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The World We Lost

In the end, Sadik Adnan doesn't believe in happily ever afters.

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Hetalia Oneshots

Every country has a personification. This personification is someone who lives for many years, fighting, creating allies and enemies. In this book, these personifications will learn to love, to cry, and to cherish those people who have made their lives worthwhile.{Cover done by me}{All pictures are from Google Images. Credit to artist}{Hetalia and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya}{!!No reposting, please!!}Highest Rankings:#1 in AphGreece, AphBelgium, AphJapan, and AphPoland#2 in AphFrance, AphItaly, AphGermany, AphRomano, AphSpain, and AphChina#3 in AphPrussia and AphRussia#4 in APH and AphAmerica#5 in AphEngland

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Diary Readings

Wrote this when I was 12 ๐Ÿ’”

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The Art prodigy (Gerita)

Feliciano Vargas is a high school senior who has a childish humor that he'd like to not show to people. Being serious was his duty if he wanted to make his grandfather proud through his art. When he meets a very serious character who he can see right through, he wants to make sure that this new student is able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the world around him. However, things take a turn as feliciano realizes that there was more to life than making his grandfather proud.*edits made*

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The Last Three Days

Prussia has three days before the Allies officially dissolve him. Three days to live; three days to say goodbye to his brother; three days to mend their broken relationship. ----------non-yaoi aphPrussia and aphGermany

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When the Light Begins to Shine Bright

Sequel to 'When the Silence comes to Light' Gary gave the Ancients four days. Four days to spend with their kids and friends. Four days to have fun. Four days to have a party. Four days to just be with their family. So how will they spend it? By sharing memories, spending time with family, and having an awsome party of course!!

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Once Bullied, Now Loved

(Greece x Turkey high school au)Heracles knows it's stupid to like his bully, but what if his feelings were returned? (I'M SORRY I SUCK AT SUMMARIES!!! THE STORY'S GOOD, I PROMISE!!! I don't own Hetalia. If I did, it would have less to do with history and more to do with ships...)

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I Just Need Some Time Alone (Rewrite) (completed)

the rewritten version of 'I Just Need Some Time Alone.' Alfred was tired he couldn't handel it anymore. He wanted to be their hero but he couldn't even be his own. He just needed some time alone.#1 in gilbird march 23 2021#69 in Hetalia may 29 2021#1 in aphsweden February 24 2022

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๐˜ฐ๐˜ญ๐˜ฅ๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ | greys anatomy (editing)

"i'll do anything when it comes to my family." "and this hospital. "these people."they are my family."follow the ups and downs of Malia Grey. oldest of the Grey sisters.All rights to Shonda and Krista for making a show like Grey's Anatomy, I and half of the world appreciates it :)#1 in Meredith Grey#1 in vote4vote#1 in vote#1 in Alex Karev#1 in Derek Shepherd

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Hetalia one-shots

Hello everybody !!!I hope you're all having a wonderful day. ใ€Šโ˜†•โ˜†ใ€‹Here are some hetalia one-shots, scenarios or drabbels because why not. I also do request, if you have one just tell me !But know I only write for fun or if I've time but I always try to.I hope you all enjoy ! ใ€ŠUwUใ€‹Disclaimer:I do not own Hetalia nor do I own the art I use in the stories.

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How These Floorboards Creak

this is a concept I really like but I've never seen it done right so I decided to take matters into my own handsAmerica is ordered to take a week to invite over a few of his fellow nations in order for them to get along better. He takes them to his old house of which only Lithuania has been in. The only issue is that the other don't know the extent of America. It's either the easy way or the hard way depending on if they can follow five simple rules.1. Take your shoes off when you go inside. 2. No fighting.3. Don't go in the attic.4. Don't go in the basement. 5. Ask if you need help with something. Just watch and learn.

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In a world where when you turn 18 you stop aging until you find your soulmate. Poor Feliciano has waited a centuryBased off something I saw on tumblr

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Jamko Smutsz

A collection of Jamie and Eddie smuts. They are all self written unless stated otherwise. These are incredibly filthy so if you love that stuff, go for it. At the beginning of each chapter I'm going to put a number of * and the number of them out of *** is how smutty the fic is. I hope you enjoy and have some fun ;)

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Becoming a Soldier (Hetalia/Gerita)

Germany finds Italy alone in the woods and decides to take him as a prisoner. After realizing he isn't a threat, he decides to make Italy one of his allies. Does Italy have what it takes to finally become a worthy soldier, or will Germany's investment in him be a waste?{Dedicated to my sister @Sealandlover and friend @headintheclouds123}(Hetalia and it's characters are not mine, nor is this cover picture.)

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Small Secrets; Big problem

America is the loud, obnoxious, immature nation the countries know, right? But what if he wasn't? What secrets surface after a more than odd call shoves the crew of nations into a side of America most have never seen.I wrote this just for fun so there is kinda quick pacing along with slow updates. I'd love some criticism about it so I can improve. I use google translate for any foreign language so please correct it if it's wrong in the comments and I will fix it. Otherwise please enjoy.#1 in ivanbraginski 7/4/20#1 in thestates 7/5/20#1 in aphamerica 7/8/20#4 in Rusame 7/12/20#2 in Hetalia 10/7/20{Cover is not mine}

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Easy on me

Meredith Grey, her husband Matt Jones and their daughter Grace recently have moved to Seattle after Matt got a job offer to become the new head of trauma. What about their new colleagues, what about combining work and their social life, if Meredith at least is allowed to have a social life..TW // Abuse and violence throughout the whole story

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ROSY | mid90's

"why do you guys call her rosy?" "because her cheeks always turn rosy when she sees fourthgrade." mid90'soc x fourthgrade -gothlunch, 2019#1 in mid90s & ryder mclaughlin

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Hetalia diary reading


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Doki Doki Gakuen Club!

Feliciano decides to invite Ludwig to his club, which is the Literature Club. They all have to present their poems for the festival. Ludwig eventually warms up to the others and becomes friends with them. What could possibly go wrong?This is a crossover of Hetalia and Doki Doki Literature Club!Trigger Warning: Self Harm, Suicide, and Depression

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Una y mil veces. (Giripan)

Recopilación de algunas ideas sueltas de una adorable pareja de gatos. (Al no haber podido llegar a una en particular x'D) Es mi primera vez escribiendo de ellos, así que... ¡le puse todo mi cariño! Un regalo para la preciosa Ookami_Dono ♥ ¡Feliz cumpleaños, hermosa!Créditos a LukyLee por la divina portada sdkhkf No sé como agradecerte que siempre me ayudes en todo ♥

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Fudanshi's antics || Giripan

Kiku, un fanático del anime yaoi (o fudanshi), quiere descubrir si el chico que le gusta tiene su misma inclinación sexual. Para ello decide usar técnicas... peculiares. **** One-shot/Drabble Especial por 600 seguidores: ¡Edicion Hetalia! โœงHetalia no me pertenece โœงLa historia es de mi autoría. โœงLa personalidad de Kiku es más cómica que lo usual. Heracles... sigue siendo Heracles(?) ♥ Si no te gusta el Yaoi, pulsa/dale click ya a la flecha de atrás

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Mirror || Hetalia fanfic [FINISHED]

What if you can see your greatest fear?=====Disclaimer: Hetalia belongs to Hidekaze HimaruyaPlot is mine

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Special Stranger - (Lexie Grey x Spencer Reid)

Some people you meet for the first time, and it's felt like you've known them your whole lives. Under special circumstances, Lexie Grey and Spencer Reid crossed paths. Falling in love seems impossible in a such a short amount of time. But is it really?(disclaimer - i do not own any of the characters in this story :)

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 Behind The Hero's Mask

de·pres·sion/dษ™หˆpreSH(ษ™)n/Nounfeelings of severe despondency and dejection./////America does very well in hiding his depression from the other nations, using his hero persona to mask the real him. The mess he was and what an utter failure he felt like. The mask begins to slip, revealing a tiny bit of the person he tries so hard to forget. When the other nations take notice, they start to suspect that their superpower isn't as happy as he seems....Book 1 of the Mask series(Book 2 being made)

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CODING โ” grey's anatomy

all angels are doomed to fall. โ‡ฅ grey's anatomy โ‡ฅ seasons one โ” nine โ‡ฅ mark sloan x fem!oc โ‡ฅ best friends to lovers โ“’ fxllmoons, 2024 cover by foxgioves

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Hetalia x Reader lemons

THIS IS A TROLL. Do not take it seriously.

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