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๐”๐ง๐ข๐ช๐ฎ๐ž ๐‚๐ฅ๐จ๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ /๐’๐–๐…๐Ÿ/ ๐๐š๐๐š ๐‹๐ž๐ž.

๐–๐ก๐ž๐ง ๐๐š๐๐š ๐‹๐ž๐ž ๐Ÿ๐š๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ฌ ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐š ๐”๐ง๐ข๐ช๐ฎ๐ž ๐ ๐ข๐ซ๐ฅ ๐ง๐š๐ฆ๐ž ๐”๐ง๐ข๐ช๐ฎ๐ž ๐‚๐ฅ๐จ๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ

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โœจ ๐ŸŽ€ ๐’ฎ๐’ฒ๐น๐Ÿค ๐’พ๐“‚๐’ถ๐‘”๐’พ๐“ƒ๐‘’๐“ˆ ๐ŸŽ€ โœจ || SWF2 imagines

โœ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ'๐ ๐๐จ ๐ญ๐ก๐š๐ญ ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐ฆ๐ž?โœโœ๐ข'๐ ๐๐š๐ง๐œ๐ž ๐ญ๐จ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ฆ๐จ๐จ๐ง ๐š๐ง๐ ๐›๐š๐œ๐ค.โœโฃ ๐’๐–๐…๐Ÿ ๐ข๐ฆ๐š๐ ๐ข๐ง๐ž๐ฌ

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We meet again?! - Bada Lee

she thought they will never see each other but life had other plans

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Won Yun-Hee has always looked up to Bada Lee, physically and metaphorically. It all started with a smirk, that stupid smirk of hers.

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You're looking for a Girlfriend? | Bada Lee

Te quiero para mí. Y yo te quiero a ti. Bada Lee, la quería y haría lo imposible por ella. Hazel Fukui, solo tenía ojos para ella.

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 ๐“œ๐“ฎ๐“ต๐“ฝ ๐“˜๐“ท๐“ฝ๐“ธ ๐“จ๐“ธ๐“พ โ€ข ๐๐š๐๐š ๐‹๐ž๐ž

โ๐ข๐ญ๐ฌ ๐ฐ๐ก๐ž๐ง ๐ข ๐ฆ๐ž๐ฅ๐ญ ๐ข๐ง๐ญ๐จ ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎโžใ€ŽA SWF2 story in which two members of the same crew seem to have feelings for each otherใ€โ‹† หš๏ฝกโ‹†เญจโ™กเญงโ‹† หš๏ฝกโ‹†๐˜ฝ๐™–๐™™๐™– ๐™‡๐™š๐™š ๐™ญ ๐™Š๐˜พ ๐™๐™š๐™–๐™™๐™š๐™ง ๐—ก๐—ผ๐˜„ ๐—ฝ๐—น๐—ฎ๐˜†๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด: "(๐™ข๐™š๐™ก๐™ฉ - ๐™†๐™š๐™๐™ก๐™–๐™ฃ๐™ž )" 00:59 โ”โ”โ—โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€ 03:31 ใ…คใ…คโ—ใ…ค โšโš ใ…คโ–ท ใ…คใ…ค๐™Ž๐™ฉ๐™–๐™ง๐™ฉ๐™š๐™™: ๐™‰๐™ค๐™ซ๐™š๐™ข๐™—๐™š๐™ง 25, 2023๐™€๐™ฃ๐™™๐™š๐™™: ----@chiki__

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Bada x Redy Oneshots

A series of oneshots between Bada Lee and Redy Shin {REQUESTS; OPEN}

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๐‚๐จ๐ง๐ฌ๐œ๐ข๐จ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ง๐ž๐ฌ๐ฌ ๐๐š๐๐š ๐‹๐ž๐ž +21

Krause Y/n gets selected to deal with one of the worse psychiatric cases of Seoul, one of the most crazy and dangerous woman tries to change her life and plans, would she be able to change her?

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Unstoppable Love | Bada Lee

Who said love was easy ? It isn't easy, but it gets simpler when it's with you. I'm not giving up because I have you. I'm not going to let anything or anyone stop us. So trust me ?STARTED : 31.01.2024

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Into you | Bada Lee

Bada x OcTwo life crossed, one engrossed with dancing while the other one is engrossed with law stuff and a hubby of singing.Ano kaya ang mangyayari kung ang dalawang dalaga ay nag tagpo ng mata? Di ba talaga sila magkakakilala? O may lihim na itinatago galing sa nakaraan?"I want the world to know that you're mine, love."This is pure fiction and the story will be in TaglishI am new in writing such story so please be patient with me:)Singer X Dancer

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Si Maya, isang babaeng maraming pangarap sa buhay. Nag ibang bansa para maka tulong sa pamilya at maka pag ipon para sa pansariling pangangailangan. Isa din syang WOLPERS fan nang WOLF FLO dance crew. One of her dreams is makita sa personal ang kanyang ini idolo sa mundo nang pagsasayaw. Si Jo Kayoung o mas kilala natin sa pangalang CHOCOL. Isang URBAN dancer. Nag tuturo din at maraming istudyante. Kasama sa isang sikat na dance crew na ang pangalan ay WOLF FLO. Mag tagpo kaya ang kanilang landas? Paano? Saan? At ano kaya ang posibleng mangyari kapag ang isang tagahanga at hinahangaan ay nag tagpo. ABANGAN :D*******************PS: DELULU WELL :DPPS: taglish lang po ang mababasa ninyong language at ako'y hindi pa nag hi papaka dalubhasa sa salitang HANGUEL. Soon.Ang storyang ito ay pawang kathang isip lamang base sa pagiging DELULU nang inyong Author. Ako ay humihingi nang pasensya sa inyong mga ma babasang typo errors at iba pa. Karamihan sa atin ngayon ay alam ang STREET WOMEN FIGHTER TWO o mas kilala sa SWF2. So gets na love storya to pero GXG muna tayo :b.(SWF2 FANFIC STORY) - JO GAYOUNG (CHOCOL)

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๐‹๐Ž๐•๐„ ๐Œ๐€๐™๐„ | ๐๐€๐ƒ๐€ ๐‹๐„๐„

โ ๐ฅ๐ž๐ญ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž๐ฆ ๐›๐ž ๐ญ๐ก๐ž๐ฆ๐ฅ๐ž๐ญ ๐ฎ๐ฌ ๐›๐ž ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ฅ๐จ๐ฏ๐ž ๐ข๐ฌ ๐š ๐ฆ๐š๐ณ๐ž ๐๐š๐ฆ๐ง๐›๐ฎ๐ญ ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ ๐ข๐ฌ ๐š๐ฆ๐š๐ณ๐ž ๐ฒ๐ž๐š๐ก โžเผ‰โ€งโ‚Šหš. ๐๐š๐๐š ๐‹๐ž๐ž๐’๐ญ๐ซ๐ž๐ž๐ญ ๐–๐จ๐ฆ๐š๐ง ๐…๐ข๐ ๐ก๐ญ๐ž๐ซ ๐’๐ž๐š๐ฌ๐จ๐ง ๐Ÿ

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The Butterfly & The Sea (Bada Lee x Oc)

Nabi always knew that she was attracted to girls, it was nothing new to her. However she never thought she would fall deeply in love with a girl in such a short amount of time. The only thing she wonders is if the women she loves feels the same way about her or is she just this way with all of her friends?Read to see the story of Nabi and Bada<3

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๐™„ ๐™†๐™‰๐™Š๐™’ ๐™”๐™Š๐™|| Bada lee

A bada lee story

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My conyo girl

" Hey I'm sorry but what's kuwarenta is it fifty or ..?"" sigh* it's forty pesos hindi ba tinuro ng teacher nyo yan "..........................................................Bada lee au

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โ™ค DARK ACE โ™ค

Just me and my oc in a Street Woman Fighter Fanfic ;>

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Rhythmic Reverie || SWF2

RYTHYMIC REVERIE.A renowned model and dancer, mentored by the legendary King of Pop and craving a fresh and exhilarating experience, enthusiastically embraced an invitation from MNET to participate in a competition hosted in South Korea.{A BADA LEE STORY}{pretty_animator)Started: 7/11/23Ended: ?

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Underground Shadows

a legendary dancer, Chocol, meets a newcomer with determination to prove herself.

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Baby Zhang ||| GIRLS PLANET 999

C Group's, Maknae has everything she needs in life with her family, and that even sort of includes her career. But she doesn't like how her company treats her, so she left and then she goes on Girls Planet 999.Already knowing one of the girls she faces everything head on.

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Twisted Fantasy | | Bada Lee

ษชแด›'๊œฑ แดส™แด ษชแดแดœ๊œฑ สแดแดœ'ส€แด‡ แดแด‡แด€ษดแด› ๊œฐแดส€ แดแด‡ แด‡แด แด‡ส€ส แด˜ษชแด‡แด„แด‡ แด๊œฐ สแดแดœ ษชแด› แดŠแดœ๊œฑแด› ๊œฐษชแด›๊œฑ แด˜แด‡ส€๊œฐแด‡แด„แด›สŸสส™แด€แด…แด€ สŸแด‡แด‡ x แดแด„

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๐”น๐•’๐••๐•’ ๐•ƒ๐•–๐•– ๐•€๐•ž๐•’๐•˜๐•š๐•Ÿ๐•–๐•ค

Just writing what my delulu brain imagine during the night.

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Fall In Luv

°•° in where a group of great dancers and choreographers come to the tv show Street Woman Fighter 2, the group Angel's surprised the entire cast with their group synchronization,strength and humorous ways°•°__ what happens when their maknae gets caught up with one of the crews leaders who happens to be her long time crush will they pull through and become a couple or would certain feelings change along the way__

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Hear the Dance

What if Bada Lee has to teach a deaf girl how to dance?Bada Lee is contracted for private lessons one day and took it without any much thought. When she asked why the lessons has to be private the man says "Your student is deaf." Bada took it as a personal challenge to teach someone who can't hear anything to dance as a way to develop herself. But upon meeting Mauve, her bright smiles but dedicated radiance to dance despite her disability and now Bada realizes she's developing more than her dancing skills.

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๐‹๐š๐œ๐ฒ โœง ๐๐š๐๐š ๐‹๐ž๐ž

โœง lacy โœง~ I despise my jealous eyes and how hard they fell for youYeah, I despise my rotten mind and how much it worships you ~โœง Bada Lee • Fem!Oc โœงโœง IRL • Social Media โœง

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Makita ko lang siyang masaya kahit sa malayo ay masaya na rin ako. Hindi man ako ang dahilan ay tanggap ko. Hahanapin ko na lang ang para sa akin kung hindi pa rin pwede ay ipipilit ko. I will capture that so called love of yours just to be mine.(SWF2 FANFIC STORY) - HAECHI WANG

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