The orphanage

In the heart of London, nestled within a nondescript building, was Wool's Orphanage. This was the home of Tom Riddle and his younger sister, Y/N Riddle.

Despite the bleak surroundings, the siblings found comfort in each other's company, their bond unyielding. Tom, with his protective nature and keen intellect, often looked after Y/N, who was gentle and kind-hearted.

One day, an unusual visitor arrived at the orphanage. A tall man with twinkling blue eyes and a long silver beard, dressed in flamboyant robes. It was Albus Dumbledore, a professor from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He had come bearing an invitation that would forever alter the Riddle siblings' lives.Dumbledore, with his warm smile and gentle demeanor, spoke to them about a world they never knew existed, a world of magic. He explained that they were special, that they were wizards. Tom and Y/N listened, their eyes wide with wonder and disbelief.

This was the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, a chapter filled with magic, adventure, and the promise of a home they could finally call their own.

As Dumbledore finished his explanation, a silence fell over the room. Tom was the first to break it. His sharp gaze met Dumbledore's twinkling eyes, a hint of skepticism in his voice. "Are you a doctor?" he asked, his protective instincts kicking in for his younger sister, Y/N.Dumbledore chuckled softly, shaking his head. "No, I'm not a doctor in the way you're thinking," he replied. "I'm a professor at a school for magic, Hogwarts. And I'm here because both of you, Tom and Y/N, have magic within you."

Y/N, who had been quietly listening, finally spoke up. "So, you're not here to take us to a hospital?" she asked, her voice small but filled with curiosity. Dumbledore shook his head, his smile never leaving his face. "No, Y/N. I'm here to take you to a school where you can learn to control and use your magic."At Dumbledore's words, a silence fell over the room once again.

Y/N and Tom exchanged glances, their eyes meeting in a shared moment of understanding. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, their expressions began to change. The skepticism in Tom's eyes softened, replaced by a spark of excitement. Y/N's wide-eyed curiosity morphed into a look of wonder.Then, as if on cue, they both started to smile.

It was a small smile at first, hesitant and unsure. But as they continued to look at each other, their smiles grew. It was a smile of relief, of joy, of a shared dream finally within their grasp. Their lives at the orphanage had been hard, filled with uncertainty and longing. But now, they had something to look forward to, a future filled with magic and possibilities.

Dumbledore watched them, his own smile mirroring theirs. "I'll take that as a yes," he said, his voice filled with warmth. The room filled with a sense of anticipation, the beginning of a new chapter for the Riddle siblings.