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You're a Hot Mess (Peterick)

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have been friends since as long as they can remember. Ever since first grade Pete's been simultaneously bugging Patrick and looking after him. Now they're older though not much has changed, but recently it seems Patrick doesn't need looking after anymore.

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Tonight's Tennants {Bandom Halloween Fic}

Inspired by the song "Build God and Then We'll Talk" by Panic! at the Disco. Title is also taken from it. Pete Wentz is the manager of the motel on the corner of 4th and Fremont Street.Jon is visiting Vegas from Chicago and is coaxed into staying at the hotel... which is undoubtedly the biggest mistake of his life. As time goes on Jon begins to think that maybe he's the only sane person in the hotel; and maybe he is. But he should absolutely stop accusing Pete of being a serial killer.Because he isn't.Really.

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Smoothies ~Ryden Oneshot~

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Connection (A Multi Band Fanfiction)

Multi-Band AU Patrick gets thrown into an entire new world with new people with strange powers. When he discovers something about himself that he never knew it's not long before the word spreads and suddenly everyone knows too. Patrick still hasn't found out the crucial thing about him, why he was brought here. But when he does he won't even know the impact it has on everything.

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Boycott Love (Sequel to Don't Come Home For Christmas) ~ Peterick

Patrick and Pete are finally happy. All the drama's over at last and they can be happy together. But when they start to fight Patrick seeks help in a person he shouldn't ask. Will they ever get past it and start again?* * * * *The sequel to the worst story in the world!!! I like this one though. The last chapter's one of my favourite chapters I've ever written. I think someday I may rewrite the first part of this.

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A Collection of My Oneshots

Whatever I feel like writing that isn't long enough for a story goes here. From band stories to ships to cross bands to au's.

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Your Attention Belongs to Me. (Fall Out Boy Fanfiction)

A fiery fight between band mates left Patrick angry, extremely angry. As unusual it was for him he certainly was furious. So he left and walked around the empty streets of the city before realizing he wasn't alone. Who can save him now?* * * * *Eh this has a bit of random 'comedy' and 'jokes' thrown in and although a lot of it doesn't make sense it's better than some of my older fics. So what I'm saying is it isn't completely terrible. Just a bit rushed and undescriptive. *spoiler ahead*I've also realised a vampire would have made more sense.

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Don't Come Home For Christmas (Fall Out Boy Peterick Fanfiction)

A Christmas party Elisa wants to go to turns into the best and possibly worst thing that's ever happened to Patrick.Hi... Yeah, don't read this. Please. Oh my God. It's so bad.I wrote this awhile ago and it is just so bad and the plot is so cliché and full of plot holes and really really rushed. But the sequels better (eventually dear God) so you can laugh at me for this one but check out the sequel because it is /slightly/ less hilariously terrible.Oh and /please/ don't quote anything from this fic or it's sequel for your 'bad fanfiction quotes' or anything. Honestly the fact that people still read this is humiliating enough for me. However you can read this if you want to laugh at it. I know I do sometimes.

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Emo is over, you can all go home now. (A Fall Out Boy Fanfiction)

Fall Out Boy find a photo album filled with pictures of pre hiatus Pete. Pete explains what really happened during some of those moments, whilst the others find themselves explaining their point of view.*ON HOLD*

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It's Just The Wind (A Fall Out Boy Fan Fiction)

Pete, Joe, Andy and Patrick go on a little break to somewhere for Pete's birthday. But, Pete's been experiencing some creepy stuff recently and little does he know that very soon it'll get worse. Now that Macy and Carrie have come into the scene things have gotten a lot better, and a lot worse. A spirit is needing freeing. Spirit? But, it's just the wind.. right?* * * * *Literally the plot just went. It just left. Whatever you read above do not believe a word of it because that's misleading. I don't know how to write a proper summary for it. I do kind of like some aspects of this story though.

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I guess I'm struggling without you. (A Fall Out Boy Fanfiction)

How each member of Fall Out Boy got on during their Hiatus. Takes place a few days after the Hiatus started:)* * * * *Oh God, this was my first story. And it's terrible. I'm suggesting you don't read it.

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