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The Gang

This is a fanfiction I have composed with the people in the Stuart Central Discord server! :) it is comprised of Cosmic, Agent Marsh, Killer Croc, Agent Taco, Agent AMX, Pinpoint12, Novel Nova, and Turtlewhalefish. I really hope you enjoy! :)))

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Spy School: New Students

This is a fan fiction of the amazing series Spy School. Some of the characters belong to Stuart Gibbs. It's just the plot that is mine.

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This is not an actual book, just a short fanfic, for a challenge. :) Stuart Gibbs owns the characters, I just own the plot.

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Spy School: Kidnapped

My first fanfic ever! <3 Also, the characters used in this book are owned by Stuart Gibbs, it's just the plot that's mine.

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