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Murder drones disassembly acquired

D is a murder drone that is a different model All yellow parts are purple and she is a new class as assassin. But she thinks her parent company is jcjencon in sspaaaaccccee but that is false there is more then meets the eye to her

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Uzi X N (For Nuzi Shippers) Murder Drones

This is literally for Only Nuzi Shippers (or if you aren't a hater on this ship. you can read)tiny rules to follow:No Judging this book or those who ship itNo attacking anyone No Questioning As To Why I made this No hate words or treats pleaseDon't say "BuT UzI iS a TeEn AnD n Is AdUlT" in The Cabin Fever episode confirmed that The disassembly drones are the same age range as Uzi and her classmates, plus take this book as a Au of sorts.One murder drone OC is allowed here!_____________________________if you don't like the ship don't wear ityou may request an Chapter in which you'll be mentioned this book will be mainly around Nuzi but I'll let some of my other MD ships in _______________________18+ stuff whenever I feel likeMurder Drones Ships I support ????????Cover art made by meN x Uzi (Uzi x N)Thad X VLizzy x DollMurder Drone oc: B (she/they pronouns)⚠️I Do not Own Murder Drones, All Of Murder Drones and its characters belong to SMG4 And SMG3⚠️

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(Murderdrones) what if Uzi had a sibling

So just another what if this character Had a sibling story and since the N sister story was a pretty good story I'm gonna make 3 more what if this character had a sister. So this would be the 1st then the others will be J and V so let's see what will happen if Uzi had a sister (and if you want make the OC a boy if you want anyway let's hop in) Here we Go!!

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The Lone Worker Drone

Loneliness...A feeling that appears whenever we are by ourselves, no one around to turn to....other than yourself. Normally we don't ever feel lonely t'ill a certain time but for Uzi Doorman.....its something she's known her entire life.After both of her parents are killed by the Murder Drones and she is blasted away from the rest of her kind as a baby, Uzi wanders the wintry wasteland until she reaches her toddler years, where after an encounter with a murder drone she finds a supercomputer known as AR3 in an abandoned refinery, who takes in the young worker drone.However as she grows older a thought spirals in Uzi's head, are there any other worker drones out there. Or is she the last one?(Murder Drones belongs to Liam Vickers Animation and Glitch Productions)(Cover Art made by Zzsark Stormbeard)

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Murder Drones Oneshots

If you want to request a one-shot please read my rules. Please be aware that if I am uncomfortable writing something, I am going to decline your request. Please don't get upset if I don't write your one-shot. It is MY book so you must abide by MY rules. After reading the rules you can comment on there your request(s)!!If my requests page says (CLOSED), that means I have too many requests to do and I won't be accepting any more at that time. Once I'm done writing those, it will be open again. That's all. THANKS!! >:)))Best ratings because why not:#22 in killers#29 in murderers#13 in spaceships

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TOUCH OF DEATH - Murder Drones x OC

Serial Designation S has been a murder drone for as long as she can remember. All she's ever been taught was to kill and hunt. One day when S stumbled upon a fellow murder drone siding with a worker drone, she's stuck between sticking with the other murder drones and killing the traitor or helping him and watching her new future unfold.This is a Murder Drones various X OC so it won't particularly target anyone X my OC (Kinda ;)). I do NOT own Murder Drones! Murder Drones is a show on YT created by Liam Vickers! I only own certain characters that aren't in the show, I made them up. They are the only characters that I own. This is my first Murder Drones fanfic so things won't be exact to the show but they will still follow the main plot and storyline. Anyway, that's it! Feel free to vote and comment, your suggestions help me write better and encourage me to continue! :)Best ratings:#1 exoplanet#1 workerdrone#2 partners#3 worker#4 in dramatic#6 hardship#7 in robots#13 witty#14 hiding#15 uzidoorman

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Y/N is a murder drone hybrid with a dragon, why well JcJenson got inpatient of the extermination of the rebeling worker drones so? send a dragon murder drone to do the job that can talk, learn, and a very high intellectual level what would happen? well the lab or laboratory there making Y/N, he awoke and start killing the scientists died, but they got it in a pod and send it to the exo planet where the rebelling worker drones, what would go wrong?

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a drone lost and forgotten deemed faulty and worthless thrown away when one day this drone is put to use by another force another creature will they live with there mistakesmurder drones is owned by glitch productions I only own the main character

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The Adventures Of N & Uzi [Season 2]

Season 2 of the Adventures Of N & Uzi!What are they gonna do after all the events that occurred in the lab?What's Tessa gonna do with that list?What will N and Uzi do with Beau?Find out in Season 2!-Complete-

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a day in the life of a zombie drone Uzi zombie drone

this is a day in the life of a Uzi zombie drone and she stays like this this will have lemon with murder drone n but babies will be born but I don't want to get killed by the fanmades so enjoy

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A worker drone !?   (Uzi x reader)

What if there was another Disassembly Drone ?You are Serial Designation (Y/n), you were sent with the others:N the kind killerV the psycho J the leaderYou come back from hunting and find a worker drone, but she kinda caught your attention.What's going to happen ?(This is a Uzi x reader and a GxG)(Sorry if there are any mistakes, i'm French and still learning English)

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The Story of The Only Human And Robotic Drone ( Murder Drones x Male Reader )

after you met a robotic girl named Uzi, you both got along but when you have feelings for her will she return the same to you( read the story to find out more ) ( I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS STORY )

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Robotic love |  Male Reader x Uzi (Discontinued for now)

Your a human who was just out of the planet to not get affected by the blast but you couldnt back out since you were already gonna land your ship didnt have enough fuel to get back to earth and sending a signal to earth with your weak signal will take a estimate of 6 years calculated by the ship and you are now stranded on a deserted wasteland of a planet once called home for some humans and now called home for robots.

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/|°Made for Children*Murder Drones°|\

Wouldn't it be strange if a killer drone robot was assigned to protect human children while adult humans go to work? The killer drone robot is called Q.Because it is for children, Q's design is made as cute and friendly as possible so that children feel safe and happy.Q feels happy with the life she is experiencing now, and hopes it will be like this forever.It seems that she spoke too quickly, a few days later, for no apparent reason, her programming was turned off and sent to a planet far from Earth using a disposable aircraft.The landing was not smooth, causing Q to experience a heavy blow to her head, and ended up having a slight problem with her program.Can Q accept and continue with her new life?Note :✳️ Typos are everywhere.✳️ Bad word scattered around.✳️ If you like it, don't forget to vote, comment and follow.✳️ Update when the chapter has been complicated.== Start : 10 November 2023 ==== End :

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Uzi And N's Romantic Adventure

this is my 2nd about MD I have a nother but I left the community of MD so I'm making this book to rejoin the MD community will it be a success or a failure???

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Future Sight | Murder Drones

It started small, initially. Just an uncanny ability to beat anyone at chess the moment Jeze began playing. For some reason, his calculative abilities were off the charts, and it showed everywhere, from his mathematics to chess, you get the idea. Jeze was gifted in a sense, with an ability drones usually didn't tend to have. Things got way bigger when he found himself able to dodge all the attacks from the murder drone that had infiltrated his colony. Really, he had no idea how abnormal it was, to be able to simulate situations and figure out the optimal outcome for himself. And he was just beginning to find out... . .I got no plans for Uzi and stuff showing up at the moment, but I'll probably do it.Hopefully this turns out well, I got into Murder Drones and there aren't a whole lot of fanfics about it, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Considering I've never been able to make a fanfic solidly before though.. Yeah. Edit: Uzi showed up in the 3rd chapter lol.

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Murder drones Nexus

This is a story of a [Drone] named Y/N who will be taking on the murder drones alongside their best friend Uzi and a lovable Disassembly drone called N (And maybe Ns crush will join them)A CTLCU Legend

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so as you can see it's gonna be mostly n x uziwhat I will write:n x uziv x thadsmut/limeflufslaughterwhat I will NOT write:parent x child

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The New Batch

I don't own murder drones, they belong to GLITCH on YouTube. I also don't own the cover art or any art unless I say I own it.I will accept OCs, anyhow I have no idea what I am doing please enjoy.

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After Prom|Nuzi Murder Drones fanfic

Hola!! I made a Nuzi fanfic that takes place after episode 3 The Promening. Uzi and N find it awkward to see each other the same after the touching moment they had after the dance

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★Listen, you Murder Drone, there's nothing between us and there never will be!★

Uzi met N, and does not trust him at ALL. N says their alike, but Uzi doesn't think that. Later, she develops feelings for him, and denies it constantly. N has those feelings as well, he just doesn't know how to act with them. Will Uzi finally accept him as a best friend? Or maybe a lover..''Listen, you 'Murder Drone', there's nothing between us and there never will be!''''But, I thought we were friends..''''You almost KILLED me! We're definitely not friends!''''But.. I really like you..''+Insert Uzi blushing+ ''Ugh! I gotta go..!''

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Dead Dreams

⚠️ABANDONED NO LONGER WORKING ON!⚠️BUT I MADE A "remake" of this story called "Too Far Gone To Know Where It Started" Have a good day

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Murder Drones Isekai

You know the drill

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Until The Oil Splatters || Nuzi Romeo and Juliet AU

The Doorman's and The Elliot's.Their rivalry has gone on for ages. Do not ask why. They don't really know themselves. They are similar in many way however would never admit it.However, on the night of a gala at Elliot Manor and a masquerade at Doorman Manor, two Elliot's sneak over to the Doorman's.And Khan's daughter notices them. And one catches her eye.-or; Murder Drones infused with Romeo and Juliet(ORGINALLY POSTED ON Ao3 BY ME!)

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Murder Drones: Pilot

What if Uzi has a best friend who she views as a sister but has a secret that not even both of them knew?Meet Tesla. A drone of unknown origin but has a very dark secret. Tesla met Uzi when the purple head got her upgrade and is an angsty teen. Tesla is somewhat a mother and sister figure to Uzi but something about her sometimes screams danger. But during a little outside expedition with Uzi to get the last spare part of the gun that Uzi made, they ran into trouble with a disassembly drone. But something even more shocking happened but what?Find out about Tesla in her life with Uzi in a horror, comedic and action packed adventure in Copper 9 while discovering more about themselves with N.Created: November 23, 2022

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Murder Drones Oneshot

Welcome to the murder drones oneshot!

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