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Nanbaka x Male Reader

You were homeless on the streets with your twin brother Tb/n since you were sixteen and went through a lot of trauma and have the scars to prove it. One day your twin was caught stealing at seventeen and was arrested and sent to prison. When you were 21 years old, your brother escaped and the police mistake you for your twin. And now you're serving your bothers sentence at new prison called Nanba prison.What if Nanba finds out Y/n's identity or what if Nanba gets a call about the twins I don't own Nanbaka, pictures, and characters

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Teenage Love [Elf x Jyugo Nanbaka]

A Nanbaka fanfiction about the Elf x Jyugo ship. A little story about their relationship in the past, when he was still teenagers. Hope you like this story ;) []Warning[]- Boy x Boy - Lemon scene - Not canon - Bad Grammar maybe

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Jyugo's Past [Nanbaka Fanfic]

Shō Futamata published the past of Jyugo. I decided to tell you in this story. Hope you like it and enjoy the story.(Chapter 1 to 3 is the real Futamata shō but the rest are chapters I made up)[]Warning[]- Bad grammar maybe - Not Canon (expect chap 1-3) - Violence ?

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Nanbaka Stories

Almost the same as my other book, DRAMAtical Murder Stories, but just a different anime! :D Nanbaka may not be so popular as Attack on Titan or Yuri on Ice but I like it very much at least

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Nanbaka x Reader

(y/n) Sugoroku. The youngest of the family.She is a famous assassin who kills only criminal but one day is caught and put on deaths sentence.The thing is, she is an immortal inhuman.What will happen when her brothers get her moved to Nanbaka and she acts as a guy but slowly secrets start unravelling.Started : 15/01/2019Main story line Finished : 17/08/19

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Nanbaka One Shots (Nanbaka x reader)

Hye guys! Mochi here! My first one shot book :3 . If you guys have any requests, don't be shy to tell me and don't forget to vote! ^^The rules;-STRICTLY NO LEMON/LIME 🍋🍋(I dun wanna sin :') -NO YAOI/YURI-Chrcters x OC is allowed but plz tell me your OC in detail-Chrcters x male!reader is allowed (but I'll try my best) ~ENJOY READING~

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Nanbaka x child reader

A girl, on ten years old, visit her big brother at the Nanba prison. How will her brother act finding the truth about his sister?

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Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quiet One

Highest rank= #1 in nanbaka(2/28/2020)No.1318, a girl that murdered scientist, auctioneer, and massacered a family, her motive is yet to be knownDespite her crime she is a nice and caring girl who rarely talk

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Nanbaka One Shots

All in the titleUPDATES: uhh, no, uh, none... no updates...

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Nanbaka x Male Guard Reader

You, your three brothers, and your little sister who you have custody over have moved to Japan because you and your brothers got a better job offer at Nanba prison. Come and see how things play by play at Nanba prison, and how well you do working there. I don't own Nanbaka, the pictures, and characters.

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Nanbaka x Reader

(y/n) Sakura Evergarden.The royal princess to an island most don't know about. Legends say its off the coast of Japan but where is it really? So why is she going to prison?Well its a secret.The issue was, she escaped nanbi. The most secure female prison. So? She is sent to Nanba. Also known as Nanbaka.But what happens when inmates are immediately suspicious as she has a treatment worthy of royalty.She's carried everywhere, her cell is lavish.Even though... She's a prisoner?Will the inmates and guards fall for the princess or will the Princess find her prince?Or will something completely different begin to unravel. A tradition. A secret. A history best left hidden.NOTES: SUICIDE, SWEARING, Depressing subjects, abuse, dark history.Start date:End date:

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Nanbaka fanfic: The Lady

Nanbaka is a prison full of menBut what happens when a female inmate joins them?She is also a stunningly beautiful lady, she's very nice, and kind, the inmates like her, even the guards like her.But why is she in prison?And just what secrets is she hiding?•Cover is made by me, but the pictures in the cover aren't mine

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Seitarou x reader/ Nanbaka! Hello there this is my first fanfic(on watt pad) so wish me luck i hope you enjoy!😘😍

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Nanbaka's Angel

This is a story of the first female inmate with a dark past and crazy secrets she holds within her.This is in fact a fanfic so,do tell me how I can make this story better and more enjoyable for you all.

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Nanbaka One Shots

[Old Writing Style] [Discontinued]

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Nanbaka fanfic: Miracle

Miracle or Mira is a very shy and nervous girl. She was imprisoned in building 3. Honey and Trois try their best to get her to open up. Although she eventually opens up...she seems to be getting a crush on another person instead

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In The Middle 《Nanbaka 》

Akita Sugoroku had always been In the middle of something, rather it was being the second oldest of her siblings to being in between two who loved her.But when she becomes a new Guard at Nanba under a false name that she made for herself, how is she to cope when she is thrown back into the middle of something.And how will her brothers react when seeing the sister they thought was dead all these years.《I don't own Nanbaka 》

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Nanbaka uno x oc

Who would've thought, the young runaway, turned into the grand thief and the compulsive gambler, can what they have blossom into something more?

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Nanbaka images

Random nanbaka images I found on the internet

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Nanbaka | 画像

Photos Of Nanbaka Characters.

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Nanbaka x Male Reader (Remake Coming Soon)

There are shit tons of some mistakes or autocorrects. So please don't judge it's too badly, I'll be doing heavy editing soon, and thank you for the understanding! I hope you like the book still! A remake is coming soonThis is for any guys that watches Nanbaka and couldn't find any male reader ones so hopefully you like this book!! Tw!- There's language in this book!I don't own any characters from Nanbaka or pictures or the anime!

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⊹OLD⊹·Contains-⊹×Reader⊹What if- Scenarios⊹Fluff⊹Angst⊹Yaoi(Maybe)⊹Platonic Relationship⊹AU!⊹Fanart⊹(Gender)!ReaderCharacters-⊹Hitoshi⊹Samon⊹Jyugo⊹Uno⊹Seitarou⊹Nico⊹Honey⊹Trois⊹Mitsuru⊹Ruka⊹Kiji⊹Musashi⊹Kenshirou⊹Rukoriki⊹Kokoriki⊹Youriki⊹ Houzuki⊹Elf⊹Qi⊹Tsukumo⊹Mao⊹Liang⊹Upa

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Nanbaka Oneshots

This is a book about Nanbaka characters x readers, Nanbaka Characters x Nanbaka Characters. I update AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. If I haven't updated, that means I'm super busy. This will include fluff, Lemons, Limes, and Angst, as well.

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Why would a dead girl Lie?  Nanbaka X Reader

*WARNING HAS SWEARING* A girl named (F/n) who was the sister of Hajime and Hitoshi Sugoroku. She was energetic and sweet, until she died. Hajime and Hitoshi were broken but got back up again. So what happens when this dead girl rises again.Sorry I suck at descriptions.

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Varia's Chained Cloud (Nanbaka x OC x KHR)

Hibari Akiri, the Cloud Flame user from Varia, Vongola's assassination squad, is sent to Nanbaka Prison for an assassination mission. Her personality is exactly like her cousin's, Hibari Kyoya, which made her wonder why Xanxus forced her onto this prison mission instead of another member. As she gathers information onto where in which building her target is locked up in, Akiri must deal with a bunch of idiot prisoners from different buildings, breakouts, and crazy events! Oh, did I mention Akiri hates crowding and will beat you to death when annoyed? Well, yeah, she will. Will Akiri get influenced by her fellow comedy-filled prisoners or will she set them straight and beat them to death?Akira Amano is the owner of KHR and Shō Futamata is the creator of Nanbaka. I do not own these animes, only my OCs.

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