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Room Mates (NaLu)

Lucy is 19 years old.After living with her peculiar Aunt and Uncle for a year, her time comes to pursue University. Living with the schools hottest and most popular boy is hard... Can Lucy resist?~"Hi I'm Lucy" I said giving him a wave. "Natsu. Natsu Dragneel" he replied.--PART OF A TWO BOOK SERIES THIS IS BOOK ONE β™‘(Began February 2016-2017)*looks around suspiciously*Ahem, no... I definitley don't name my chapter names from song titles... what are you talking about? !- THIS STORY NEEDS TO GO UNDER MAJOR EDITING ONCE COMPLETED. !- THERE MAY BE ERRORS BUT THEY WILL BE FIXED :)RANKINGS:NaLu- #19FairyTailShips- #2NatsuAndLucy- #3

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Pranks With Sorcerer Weekly

(If you're not reading this on Wattpad, you're reading an illegal copyright version of it)It's that time of year again, but we aren't talking about Valentine's Day or Christmas. Nope, it's April fools day and Fairy Tail's resident matchmaker has a special plan in place for the day of pranks. What kind of tricks does she have up her sleeve and will she be able to finally make her ships sail? Read to find out!Also if you notice any typos let me know so I can fix it. Please and thank you :) I don't own the characters, or Fairy Tail But I made the cover this time XD

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This book is about nidal and salish aka as nailsh. Will they be a couple in the the future or will they still be friends.Sched: whenever I want to

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WILSHIRE: Tyler, The Creator

Boy meets girl. Based on the song Wilshire by Tyler, The Creator.

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To the Stars

*COMPLETED* Loke and Lucy have always been friends, but were they written in the stars? Lucy may be growing feelings for her loyal spirit and best friend, but she may be too scared of her own heart to let them show.

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Fairy Tail One-Shots

Fairy Tail one-shots for as many ships as wanted! {REQUESTS CLOSED}

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Fairy Tail One-Shots

Stories of your favorite Fairy Tail couples. It's 2024 and Nalu's still not canonπŸ˜ƒNalu (Natsu x Lucy)Gajevy/Gale (Gajeel x Levy)Gruvia (Gray x Juvia)Jerza (Jellal x Erza)Update Schedule:

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The Girls And The Boys

Your not gonna believe it my favorite ship story yaaaaaay!

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Fairy tail Ships Comics

Highest Rank #44 in Fanfiction 10/29/16This is for all the fairy tail fans out there😊GaLe, Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia Comic strips/fan art Funny, Romantic, Sad Please enjoy!!DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE FAN ART FEATURED IN THIS BOOK. I DID NOT CREATE ANY OF IT . I FOUND ALL OF THE ART ON PINTEREST AND DEVIANART. HIRO MASHIMA OWNS FAIRY TAIL. I wish I could give credit to every artist for each individual art piece featured in this book but I have neither the time nor the patience to find that information, sorry.

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Tournament of Elements

A small au regarding the tournament of elements arc.In Which Kai loses a family and finds another.

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Zexal Book: Vector likes Yuma but hates his other shipp's

A little adventure for Vector that could be a little...jealouse of a certain Persons :3Disclaimer: the charackter's and the show is not mine. Just the story line is mine.

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Why We Can't be Friends [Jotakak]

"You're like a child" he smirked."What is that supposed to mean?" I asked saddening a little."It's just, your mood changes at the flip of a coin" he said."Is that a bad thing" I asked my voice cracking a little to give away my sorrow."I don't think so" he said.

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Hello Guys, I am writing this new story, it is not the story of SAIRAT, it is the story of NEILSHA, so here is the story of their life.Here I will also make some with my own imagination and it will not be any real life criticism just for the sake of entartainment which will be here for all entartainment.So please don't take it badly.I hope you all like it.... ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

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Jealous.  (Gruvia)

He truly did adore her, it was just hard for him to profess. He was never good with his way of words, and they all knew it.It was rigid of him to divulge, and he never will. Gray Fullbuster may just be the biggest bastard when jealousy reeked in the air.But, there are always bad consequences leading to his absurd mood- and there are always good ones. ( #3 - gruvia. :'' 05/24/10)-(04.30.20) + (un-edited)

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rollercoaster. [gruvia] 🎒

[COMPLETED] "Falling in Love is a long, emotional rollercoaster. But if it means I'll be with you in the end, then I'll gladly ride on it forever." // Gruvia Short Story // Rankings: #1 in gray-sama #51 in grayxjuvia

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A Stupid Hot Head-Natsu Dragneel fanfiction

Lucy Heartfillia is the type of girl that people don't notice. She likes it that way. She had her friends and didn't get unwanted attention. But one day when the playboy jock, Natsu Dragneel, makes a bet with her. She doesn't pay much attention to it but Natsu makes sure she does. He starts to hang around her like crazy. What happens when Lucy finds out Natsu might not be all bad?

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I'll Be Good, I Will (Brahms Heelshire Γ— Reader)

(Y/N) has been on the move, running away from the mistakes that they have caused in their past. Eventually, they come across a Manner that seems abandoned. Overgrown plants, dusty windows, it would be a great place to hide out for a minute. Of course, not unless they earn their keep first. After the first day, they had found a porcelain doll sitting not too far away from where they slept, sitting on a meticulously designed chair, with a note in their lap.(Cover art is by Domomodraws on Tumblr. If you are Donomodraws and you wish for me to remove this drawing, let me know and I'll be glad to do so.)

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Agent 007 (A Steve Rogers x Reader Fic)

Currently being edited/rewritten. (Chapters with written numbers {e.g. One} have been edited, actual numbers are TBC.)"I have this feeling in my heart-" Steve started.YN's chuckle interrupted him, as she nodded her head, "And you feel like it might beat right out of your chest?" She asked, using her own hands to grab onto the ones still framing her face. "I have the same feeling," she whispered. (Content Warning: Details surrounding SA are discussed in this story. Not explicitly, but it is referred to.)#1 in #blackwidow Nov 2021 #1 in #captainamericaxreader Nov 2021#47 in #readerinsert Nov 2021

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A Fairy Tail Christmas Mira-cle

The master gave Mira permission to plan a vacation for ten people. She takes this as the perfect opportunity to get her ships together. Will the she devil suceed? This includes NaLu (Natsu x Lucy), Rowen (Romeo x Wendy), Gruvia (Gray x Juvia), Jerza (Jellal x Erza), and surprise! Miraxus (Mira x Laxus).

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Tmnt x mlp eg love story

Ok so it's about the humane 7 with the turtles and they meet April and the turtles also I couldn't have a pic

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Who Is The One For Lucy

I want to make a fan-fiction about... Fairy Tail (don't own it, but love it)Because why not.A fight for Lucy, let us see who she ends up with.Let the best man win.But who knows. Hope you enjoy + first time making one.And also doing a Stinglu story: Me and Sting?! -Lucy

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Fairy Tail texts...

Dont hurt yourself reading thisProbably best you dont risk it

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β™₯ Agar Tum Saath Ho β™₯ ~Sairat ❀ {COMPLETED}

Sai falls from stairs.......... but after months she founds she is pregnant!How ???Peep to know ❀Rank #1 on #ghumhaikisikepyaarmeiin on 1 august 22 #2 on #neilsha on 1 august 22

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ππ„π€π”π“πˆπ…π”π‹ π’πŽπ”π‹  (RE-WRITING)

↳ πŽππ€ππ€πˆ 𝐗 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐑❝ π™π™šπ™§ 𝙨𝙀π™ͺ𝙑 π™žπ™¨ π™—π™šπ™–π™ͺπ™©π™žπ™›π™ͺπ™‘βžβž€ 𝐈𝐧 𝐰𝐑𝐒𝐜𝐑, Y/N Kokoro the daughter of the soul hashira, Sumi Kokoro. Y/N is actually the tsuguko of her father. After Sumi battles upper moon one, He fails and passes on during battle. Y/N decided she needed to step her game up and avenge her father. She took his earrings and took his personality.Unknowingly to her, A certain Hashira has been admiring her from afar.

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King of Hearts (A Steve Rogers x Reader Fic)

Sam Wilson and YN King grew up together, served in the air force together, lost friends and family together. YN swears she'd do anything for Sam, and that's mostly true. However, when Sam meets Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, how far will Sam push YN's friendship? And will YN be able to fight off her growing feelings for the blue eyed super soldier?#1 in #captainamericaxreader Nov 2021

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