems to be more than meets the eye with him, like he's... hiding something. When he is hired to do a mission, it turns into something bigger than himself. What happens when he meets familiar faces? What happens when he's hunted down? Will he break away from this Avalanche group or stay to finish the mission off?[#1-Aeirth| 6-1-2021][#6-finalfanstay| 8-29-2021]

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my hero academia x reader

"hey freak!" "hey sparky!" when raven the girl who got dealt the hand of he devil in her life over comes her past and moves forward, making friends with the unexpected.

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Cataclysmic (Final Fantasy VII)

Growing up alongside Cloud and Tifa, Lailah Tenebris is a girl whose past is drenched in blood and plagued by death. As a descendant of Gaia, she uses her powers to aid Avalanche in helping the dying planet in hopes it will flourish once again.Cloud Strife x OC**Takes place during FFVII Remake*****No harem, just pure love and support******CROSSPOSTED TO QUOTEV***

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Enrolled. (Fundamental Paper Education x Male Reader

Congrats, you're a teacher in a school now. Which really isn't the friendliest...

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(Cloud Strife x Reader) The Tainted Past...(COMPLETED)

Cloud and the rest of avalanche go on a mission in Sector 8. While there they meet a girl named (Y/N) who saves Clouds life. The group then decide to take her back to base to fix her up.However, even though Cloud has not seen the woman before he can't help but feel like he has...but a very long time ago...But as the woman decided to stay in the avalanche Cloud starts to learn more things about her and how she may be connected to his tainted past...(I do not own the pictures posted on this story)(I do not own Final Fantasy 7 characters or the story)(This story might not be in the same timeline as FF7 game.)

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Love is nothing but a burden

Cloud x Sephiroth I wrote for fun. I'm not sure why I chose them specifically, I don't even ship them. I guess I chose them because they're cool.

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Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream - Book 1: Arrival

A novelization of Final Fantasy VII, based on the original but with elements of the remake added in as well as new content not seen in either to create another version of the classic journey. Cloud and his friends lay down the story in their own words so that others might learn from it and create a better future. See it through their own eyes and experience it like you never have before! Book 1 centers on the portion of the story leading up to the plate collapse and greatly expands upon it.

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↳ ffvii (final fantasy seven) one shots || vol. 1


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Rise of the antifang: Ruby Rose x Male reader! Bounty hunter! Rwby fanfic

(Y/n) is a famous bounty hunter called "The Anti Fang" notorious for striking at crucial parts of the white fangs operation. But when he is offered a place at beacon while in his alter ego, he decides to try to manage the life of a bounty hunter, and a actual hunter. When he travels to beacon however, he meets a certain red and black hair girl that will change him forever....Ruby x Male reader, I do not own RWBY, sorry for the bad intro, but enjoy! Comment and vote!

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bakugo x oc! Reader

when raven kudo, a girl gifted with the quirk of blood manipulation gets shunned by one of her closest friends, and ends up in the same school as him what will they do.

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Multifandom One Shots

One Shots from your favorite shows (she/her pronouns)TVDU, Outer Banks, MCU, Cobra Kai, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things and many more

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~Multifandom Imagines~

I changed the book to a multifandom book instead...sorryWriting has greatly improved from when I started this. Feel free to request I can do most peopleI write mostly on tumblr and transfer them over to here, but tumblr will always see it first.

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Final Fantasy VII - New Dawn (Cloti)

In the quiet town of Nibelheim, a chance encounter at a park brings together two childhood acquaintances, Cloud and Tifa. Cloud, the introverted and shy soul, is captivated by the mysterious beauty of Tifa, who has a warmth and confidence that draws him out of his shell. As they reconnect and reminisce about their past, a deep connection forms between them. Cloud discovers that Tifa's beauty is not only skin-deep but also in her kindness, confidence, and the way she makes him feel valued. This chance meeting blossoms into a friendship that promises to change both their lives in unexpected ways, as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and mutual growth.

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Yuri Multifandom

this book is filled with female character x female reader only.

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The Prince, the Thief & the Artifact

Summer is a thief with morals and an outcast in her town. She finds a pendant floating in the creek one evening and pawns it off for money to help her only friend. Little did she know, that pendant would make her a wanted criminal and put her in the crosshairs of the mysterious outsiders who recently arrived to town.Leon's search for a stolen artifact lands him in a small southern town of the kingdom. He finds the artifact and a thief with violet eyes who denies stealing it. They embark on a journey to the capital to clear Summer's name and find out the real culprit behind the heist. Faced with trouble along the way, Leon and Summer's relationship develops as the two learn to trust each other. Six of Crows meets Lord of the Rings in a riveting tale of magic, love and self-discovery.

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 ❊Multifandom Imagines❊

Published: 02.09.2019Finished: 20.04.2021 To everyone that read and still reads my book, thank you.Thank you for getting this book where it is now it means the world to me. Thank you for the great memories and times I had while writing this book.

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Before Nibelhiem

Nibelhiem was a small, quiet, peaceful town, but like all beautiful things on Gaia it couldn't last under the rule of Shinra. When a young Cloud and Tifa stumble onto a top secret Shinra operation their lives are forever altered, ultimately throwing them into the events of Final Fantasy VII, where they will shape the fate of the world.

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Multifandom Roleplay Book

All the fandoms I'd like to roleplay!

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Being Mrs Dantata

Book two in the Dantata Series: a sequel to Architect and Mrs Dantata.Hanan Sufyan is a foreign trained graduate posted to Abuja for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). On the day she's discharged from the orientation camp in Kubwa, she visits the well-known restaurant: Athena. She has no idea the "friends" she's to meet are not going to show up. She also has no idea she would cross paths with Zayd Sa'ed Dantata and, eventually, his wife; Amal Muhammad-Dantata.That unplanned - yet beautiful - meeting sets the ball rolling for the series of events that tangle them in more ways than one until they find themselves at crossroads where all the drawn lines have been blurred and the only way forward is together, not apart...[P.S: Not all love stories are fluffy from start to finish. This is one of them]

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Multifandom one shots

So this will be a multifandom book or won't be just fkbu or just haikyuu just bc I chose those pics for the cover. There won't be crossovers, except if requested.There won't be any character x reader one shots. All the chapters will be character x character! So yeah, that's it I hope you enjoy my writing!🍭: Fkbu (fugou keiji balance unlimited)☁️: Knb (kuroko no basket/basuke)🎶: Given🍓: Bleach ✨: Haikyuu ❄️: Yuri on ice 🔈: Koe no katachi 🔥: Requests (comment or dm me)

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