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Short Stories and One Shots on Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice.

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New York • Sean & Kaycee

Sean and Kaycee decide to go to college, and are forced to navigate uncharted waters - new city, new friends, and possible a new stage in their relationship.*Chapters 1-8 were originally published under my other book, Chapters

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Make Up Your Mind • Sean & Kaycee

"Stop doting, Sean. You're not my boyfriend!" Kaycee said, half joking and half embarrassed. She took the bag from him, and watched his face fall."I'm just trying to help." He mumbled and walked away. She immediately knew that she did the wrong thing.Kaycee was always too quick to dismiss Sean and his little gestures. But what happens when she crosses the line? She finds out the real meaning of "be careful what you wish for".

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Trust Issues: The Risks Of Partnership • Sean & Kaycee

Trust isn't a given. It is earned, and deserved. Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew navigate what this means in their relationship, in life and dance.A 5-part series.

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