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Jurassic World: Reign

A sequel to Ripper's Journey II: The Son Of Ripper and Indomitable: A Jurassic World Story.Ever since the dinosaur outbreak, the world has had to get used to the the fact that dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are now roaming our cities and neighborhoods.However, coexistence is harder than it sounds, because dinosaurs can sometimes be unpredictable, you never know what's going to happen when they're around.One day, Maisie Lockwood, the adoptive daughter of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing gets kidnapped, and they embark on a journey to get their daughter back home while also avoiding danger at almost every turn.Meanwhile, a company known as biosyn is planning something that might cause a worldwide extinction event, but there are a few people that work there who want to stop it.In the valley of biosyn, there are two apex predators, Terry the tyrannosaurus rex, the former tyrant king of Isla Nublar, and Genesis the giganotosaurus, biosyn's trump card, if these two predators end up clashing, then the world is about to experience a fight that hasn't been seen in 65 million years.Note: I do not own Jurassic World, and this shouldn't be read by anybody under 15 yrs.

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Indomitable | A Jurassic World Story (Completed)

she was seen as a monster, an unforgiving beast, a heartless cold blooded abomination, that's all they saw Alice as, nothing more than a mistake of the past.when she was little, she once had a brother but lost him, nobody truly knew what happened so they thought that she killed her brother, however it wasn't true, she would never do that to her brother, would she?when she got out, she immediately started causing havoc across Isla Nublar, killing a herd of apatosaurus, hunting down a group of six children, killing an ankylosaurus, and turning the raptors against their allies.but she was stopped by the king of Isla Nublar, Terry the tyrannosaurus along with Blue the velociraptor, and that night, she was killed when she was dragged under the water by a mosasaurus.however, that is not where her story ends, because now she has a chance to continue it, a second chance at life, but the question is, how will she adapt to this new place that she is not familiar with?Note: I don't own Jurassic world, and this takes place in between Ripper's Journey.Warning: this is story is mature and shouldn't be read by anybody under the age of 15.

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Ripper's Journey (COMPLETED)

after being impaled by the ceratopsian skeleton ripper the indoraptor was thought to be dead but he wasn't somehow by pure chance he has awoken once more after escaping the lockwood estate ripper begins to question his existence on whether or not he should remain alive follow him as he struggles with his new life outside of the place he once called home and watch him as he turns from a mindless killing machine to a trustworthy ally to the world he lives in as he tries to survive against the forces of INGEN who want to capture and clone himThis story was inspired by: "Ripper an indoraptor story" by ElijahCole11Note: I do not own Jurassic world

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Ripper's Journey II: The Son Of Ripper (COMPLETED)

After the death of the ultimasaurus ripper blue delta echo and charlie are now free to roam the world and one day they come across owen's houseOwen is happy to see his squad alive but is cautious knowing that ripper is with themMaisie is still afraid of ripper but ripper tries everything to assure maisie that he will not hurt her againRipper and blue have plans of their own for their future and maybe even start their own familyAnd this leads to ripper facing one of the greatest challenges in his life: becoming a fatherThe raptors were living their peaceful lives unaware of a new threatA raptor named "nemesis" was made by henry wu before the ultimasaurus as a contingency plan and he created nemesis specifically to counter ripper but what henry doesn't know is that nemesis has his own agenda he wants to rid this world of all indoraptorsNote: this story is very mature and I don't own Jurassic world, and this shouldn't be read by anybody under the age of 15.

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story of me

this isn't a story but it is a book about me and trivia about my stories if you wanna know about me and my stories come over here and also i chose the phoenix as the story cover cause i really want to put hope into all my stories thats why i used the phoenix in my coverthis story was inspired by "the book of me" by ElijahCole11Note: this book does contain some mature stuff so I don't recommend people under 15 to read it.

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Evangelion Reborn

Its been 10 years after the third impact and the world has gone back to its former gloryBut some things do change overtimeShinji Ikari the third child and pilot of Eva Unit 01 is no longer a 14 year old boy he has now grown into a 24 year oldShinji is trying his best to cope with his current situation as an adult but he soon realises he cant do this alone All his friends were alive including kaworu who was thought to be dead after what happened 10 years agoRei Ayanami on the other hand has changed drastically over the past 10 years and she is learning more about how to be social with othersBut a new threat looms over them something more dangerous than angels And those are kaiju monsters that hold immense powers and will destroy everything in their pathShinji and his friends must band together to stop these new threats but there is one kaiju that stands out from the rest and that is the one they callThe king of the monstersNote: I do not own evangelion or any of the kaiju who appear and this story is very mature

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Dinosaur Train Evolution (COMPLETED)

Some heroes fight with strength and power but this team fights with hope in this story buddy and his team have grown up into teenagers and they are going to explore new locations meet new creatures and maybe learn something new but they also have to deal with new threats as well not only with rouge dinosaurs but with a pteranodon named "valkyrie" who wants nothing more but to see the world suffer but buddy and his team wont let that happen they will defend the world and keep it safe from valkyrie as the story of dinosaur train reaches new heights of possibilitiesNote: this story is rated mature and I do not own dinosaur train

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Through Their Eyes (Completed)

3 years after the indominus rex died isla nublar has been abandoned by the humans and the dinosaurs were left to fend for themselvesthere is also something else something hidden in a place called the lockwood manor something that is vicious deadly and vengefulthis is a story about the events of jurassic world fallen kingdom told from the point of view of the dinosaursA sequel to Jurassic World: Through Their Eyes and a prequel to Ripper's JourneyNote: this will be very mature and I do not own Jurassic world

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Jurassic World: Through Their Eyes (COMPLETED)

A prequel to Ripper's Journeythis is a story about the events of jurassic world from the point of view of the dinosaurs this will show the personality of the dinosaurs and what they think of the world they live inNote: this will be very mature and I do not own Jurassic worldCover by ElijahCole11

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dinosaur train evolution creature profile (being Reworked)

this isn't really a story rather a guide to my main fanfiction this is a profile on all of the characters in dinosaur train evolution heroes and villains alike if you wanna comment anything about your favorite character you can do so as you please

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Tales Of Survival

We thought they were gone we thought they were extinct but really their reign was just beginningDinosaurs have survived the asteroid that hit the late cretaceous 65 millions years ago and even though some of them stay the same some of them have been growing bigger stronger and more intelligentOther creatures such as pterosaurs and aquatic reptiles have also survivedJoin a journey and follow massive long necked sauropods and mighty fearsome theropods and fearless ceratopsians and small sneaky creatures and more as they survive and live through their life and tell their tales of survival

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