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The Monster You Created (NTR Revenge Story) (Complete)

After Kazuki lost his mind and had his heart broken after watching the DVD's he runs from home and saw something he never expected to see. His own sister, Rinka, talking to the same elderly bastards from the videos. He overheard her plan with them, finally unable to take it he runs as far away as possible.He finds himself outside of a bar and meets a man who could help him gain what was rightfully his....REVENGE.

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Kokujin No Tenkousei NTR Fanfic (Random Chapter Lengths)

Hiroki, a student who lost everyone he loved. His girlfriend, His sister, His mother and His friend. They were all stolen by the new black transfer student. Hiroki lived a life of misery after finding it out, through a closet, being tied up and forced to listen his junior getting it down with the transfer student, but when he got lost...a man who passed by saw potential in him. A potential to be greater and stronger...someone with limitless potential...All he needed was the right teacher.(NOTE: PICS USED ARE NOT MINE. CREDIT TO THE AUTHORS AND ARTISTS OF THE PICS USED IN THIS FANFIC!!!)

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[NTR REVENGE] Ajisai no Chiru Koro Ni revenge ver.

#208223 or #372676(C92) [Shinjugai (Takeda Hiromitsu)] Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni [English] [desudesu]OR (C92) [Shinjugai (Takeda Hiromitsu)] Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni | Bigleaf Hydrangea Leaf Falling Time [English] {}

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[NTR REVENGE] Kokujin no Tenkousei revenge ver. [Hiroki]

#396169[Terasu MC] Kokujin no Tenkousei NTR ru Chapters 1-6 part 1 [English]テラスMC] 黒人の転校生に幼馴染をNTRる [English]

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ayanokoji ntr stories

just kiyo ntr couples because I am feeling horny

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Kokujin no Tenkousei react to Hiroki's future as Itadori (NTR x JJK)

Hiroki has recently discovered that the four women he once knew and loved, his girlfriend (Nao), sister (Kanoko), best friend (Ayumu), and mom (Kaede), have been doing it with the new Black Transfer Student (which is his school bully too) from his school, as they do it for nothing but joy and pleasure.This shocked Hiroki beyond belief, and since then, the poor traumatized boy has gone missing for months to come by. His sudden and unexpected odd absence caused his family (as well as his girlfriend and best friend) to leave their depraved life in a desperate attempt to search for him. But, unfortunately, to no avail.However, one day, the four girls were suddenly transported to an unfamiliar place. A dome-like theatre in which they have no choice but to react... Little did they know, they would be reacting to Hiroki as a Jujutsu Sorcerer?!(TW: ANGST, SWEARS, BLOOD AND GORE-'cause it's JJK too)

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Inmates Student (NTR Revenge Story) (Complete)

Hiroki found out about his mother and sister sleeping with the bastard along with his girlfriend and friend he felt broken. When he heard them ridicule him he felt like he wanted to fall to his knees and cry.So as a way to escape this never-ending feeling of pain he planned to commit suicide, only for him to meet 5 people who could give him the strength he needed to get his revenge.

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NTR Revenge Storys

making chapters of ntr stories where mc doesn't let it slide and get his revenge.comment for which doujin you want me to do next...

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Me Plus Two

"I don't regret my child you see that they make me smile but if I can go back in time wish I never met you"

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Out of Control

This is the second instalment to my 3 Part series of Books about a Young Blonde Teen Girl who suddenly starts to loose control of her bladder and bowels. 14yo Sarah Hardgraves has no choice but to navigate her urinary & bowel incontinence whilst also navigating her busy school, work and home life.⚠️Authors Note:Dear Readers please be aware that the first part to this series is currently unavailable. I'm doing my best to get it available & published on this account :)

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Reincarnated to an NTRed character

A once powerful martial artist face his final opponent. A god with the proof that mortals could beat gods, but when he was about to finish the god he got an heart attack and died never being able to proof that mortals can best higher beings. The god saw this am decided to pay him back by reincarnating him as an character that had multiple people he loved be NTRed.

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From Cheated Weak OC to Demon Lord

An alternate Jason Uchiha timeline

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It all began with a sketchbook full of drawings of a fandom you really liked, but one day, you somehow found yourself in a strange lucid dream that will first be seen as harmless. ...but what if it wasn't?(English is not my first language, and it's my first story, sorry for any mistakes)

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The Grimm Huntress

While Ozpin fought against Salem, immortal and using other people as his tools, the brother gods watched disgusted. One of them decided to give his powers to a child. A child he was sure would be different than Ozpin even after learning the truth. And she was.None of the pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.

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Hiroki after seeing his family and friends fuck his enemy over and over finally breaks and decides to live his life as the loser. After leaving the house so he doesn't see the dude fucking his family, while walking for some time he stumbles upon a gang war and saw 1 man destroying them effortlessly.As the man finished his massacre of the gang about to walk away, Hiroki made a decision that would fundamentally change him forever All Images are not by me and are own by their respective owners.

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The Brothel [Draken - Tokyo Revengers]

I always wondered what went wrong? but then again, it was never right to begin with. I was with you from the start, but I wasn't what you wanted. Even when she left you, I'm still not what you wanted, because I can never be her, and I can never replace her.I can never be Emma.TR: the story may contain grammatical errors, profanity, sex, drugs, harassment, abuse, suicide, and the likes.A/N: the story does not follow the manga.May or may not have a happy ending, idk.

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"Fuck off, that's my wife."○ ● ○ ● ○(abt.) Sonny Brisko is a VSF officer who works undercover for a company. One day, he gets to know he's involved in a written contract to marry his senior's sister.

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Kokujin no tenkousei-Hiroki and the SBG gang

Now you gotta ask yourself. What would it be like to find out that the people you love and would die for, turn out to be self centered assholes who would ditch you for something temporary? Well such is a case with Hiroki, a young teen who found that out the hard way. As many people say, it's always the good people that get done the worst. But sadly Hiroki's hell had only just started

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Broken(Ntr yandere x reader)

"A boy who got betrayed by his girl friend and family"bad grammer and little bit cringe

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HighSchool DxD: From Cheated Best Friends to True Lovers

Pretty overused and cliché right?A story of how two certain best friends find that their lovers had cheated on them with one another, in which in the process, broke their hearts and ruined an engagement.The heartbroken however, would find comfort within one another, and eventually after years of waiting, had finally realized their love for one another.WARNING!I do NOT own HighSchool DxD or any photos used in this book!

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A Life Debt (Rich cheating female x poor Male Reader)

Who knew love could hurt so much...

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Atlantis: Invention and Intrigue

Y/n an experienced ship designer is caught unraveling an ancient mystery when he is roped into joining up with a group of daredevil explorers to find the legendary lost empire of Atlantis.

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Ntr react kamen rider amazons mcs

Those who have been betrayed will given the power of the beast within themselves

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The Retribution Contract | TK

Revenge. A word that can blindfold people and prevent them from seeing the light around them. It can destroy lives and love. It's not meant to be kept in the heart but sometimes it just stays there. Jungkook could never forgive the person who destroyed him. He could never forgive the person who played with his heart. So, he did what he thought was right. He took his revenge.Written in : March 2022

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Love Bite | Yandere!Vampires x F!Reader

Desperate for money to pay off your debts, you sign up for a program that allows you to sell your blood to vampires. At first, everything is fine, and you're finally able to make ends meet. But they soon begin craving more than just your blood.

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kokujin no tenkousei / why are you getting out of here

It will be based on multiple NTR, one part for each characterThey are not long stories, they coincided

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