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The Golden Summer

She is an Asian girl from New York. He is a movie star from Hollywood. How did their lives meet?Melody Li came from Westchester, New York to visit her Aunt Elise in sunny California. When she ends up getting slammed by Jacob Carson on the beach, she didn't realize that she had met the love of her life. She was even more surprised when she found out that he was a Hollywood A-List film star. How could two so different people be together?One summer.One love.How long will this last?

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Dally and Cherry (An Outsiders Fanfic)

What if Dally and Johnny never died? What if both of them survived?This is a story of The Outsiders gang, all alive and well.Cherry always felt different around Dally Winston sometimes, ever since Bob died and ever since that first encounter with Dally at the movie theater.Dally was beautiful, in her opinion, but she felt that she could never love again. While she and Dally tried to hide their affection for each other, they could never really hide it. People could see it from a mile away.Everyone approves but they never admit it. Could a broken hearted soc and a greaser who hates the world really be together?But after all, opposites attract, don't they.....?ALL RIGHTS TO S. E. HINTON

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