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Never Enough | Luke Hemmings

Wattys 2015 Winner of the People's Choice Award!"You have to realize, of course, that love doesn't always save the people you want to save."Pulling her way through the mayhem that is the NYC fashion industry, twenty-year-old Sierra finds herself hanging onto her dreams and the last shred of sanity she has left when she lands her dream job - the past she tries so hard to leave behind starting to catch up to her faster than she can outrun it. Luke Hemmings, the heartbroken rockstar that the world expects too much from - nothing seems to win over internal demons with a vengeance; a need to ruin himself and any form of happiness standing in his path to complete destruction. Can they be saved from their own minds? Or will the weight of all the love, sacrifice, and loss finally drag them down under for good? PLAYLIST: TRAILER: translations allowed.

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Story of Another Us | Calum Hood

Wattys 2016 Winner of the People's Choice Award!-Spin-off to Never Enough-There was serenity, there was love, there was lust. For the first time in Montana's life, she let herself be loved, be treasured, be held.Calum never expected it to happen, but it did. He never expected the frozen waste that he had for a heart to feel a thing, but it did.The cruel nature of life, however, is you never see the end, the daunting realization that love is a choice, not a mere feeling and is to never be confused with infatuation either.Will they be given the chance to rewrite their demise? When it means hearts you can no longer fix, love that you can no longer give and lust that you can no longer give in to?This is the story of another us.

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A Change Of Heart

Healing isn't the easiest thing for me to do. I've tried to find it in between pages and rib cages. In loud rooms and the quiet of racing heartbeats. In poetry and rage. In that space between childhood and growing pains. In apologies that I refuse to give and all the love I never took. I am a container for my words that lose meaning if I say them out loud. So I write them down. I write all of it down. The changes of heart, the weakness in my knees, the one eternal autumn where I learnt to be whole. Take it as you will, healing is all I have to share.

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