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Vampires Rule // Colby Brock

~~ Unrealistic fanfiction ~~At the age of 21, Lydia Drake has a lot going for her. Moving to LA to be with her best friend, Tara, she had a job lined up, some cash, and a nice apartment in a fairly good neighbourhood. What she doesn't have, however, is anyone but her best friend. She's completely alone and, being the good friend Tara is, she introduces her to a mountain of trouble. Lydia finds someone who can be her rock amidst the madness, as long as she can be his. And along the way, she discovers something about herself that she never knew. If only she had the time to explore it before a tragic accident cascades upon them all.

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Music In Twisted Wonderland

Twisted Wonderland catching Yuu singing Songs(Basically a bunch of oneshots) ○SONGS NOT MINE NOR IS THE GAME○

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A Dance With My Enemy | Jeverus

James needs to find a date to a Wizards ball and decides to ask his former arch nemesis Severus. ( basically severus punches a lot of ppl, they have a lot of sexual tension and its two idiots in love)Ships:- severus x james- lily x marlene- remus x sirius( completed ✅ )

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How can I resist you? • Remus Lupin

Faith Pearson is a muggle born witch. At the age of eleven she received a letter that changed her life. She received a letter that inform her she was a witch and had been accepted to Hogwarts school. She left the muggle world and dived into the wizarding world. She was sorted into Hufflepuff and there she experienced the best years of her life. When she graduated at Hogwarts she made an important decision she would work amongst muggles and study with wizards. And so she did, she studied Astronomy in the wizarding world and became a great astronomer, some would even say one of the bests, and she did musical theatre in the muggle world. She loved doing musicals and writing astronomy books but her life changed one Dumbledore asked her to teach at Hogwarts. When in Hogwarts she meets a professor that will make her feel what she hasn't in years.Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings of Harry Potter at all and I am only creating this story for entertainment purposes.

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Kitty's Keeper/No Clean Blades

When the band steps out again, John volunteers to watch George's acolyte.And when the band steps out a third time, Paul volunteers to watch George's acolyte.WARNING: language, fantasy violence, gore, occult themes & imagery#2 in throughthelookingglass (As of 11/4/23)Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles, their songs, their covers, or the solo work of its members. Nor do I think of them as sinisterly as they are depicted here.

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Souls | Severus Snape

"Would it be better if I didn't exist?" "Yes." Your soul was intertwined with his, but his heart belongs to another. [severus snape x reader]#1 harrypotterimagines#1 hpimagines#1 severussnapexreader#1 souls#8 snape

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How will you act if you suddenly found yourself as a baby, and not just any baby .A potter ? Well as confusing and amusing that may be , this is what happened to me. Hi !! My name is Camelia Cerelia Potter , and I'm the baby who wasn't supposed to exist

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Smoker (Mattheo Riddle fic)

Evelyn Diggory has been outcast by her family, finding comfort in her Slytherin Classmates. Never finding anyone intriguing, she keeps herself at distance from a relationship. But 6th year is where it all changes, especially after a new boy Mattheo moves into the school.Slytherin meets Slytherin, instant attraction, slow(ish)burnSome chapters are quite short and some are quite long, because I merged them together.

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The boggart love story

What happens when Remus is tired of the Marauders and leaves them?. He bonds with certain Slytherins that evoke some nasty feelings( 'cough' jealousy) in the Griffindors especially Padfoot. Would James' rotten tomato of a brain understand his true feelings to wards a particular Slytherin.

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Hinata's Harem

Hinata was perfect with no flaws. He could cook, was smart to a genius level and had a ton of musical talent. His heartwarming smile could get anyone to fall to their knees. When they have another training camp will the new teams fall for him as well or will they avoid his heart beams ? no angst all fluff. :) it will always be completed but i still update

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See In Him

Formerly named The Beauty And The BearKennith doesn't like people. He's lonely, sure, but his books and music have always been much kinder to him. If his parents were to ever welcome anyone new into his house, he may just lose his mind... Unbeknownst to him until the day of their arrival, his parents hire an in-home assistant, someone to do chores, make noise, and send Kennith's already fragile world imploding. He hates the bubbly newcomer named Jesse with a passion, and he isn't prepared to allow his emotional iron walls down for some annoying ray of sunshine. But Jesse has his own struggles, despite his incredibly optimistic personality, and isn't as different from Kennith as first imagined. All Jesse has to do is find a way to show him. (This is kinda a sequel to Angel, although both books can be read independently. )

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The Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into- Squip x Reader (Be More Chill)

****READER IS BI/PAN****(Y/N) (L/N) is best friends with Michael and Jeremy. However, she is feeling sick of being at the bottom of the social status ladder. So when popular guy Rich offers her a "Squip" to boost her reputation in the school, how could she say no?Fandom: Be More Chill (musical)Title: Song from the musical

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More // A Remus Lupin Story

She's hated by every house but her own. She's a Slytherin that embodies the house, yet nobody thinks she belongs. She defies social constructs quietly, and they hate her for it. The marauders never cared about who she was; they saw her as a girl that they had to torment. Because that's who she was, and that's who they were. But there's more to Ashlynn Elmer than meets the eye. Remus Lupin knows that. Ashlynn knows that. The only issue?Two groups of friends that get in the way. As Sirius Black would put it, "It's kind of like that Romeo and Juliet story. But different."

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Bad Romance; Theodore Nott

Theodore Nott has never had a thing for love and flowers, especially when it came down to particular girls his friends disliked. But when a hopeless romantic discovers to be more amusing than she seems, he can't help but enjoy having her around. But when Mattheo Riddle begins to crave a bad romance with her, he can't help but intervene himself to go after her himself. Even if he's bad at romance.

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Marauders x Readers (Request closed)

The title says it all. Well not really. It's mostly about Remus or Sirius since I ship Jily and I hate Peter. But if you want me to do a James or Peter you'll have to request one.

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Come Together

Maybe a happy ending is too much to wish for, especially when it includes a pessimistic, snarky Slytherin, professor named Severus Snape, and a tenacious, sarcastic Hufflepuff, student named Rosaline Knight. But, when time is forgiving, and allows for mistakes, opportunities, and second chances, what's the harm in trying to come together?(A lot of music, puns, and slow burn. You've been warned.)

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Snape's Sister, His Love

[Sequel is "The Black Epidemic"]---Kathrin Alicia Snape, younger sister to Severus Snape, best friend to Narcissa Black, sisterly figure to Lucius Malfoy, and sixth year Slytherin prefect. Perfect life at Hogwarts, right? Wrong. Very, totally, utterly wrong. Kathrin is dating the Gryffindor Quiddich Seeker and bad boy James Potter. What's worse than that? Her brother has no idea she's dating his worst enemy.

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Fading Shadows

The marauders learn of Severus' abusive home. Remus decides a change is in order and decides to befriend Severus.Read to see how this will affect the wheels of fate and if there will finally be happiness in Severus' life or will he continue being miserable. DISCLAIMER: This is only written for entertainment and all characters belong to JK Rowling.Also cover is not mine. Whoever drew the original piece, it is amazing. Also thank you Daredevil_001 for editing it.

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Drarry one shots

Just a bunch of one shots about drarry post a couple times a week with fluffy oneshots !¡ I do not own any of these characters¡!Get most of my ideas from requests, prompts from Instagram or just make them up but will give credit if I post a story idea from you😊⚠️there will be swearing⚠️This is literally shitposts sooo read at ur own risk 😂💀

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A brotherly love

Hermione granger or known as Hermione Malfoy. She is the younger sister of Draco Malfoy, who recently found out he had a sister. Hermione was accidentally cursed by Harry Potter who placed a spell on her and only her brother can undo the curse. Hermione doesn't know her brother, least until Draco saves her. Hermione becomes an artic fox and her senses are telling her to go to someone. She goes to Draco. Draco was dumbfounded on what to do so he takes care of her until his mother tells him the truth. Will Draco accept his sister? Even if she was a mudblood but now a pure blood. Or will he continue to hate her?Read to find out!Also JK Rowling owns the characters, plot belongs to me.

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Is It Over Now?

After Sirius's prank in their fifth year, Remus doesn't so easily forgive the eldest Black brother and pulls away. In a bout of self destructiveness, he goes right to a younger Slytherin, finding an unlikely friendship along the way.They say that in Slytherin House you'll find your true friends, but a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor couldn't hurt too, right?--OrHow different could things have been had Remus gone to the younger Black brother and made him and others have a change of heart much sooner than before?

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The Marauders and the Year it All Began

Book One in the Marauders SeriesThe year is 1971, a new group of students are starting at Hogwarts. Among these children are James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape. Within this group, some will make friendships, even in the first week, that will last a lifetime. For others, however, friendship doesn't seem possible. Their first year will start the foundation for the next seven years of their lives. -Please Read The Introduction-

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CHANGE OF HEART. → wolfstar

in high school, sirius black and remus lupin are rivals and enemies. when they meet again seven years later, they start to notice things about each other they never stopped to think about before. basically rivals turned lovers.

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Before I Began To Grow

BBC Sherlock. Johnlock. AU of what happens when Sherlock returns.Seven years since Sherlock and John have spoken properly. Sherlock's angry and hurt, John is oblivious and obnoxious, yet with a series of events, Sherlock and John end up in Baker Street together. Temperatures run high. Fights break out. Will they ever be able to restore what they once had?

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𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐃 ᵍⁱˡᵇᵉʳᵗ ᵇˡʸᵗʰᵉ

"I was enchanted to meet you."She finds him insufferable, he enjoys winding her up. She's quick-tempered, he's calm. She's impulsive, he's cautious. He smiles, she glares back. She was freefall, he caught her before she hit the ground. Opposites attract, they also drive each other insane. "You'd be surprised with how much we have in common, though we are completely different."(gilbert blythe x femoc) (s1-3)(All credits go to the people who made Anne With An E happen, I only own my OC and her storyline.)--#1 in #awae : 26/03/2024#1 in #lucasjadezumann : 5/06/2024#1 in #annewithanefanfiction : 27/11/2023#1 in #anneshirlycuthbert : 27/11/2023#1 in #annewithanefanfic : 30/11/2023#1 in #anneshirly : 01/01/2024#1 in #amybethmcnulty : 10/02/2024#1 in #gilbertblythexoc : 02/03/2024

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